When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


8. Turning 16!!

Kirsten's Pov

          I'm turning 16 in a month!!!!!  I can't wait something about sixteen is just super special maybe the whole being able to drive, or sweet 16 parties, or maybe it's an age no one looks at you weird for having a boyfriend!!  My mom and dad know how much I have wanted a sweet sixteen party so they said I could have one but I've been working for it.  I'm the youngest of my friends they have all already turned 16 and can drive now, and they always bring me everywhere. I'll be able to do that for them if they need me to drive them somewhere soon too.  It's Friday and Kayla, Isabel, and Monica are spending the night.  It's going to be lots of fun, tomorrow we are going shopping for some decorations for the party.  My parents gave me a nice budget but I know I will have to buy a car for myself.  I've been saving up since I was 13 and my babysitting, Christmas, and birthday money is adding up.  So we go up to my room and we just sit and talk about everything under the sky and above it.  We are really close we know everything about each other.  Kayla has a thing for Niall and vice versa I hope they turn into a couple they are really cute together.


---------------The next morning----------


We wake up at about nine and get ready to go.  I wear a cute flowy aqua t-shirt, some cute jeans and my Toms.  We all put on a little bit of mascara and eye shadow and call it good.  Monica drives us to Party City first.  My theme is royal blue, white, silver.  I plan to have a balloon chandelier in the middle, then have white fabric draped toward it, I will have a strobe light and disco ball to, but the overall lighting is blue.  The room will be divided one side food and drinks with tables to sit at and the other will be a dance floor type of thing.  I will also have a DJ.  At Party City I get a blue paisley table cloth with matching plates and napkins, utensils, balloons silver sequins to sprinkle onto tables like confetti, curly ribbon, goodie bags, party gifts, and lots of other party related things.  Then we went to the mall for dresses, my party doesn't have rules really you can wear what ever you would like it's focused on dressed up, but jeans I'm okay with.  We are all dressing up it took us a while to find the dresses we wanted, but when we did they were perfect!  We all also got beautiful shoes.  My dress is a cream color that has ruffles on the bottom and a sparkly bodice, the "skirt" part of the dress comes off and gets shorter so I won't step on it.  Kayla's dress is tan and sparkly with a shimmery bottom, Monica's is a sparkly purple top with a puffy bottom, and Isabel's is pink with the most sparkles on the bodice the bottom is very fluffy.  Our shoes are killer, Isabel's are silver with sparkles, Monica's are also silver with rind stones, Kayla's are gold with rows of rind stones, and mine are silver with rind stones almost everywhere.  We continued on with all of our pretties, we got accessories, got things to put in the goodie bags, and just shopped around for fun too.  I got some new jeans, a couple of shirts, and a sweatshirt.  Then we grabbed something to eat and left to go start packing the goodie bags. When we got home we showed my mom what we got and she was really happy with our choices.  Then we went upstairs and chilled for a while and then started to pack the goodie bags.  Girls get a $15 gift card to anywhere, some mascara, clear shimmery lip gloss, fingernail polish, and a cute little bear.  The guys get a $25 gift card, chap stick, and the little bear.  The reason they get more money on their gift card is because I didn't know what to get them and I didn't want to cheap out on them so we spent about $30 per goodie bag.  My parents said that anyone can come so I'm super excited!


A/N Hey so I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the pictures but I'll put them on if you can.  This chapter isn't over put I'm posting the pics on their own chapter then I'll have part 2 of this chapter   Thanks <3

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