When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


10. Turning 16!! Part 2

Harry's Pov

         I turned sixteen last month and I am so happy to be able to drive now.  I am sixteen so I have a lot more job options, and I don't have to ask Zayn or Mom to drive me there.  One problem I don't have car yet.  I've been saving up for one and have about $2,000 right now but I would like to have a pretty nice car.  I will need to save up some more for a nicer one, but I need to decide if I want to get a junker car and then have to pour money into it when it breaks or just not have a car for a while until I can afford one.  I think I will wait because Zayn never seems to mind driving me to the place I need to go and if no one is using the car I can just drive myself where ever now.  I don't mind working on the weekends, I could only do part time with limited hours anyway with school and all.  I hope to get a job at the theatre in town there's a help wanted sign on the entrance. If I get the job I wonder if I get discounts on movie tickets or anything.  If I can't do that, I'm thinking retail probably, I will ask someone about job applications at the theatre tomorrow after school.  On the other hand, I can't believe Kirsten is having a sweet 16 party, it will be a lot of fun!  We are so close, we are always hanging out together.  I really like her but I don't want to ruin our friendship or make it awkward if she doesn't like me back.  I hope she likes me I think I might come out and tell her sometime soon.  She looks at me like she likes me, but I wonder if it's just my imagination.  I'm not sure what to get her, she's so special anything I buy won't due.  I wonder if I have any pictures of us together, I don't think I do and my dad wouldn't have taken any, I'll have to talk to her mom.  Yes, I hope her mom has some pictures from when we were littler.  I want to get a really pretty picture frame for her with pictures of us when we were little and now.  I think she'd like it, oh and I'd get her something girly too.  When should I talk to her mom, she'll find out if I'm not careful.  I'll take her phone and get her mom's number so I can txt her that should work.  We are always switching phones we have a lot of the same games but they seem more fun on her phone.  So when we switch I'll get the number easy right?  I hope so.  Zayn has been giving me advice on dating, he is dating a really nice girl named Perrie they have been dating for around a year now.  I think they are really happy together, I hope they stay together for a long time.  I think I'm going to approach Kirsten on her birthday, I'll ask to dance with her toward the end of her party it won't be a big deal because we are friends.  Then I'll give her my present and if she likes it maybe I'll lean in to kiss her see how she reacts if she doesn't want to I won't push her and know she doesn't feel the same as me.  I hope I make her night better, not worse.    


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