When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


14. My party!!!!!

Kirsten's Pov

         I hope this is going to be a great party!!  I had so much fun last night, no matter what I know I'll have fun.  I am at home with my buds right now.  We are getting ready, I have my dress on and am curling my hair right now.  I love my wand, it makes my hair so pretty.  Kayla is straightening her hair, Isabel is crimping her hair, and me and Monica are curling our hair.  I am doing my makeup pretty natural, with a skin toned shimmer eye shadow, mascara, and shimmery, pink lip gloss.  We have all taken a shower, separately of course.  But I'm all smooth and fresh smelling.  We all continue to get ready.  My parent's are already at the party, making sure everything is ready.  Monica is driving us over in the convertible she got for her birthday.

--------------At the party-------------

          We get there and there's a sign in the front with balloons saying Kirsten's Sweet 16.  It's in sparkly, silver, block letters and the background is neon green to get people's attentions.  We have comfy shoes on right now, we don't want our feet to start hurting before the party.  We walk in and the DJ is setting up, and all the food is still covered up.  We separate and go inspect everything just because we are all perfectionists.  Everything looks amazing!  I go up to the DJ, he congratulates me on my special celebration. I give him a flash drive filled with songs that I love.  He looks my selections over and says he'll use them, then asks if he gets a request what to do.  I say, "That's fine with me play it, I'm open to about anything."  I thank him and walk away.  I find my mom in a really pretty outfit, it's a teal, aqua, and blue shirt, with black dress pants on, she looks very pretty.  I thank her for throwing the party for me, and hug her tight.  I go over to my dad and thank him too.  I put my shoes on and tell the girls to go put their shoes on too, it's 4:45p.m.  We all do, and go to the front to meet everyone who comes.  The guys are our first guests and we welcome them warmly of course.  They all look nice and are either in a tux or vest with ties. I try not to stare at Harry who looks super hot, but I see him eying me.  He smirks and compliments me on my necklace, I give him a little push but act like someone else got it for me.  I say, "Why thank you a good friend of my got it for me."  He smiles and says, "Hmm I think you forgot to mention how hot this friend looks in a tux."  "What??  Huh, I don't think so but maybe," I say smirking.  I give him a quick hug and thank him for coming.  I go back to the door and greet everyone else.  There are so many people here, I just know it will be great!  People just hang out until 5:30, then I go up and take the microphone.  I'm shaking, but I hope it doesn't show.  I say, "Thank you all for coming, it's so special to have such amazing friends and family.  Tonight I'm just hoping to be able to have fun and celebrate by birthday.  There is a photo spot, I hope I can get a picture with all of you, and also if you are dressed up and want to show your outfit off you can on our little red carpet.  We have the food on one side and the dance floor on the other side, you don't have to eat or eat the whole time, I just want everyone to have a nice night.  Thank you all for listening to me blab on, now lets get this party started!!"  I go over to the dance floor and jam out a little while I walk around and talk to my other friends that came.  I take some cool pictures with people some we pose pretty and some really wacky.  We have a professional photographer who has those printers that will print right after you take the picture, we asked for all the pictures to say, 'Kirsten's sweet 16!'  I go over to have some supper.  I go back out to the dance floor to mingle and stuff.  Then I hear Monica on the mic she asks everyone to listen up.  She doesn't seem nervous at all she has a performer personality.  So she talks about how special I am, I feel so loved, she asks everyone to sing me happy birthday, they do and it's funny because the boys come and lift me up so I am sitting on their shoulders.  They carry me to where Monica is, Isabel and Kayla come over too.  They have a very beautifully wrapped gift.  The boys set me down and walk over to the side.  Monica says, "I don't think you can call this a sweet sixteen unless you have this.  I have no idea what she's talking about and I open it and gasp, it's soo beautiful!  A tiara that is all polished and sparkly it is so pretty, and looks like it was really expensive.  I thank them a lot and they put it on for me.  Harry does the "whistle" and says show us your outfit, walk the red carpet."  I say, "Well okay, but I want some more girls or guys to do it too."  I "model" my dress and do a little twirl at the end gaining a few claps, then walk back.  There are about 20 other girls that show off their dresses after me. There are about 5 brave or silly guys who also show off their outfits. My mom is in charge of giving out goodie bags to leaving guests, but she still has a camera around her neck taking random pictures of us all.  I'm very exited to see how they come out, because I plan to make a couple of scrapbook pages to remember. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my dress, but I'm going to go take off the long part it's starting to get hot. My friends are all flirting with their crushes, it's so cute. I hope I'm a good host of this party, it looks like people are having fun. The food isn't running out which I was worried about, because we are growing teenagers. We play some games and do some funny competitions. It's fun, the prizes aren't any big deal, but I think they are cute. We have a dance competition, and karaoke is optional. We all just hang out, of course play what are the odds, would you rather, and truth or dare is thrown in too. People start to leave at about 9:30PM and I thank the people saying how I'm glad they were able to come. At around 10:45PM everyone has left but my besties and Harry and his friends. I thank them for being such amazing friends and helping me with the party. They all leave and only Harry stays, I'm not sure why. I go find my parents thank and hug them. They say how I'm glad I have such great friends and are very happy with how the party went. My mom says, go have fun with Harry, we'll see you later, we might be in bed already though we are both tired. I ask, "What do you mean?" My mom just says, "You'll see, enjoy yourself. And we'll make sure all of your gifts you received gets home." I am surprised how many people gave me gifts I made sure everyone knew if wasn't any big deal and gifts weren't needed. I just wanted to hang out with friends. I walk over to the food for a bite of dessert. Harry comes over and says, "I have one more surprise for you."                        

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