When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


5. Talking

Zayn's Pov

         When Harry got home I knew something was on his mind, but I didn't push him about it I knew he would blow up at me how it was none of my business, I'm not sure how I know but maybe it's just the brother connection we have.  He took pictures of me which I didn't want him to do now he'll show all his friends how funny I look in a dress.  Oh yeah tomorrow is going to be a blast, NOT I'm sure he'll txt it to all his friends, post it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  It will blow over right, well I can't do anything to stop him.   I guess I get to have fun with revenge.  I went upstairs for a snack I need brain food to come up with a plan.  I looked in the pantry there were chips and stuff but I wasn't in the mood for that, off to the fridge I saw a couple of slices of pepperoni  pizza yumm I grabbed them and a pop Mountain Dew to be specific.  I wandered downstairs and decided to play some Call of Duty.  ---->three hours later--->  It was supper time and so I went upstairs.  I saw Harry there and thought about the revenge thing, I still hadn't thought of anything good, but I would I had to.  Supper was good we had grilled cheese and some scalloped corn with chocolate ice cream for dessert.  I txted my friends to come over so we could hang out.  When they came we played some video games and then went out side to swim for a while.  We have a nice house with a fire pit, deck, trampoline, hot tub, and a pool it's pretty sweet.  At around 10p.m. they left and I went in for a shower when I was done I said goodnight to my mom and my stepsister Gemma she was only three years old, then I went downstairs.   I saw Harry playing Halo 3 so I joined him.  We played until around 1a.m. then I decided to check my Instagram and chilled in my room for a bit watching TV.  When I came back out with my iPad I saw that Harry was asleep on the couch.  He was mumbling, he was always talking in his sleep one of the reasons I had my own room.  Well sometimes he says some really weird stuff so I set up the iPad so it was on him and recording.  I started to watch 1,000 Ways to Die and then I heard Harry talking about Kirsten haha this should be good.  He said, "Kirsten you are like pink cotton candy, your eyes are so sparkly they remind me of squirrel eyes, you are soo beautiful I wish I could marry you I'd give you a ring pop my gumdrop.  Please be mine, no don't run I'll buy you a frog, no I'll buy you a billion Forget Me Nots."  Then he started talking about camels he said, "Stop spitting at me you I'll hit you with a dolphin," then he started to run in his sleep.  He kept mumbling about other random stuff too.  This was perfect revenge!  I put my Beats on and started to edit the video.  This was going on Vine, YouTube, Tumbler, Twitter, Facebook, and of course to KIRSTEN!!!  I sent it to her and posted it all over.  Harry was going to kill me but it was worth it.


Harry's Pov

           At 11:30 I woke up on the couch and had a whole bunch of txts.  From Niall: Haha wow your gonna marry kirsten??  ill stay away.  From Liam: u scared of camels man???  From Kirsten sleep good last night?  haha, im makin fun of u for that forever now. and dont worry i didnt take it personally u were asleep.  From mom:  hon u might want to check facebook new video posted its hilarious ;)   Okay, what's with all the weird txts, I responded to everyone wat????  Yeah you get the point they were all just them making fun of me.  So I was curious what was just so funny, I logged into Facebook and saw the video.  CRAP!!  Man I sound like such a freak, no wonder they were making fun of me.  At the end of the video Zayn came on and said love you bro!  But here's what you get for taking pics of me in the dress, haha don't mess with me.  He winked then the video was over.  Okay so that's really embarrassing yeah I'm not leaving this house for a few days hopefully it will just blow over.  I txted Zayn where did you all post the video??  In a few seconds he told me, darn it's everywhere!  I checked YouTube first and it had 500 views already Zayn had only posted it three hours ago.  Twitter, Vine, and Instagram it was pretty popular too.  I have a feeling this won't blow over so fast, but I can hope right??   At 1:30p.m. Zayn and I left for our dad's house we'd be there until Sunday night.  It was always fun there we would usually just play video games and stuff like that, sometimes we would go down to the gym and work out.  I would meet some friends there and we would play basketball for a while, or play football.  I was pretty good at sports I was really fast and I used that to my advantage.


Kirsten's Pov

            I got up at 9a.m. on Saturday and went downstairs, my mom was down there and she didn't look very well.  I don't think she has gotten any better.  I told her to call the doctor, she must really feel down because she did.  When she got off she said, "They can get me in Tuesday, but it's at 8a.m. I don't want to go over that early because I would have to leave at like 6:30 in the morning."  I said, "Mom you need to do this, they will help you, plus what about Morgan your friend who lives a block away from the clinic you could go Monday and spend the night go to your appointment and then if you need to go back for tests or anything we can plan as we go.  I can be on my own I'll be fine really I know how to take care of myself."  Then my iPod went off New Notification: Facebook From Isabel-you have to see this video of Harry!!!  Haha its so funny!  I checked it and it was sweet and he looked just adorable in his sleep.  I showed my mom and she thought it was cute too.  We talked for about an hour then finally came to a conclusion about her going to the doctor or not.  I won the argument, kind of really it was a compromise, my  mom would call our neighbor and ask if she would call every once in a while to check in with me.  I thanked my mom lots and lots, we were really close.  She called my dad to make sure he knew what was going on, he didn't like it one bit, but she got him to agree, he was glad she was getting to the doctor again.  He also wanted to cancel the rest of his business trip but we wouldn't let him.  I packed for my mom while she was laying in bed telling me what to pack.  She called Morgan who was fine with her staying at her house for a night or two.  While I packed my mom told me what she wanted me to do like lock the doors all the time, keep the curtains shut, all of the normal stuff obviously no parties or anything.  I did ask if I could have Harry over though she wasn't crazy about the idea, but I showed her the video again saying how he would get a lot of crap over it and we were both 12 years old we were just friends.  I secretly wanted to be more than friends but didn't add that part, and I think we are to young to date it would just be gossip and we would break up, maybe when I'm a bit older I'll think it over more seriously.  She did agree to let me have him over and that was it, she made it very clear.  Also I couldn't go to anyone's house either other than our neighbor Jennifer of course.  When I was finished I thanked my mom for letting me stay home alone and have Harry over.  I hugged her tight and then made myself brunch, I knew my mom hated being sick she would love to be getting ready to go shopping right but she was so sick she all she could do was  lay around, I was always bringing her water to drink because I didn't want her to be dehydrated as she would always do for me.  It was going to be a long week I could just tell.


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