When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


4. The park

Kirsten's Pov

I answer the door and sure enough it's Harry, I welcome him in.  I say, "My mom says I need to eat before we leave so I thought we could both just make something here and have a picnic."  He's fine with it, gosh, he's so hot and easy going, I can tell I like him already.  Oh yeah supposed to keep my guard up, he could be a creep.  I make turkey sandwiches for us, tell him to pick out some chips and grab a couple of drinks out of the fridge, I grab us a couple of cinnamon rolls that I had made recently for dessert.  I say I'll be right back then run upstairs to my room grab my lunch box/bag and go back downstairs.  He has everything together so it only takes a few seconds to pack the food.  Then I tell my mom bye and go and hug and kiss her and then we leave.  The park is a few blocks away but it's an easy walk.  I ask him where he lives, he has seem me come and go so that's how he knew but I didn't know where he lived.  He points down the block, and asks if I have always lived where I lived.  I say, "Yeah, why??"  He says now nervously, "Well I remember how me, you, and Zayn my brother  would be play together, it was fun.  We lived three houses down from you.  Then when mom showed us the house we were moving into and I thought how it was weird that I was by your house again.  I wondered if you had moved, but I'm really glad you didn't."  "Oh yeah," I say but then really get to thinking about it I totally forgot about him, I've seen his brother and now that I thought about it is him.  I only remembered Zayn his older brother, well I remember his little brother, but I wouldn't have been able to tell you his name.  I felt bad now about this he's so nice.  "Hey," he said looking concerned, I popped out of my thinking bubble, "Oh, sorry" I said.  He asked me if I was okay, and smiled and said, "Yeah."  We got to the park and found a nice spot to sit so we could eat and catch up.



Harry's Pov

           She doesn't remember me!  She will I'm sure me talking to her will jog her memory more, I can tell she remembers something but isn't telling me.  We eat our food, and joke around.  I told her how I wished I could have said good bye to her but I never got the chance to.  She smiled and took my hand and said, "I remember you guys now thanks for being my first town friend.  My parents said that your parents had just gotten divorced and that's why you only came on the weekends.  I wished I could have kept in touch with you."  "I do too, but we have now to tell what has happened in our lives that we missed."  Her eyes were so pretty they sparked in the sunlight.  I wanted to kiss her so badly, but I figured I'd come on to strong.  We talked for a while and then decided to get some more people involved.  I say, " how about we play a game?"  She thinks and then says, "Sure how about truth or dare, I'll txt some of my friends to come over here and then we'll have a real game."  Okay now I'm nervous what if her friends don't like me??  I txt Zayn saying that its actually the real Kirsten and now she wants to play truth or dare, and is getting her friends involved and I need another guy around so SOS.  He quickly replies saying he'll be there in five minutes.

-----------15 minutes later-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Kirstens Pov

         Harry leaves to use the bathroom quickly.  I'm glad so I gather all my friends and say how I like Harry, but I get it can't be serious I mean we are 12 years old what can we do.  Well they all say they must admit Harry's a hottie, but girl code says I get him, I knew him first and they respect that.  I love them they are sooo awesome.  Harry is back and we all act casual he tells us his brother is going to play too.  We are all fine with it and start the game.


No ones Pov

The players are Kayla-Kirsten's BFF, Monica and Isabel her other friends, Harry, and Zayn.  Kayla goes first asking Zayn, he says dare.  Kayla comes up to us girls and we huddle and think up a good dare.  We decide and Kayla says, "I dare you to switch clothes with Isabel for the rest of the day."  Zayn doesn't want to because Isabel's wearing a light pink dress and black leggings with a sparkly strip down the side.  They swap and Isabel doesn't look weird really she just has to wear green basketball shorts and a grey Nike shirt.  Then Zayn asks Monica, she says, "Truth." "Okay, if you were to kiss me or Harry right now who would it be?"  "Hmmmm ummmm I guess you," Monica replied looking at Kirsten.  Monica asked Harry, he said I always do dares, "Okay I dare you to sit on Kirsten's lap for the next three turns."  Harry smirked, Kirsten looked shocked, but Harry did it and the game went on.  Harry asked Kirsten but they got interrupted by Liam and Niall walking up asking what they were doing.  Kirsten replied we are playing a game of truth or dare.  Liam said, "We are playing now too,"  "Ummm, okay sure but no trouble today.  Harry please continue what you were saying.  I say dare by the way I know that's what your going to ask me first."  "I dare you to have to say 'Totally, I love it!' to every question you get asked."  "Well this should get interesting today now," said Niall smiling now.  They made fun of me and, made  me answer weird questions with totally I love it!  Niall said,"Me next, and I chose dare," Kirsten dared him to give Kayla a piggy back ride to the slide and they ride down it together."  Niall happily did it, he had a thing for Kayla. Niall dared Liam to run around a tree 5 times like a dog barking, then go up the playground set and down the slide while hopping like a frog the whole time including down the slide.  Liam dared Monica to go up to the rocking horse and act like she was head over heels in love with it.  The game went on, but got boring and so they all decided to go home.  Kirsten told Isabel that she would get her clothes back to her the next day since it would be easier for her since Harry and Kirsten lived so close together.



Harry's Pov

        Okay so today has been fun I didn't really get to know Kirsten that well, but it was nice to spend time with her.  I walked home with Kirsten, and Zayn was way ahead of us as he jogged home, I could tell he was very embarrassed about how he looked, and I promise myself I will take a picture of it.  I took Kirsten's hand she blushed and looked down but didn't move her hand away.  There's a chance she might like me I need to find out so badly I want her to be mine.  I walked her home and said, "Thanks for lunch I had a nice time with you and your friends."  She said she had fun too.  I asked about Liam, scared crossed her face really quick but she got her composure back quickly, "Oh, he's no one really my parents used to be friends with his parents."  "Oh," was all I said I knew something had happened I could just feel it.  Well she said she needed to go make sure her mom was doing okay.  So I left and slowly walked home thinking about what I learned today.  She has changed, she's still very kind but she has a hardness on the edge, I will need to break though to really know her, I wonder what caused her so be so careful not to get hurt.


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