When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


13. Ice skating

Harry's Pov

       I have all the guys over at my house, Kayla said be at the ice rink at 6:30.  It's about 6 now, we had pizza for supper and now we are getting all ready.  Yes, guys want to get dolled up too, we need to make a good impression on our girls.  I put on my cologne and make sure my hair isn't to crazy.  We are all ready at about 6:15 so I tell mom that we're leaving.  We go to the cake shop and pick up Kirsten's it looks really good.  Then we are off to the ice rink.  It's an indoor rink and all the lights are off.  We have flash lights and look around, there are so many balloons around.  I set the cake on an empty table and we all find a place to hide.  This should be a fun night.  At 6:35 we hear the girls and get ready to jump out and say, "Happy Birthday!"  They turn on the light and we yell it and go run over and attack Kirsten with a hug.  She looks so surprised and happy.  We tell her what's going on, and then get our skates on.  We go on first as one big group, it's funny though one person almost will fall and the rest of us will almost come tumbling down too.  We get used to skating the first 10 minutes or so then we pair off and put the tiara on our girls.  They all blush, it's really sweet.  The first contest is just to ice skate from one end to the other while holding hands.  Amanda goes to our school and works at the ice rink she has agreed to be the judge of the contests.  She says, "3, 2, 1, GO!!"  We start off on a wobbly start but then start gaining speed, but Monica and Josh are like professionals way ahead of us, as we skate forward.  The other couples are good too, and we are all getting close to the finish we speed ahead and only need to beat Josh and Monica.  I say, "I'm not sure if we'll be able to catch them."  Kirsten replies, "Yes we will," and races forward as I try to keep up I fall just as we start to get a lead on them we literally slide into second.  But we're laughing hard and neither of us are hurt.  Kirsten says, "If this is the easiest one how are we going to be able to do the harder ones?"  "That's a good question," I say, "Well that was just the first one, we have it down now right?"  "Yeah, sure whatever," she says giggling.  Everyone comes over to help us up, as Josh is making sure we know that we didn't win I say, "Don't worry we'll get you on the next one."  The second race is where you have to tie your middle legs together, everyone does and we skate around a couple of times to practice.  We get the hang of it right and away and I am very confident of us winning.  This race we have to go around the rink two times.  We are ready and she tells us to go, we get going well and keep our speed up.  Kayla and Niall are very close to us, but we keep skating hard and win by only about a foot.  We just skate around for fun for a little bit, then we all decide it's time for a cake break.  I cut the cake for Kirsten and serve it.  Yummm it's marble cake her favorite, I give her my gift and she opens it.  Her eyes get huge and exclaims how she loves it and how it will go perfectly with her dress for the party.  She asks how I knew what color her dress was.  I said I got some help from her friends she gave me a bear hug and thanked me.  After we got done with the cake we went back out for another race, for this race one person is blind folded and you have to tell them what they need to do from the side.  We decided that all the girls would tell the guys what to do and the guys would be at the mercy of the girls.  I trusted Kirsten, I could right?  The girls tell us that they have to get the rink ready so we all can't look while they get it ready.  So we just face the wall and talk, it takes them just a couple of minutes.  Then they come over and tie the blind folds on our heads, and lead us to the starting line.  They call our cell phones so we can hear them better.  We hear Amanda say,  "Go!"  Kirsten says just go straight for now there will be a cone coming up soon.  She tells me to go to my right a little bit and then go back left again.  This isn't really a race we are all going to slow, but it's fun.  She tells me to halt to a stop and then spin around 3 times in place, then says go to your left, then straight for a while.  She says that I'm very close to the end and just go straight ahead and slow down but don't stop.  I do and then there's something  in my face.  I take off the blind fold quickly and see what it was.  I look to the side and see how all the guys have pie on their face and realize that's what I ran into too.  I laugh and throw some of it at her.  She dodges it and gives me a towel to wipe it off, she also tells me how I lost the race.  I don't mind, but blame it on her instructing skills.  We do a few more races.  Then we  all skate off the rink and Amanda says she'll be right back.  When she comes back she has a bag full of balloons.  This is when Kayla takes over, explain that its a game of charades you pop the balloon and the slip of paper is what we have to act out and the person who wins gets to get the trophy they made.  It's a gram cracker with marshmallows stacked up on it, in chocolate it says Winner!  I volunteer to go first, I pick the green balloon and pop it by sitting on it.  It says Miley Cyrus this shouldn't be to hard.  I stick my tongue out and twerk, they are all laughing at me.  Finally Monica saves me by yelling Miley Cyrus.  Yay that's over, I'm glad.  Winner gets pick who goes next and Monica picks Niall to go next.  He picked a pink balloon and when he popped it the look on his face was hilarious as he read what he would have to act out.  He silently said one second and ran off to the bathroom.  A minute later he had stuffed his pants full of toilet paper, made himself have big boobs, and longer hair.  He started to rap silently, and "show off his body."   I was clueless then, Isabel said, "Nicki Monaj?" Niall pointed and yelled, "Yeah!"  Isabel picked Kirsten to go next.  She picked a blue balloon, popped it, and looked at it.  She took Kayla as a prop and told her what to do.  She grabbed some of the balloons and went up to Kayla tried to give her one, but she stated crying and then Kirsten "honked" her nose.  I know this one, I say, "Clown!"  "Yup, nice job Harry," she replies.  We continue playing on for a while.  Niall ends up winning the trophy, we take a picture and post it on Instagram #champion #charades. Then we say good bye to each other and break our separate ways.  Before we do Kirsten comes over and hugs me good bye and thanks me again for the gift I gave her.  I see how the "couples" are individually talking.  I say, "Thanks for such a great night," and she thanked me for the great night too. 


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