When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


3. Getting the courage up

Harry's Pov

          While Zayn thought I was asleep I was actually laying on the couch thinking.  I thought about what he had said, ask her.  Well what if she doesn't remember me??  What if she didn't like me and just put up with me when we were little.  Hmmm.... well I won't know unless I ask, so I start formulating a plan.  I will wait for a little while, and just check out the situation see how she takes to me, and see if she was worth talking to or if she is really mean.  For all I know her parents got divorced like mine, but she was torn apart by it and they live separate places, and she can only see her other parent in the summer or something, I mean how would I know, I hardly knew her then and haven't seen her for years.  The second day Zayn and I walk to the bus stop and I see Kirsten!  Wow, she looks sooo hot, I think Zayn sees me stare and nudges me but doesn't say anything.  She's literally just a few steps in front of us.  I check my phone it says 7:40 well I will try to leave at this time everyday now.  She walks really fast, and I can tell she's shy.  I mean she doesn't remember us well not unless we told her, I know we both changed a lot.  She speeds a head of us and we walk our normal snail pace.  At the bus stop she's by her friends and she opens up a lot more.  She's very nice and likes joke around.  Wow, I don't know if I can wait to talk to her.  On the bus she gets on first I try to sit near her but without looking like I follow her.  The bus ride is short but one day I hope I'm sharing a seat with her.  School, okay I hope people like me and I get some really cool friends.  I live with the seating arrangement it's no big deal.  We get homework on the second day but it's no big deal just a few questions, but it's hard, I will need to work really hard in this class.  I'm pretty much ignored by my other classmates.  There are some boys who you can tell play video games and that's it but they at least talk to me.  At lunch we sit together, and I learn they were new kids here once too.  They told me they leave you alone unless you are a sports stud really.  Okay I'm starting to get this school.  Populars and sport studs and everyone else is in the background.  I look for Kirsten discreetly and I see her she isn't by all the pops (populars) she was sitting with just a few girls.  So I'm excited I can talk to her on the walk home probably, wrong she's in volleyball. Practice is right after school and she then would ride the activity bus home.  I could have been in football and I could have rode home with her but I'm not really a football fan.  School goes on then on a Friday there's a teacher in-service day meaning we get out at 11:40 instead of 3:25 and also no practice for anyone.  Okay, today will be the day that I talk to her.  The day is boring, but goes by quickly.  The bus ride takes a long to well seems to anyways, I get off the bus and notice she's not going strait home, I think crap.  So I walk extra slow and "play on my iPod" she goes into the store and comes out just a couple of minutes later.  She quickly catches up to me and I say, "Hey," she smiles and says, "Hi, Harry isn't it?"  "Yeah," she asks how I'm getting adjusted to the new school, and I say, "It's a lot different, people look at me like I'm an alien, I wish they were more friendly or outgoing.  "She replies, "When I first came to this school in second grade it was the same, but I have found some good friends.  How about we hang out later, hmm... I don't have to do anything today but get this home."  She points the little bag in her hand.  Wow, Kirsten hasn't changed she's still so nice, I can't believe it's actually her.  "Oh okay, I say how about I come to your house in 10??"  She agrees and we leave our separate ways.



Kirsten's Pov

          When I start walking home, I think to myself what am I doing???  I don't even know Harry what if he's a total jerk or pervert.  Oh well I just get this weird feeling when I'm around him I don't know why though.  Ah home sweet home, I walk in and say hello to my mom.  She's watching TV in the living room, I go over to her and hug her.  I give her the medication I picked up for her.  She has strep throat and has to take medicine, she could pick it up but our other vehicle is broken right now, it's really a bummer.  I tell her I'm going to the park, she says grab something to eat before you do and then be home by 5:30 tonight.  I tell her about Harry and she says, "Be careful, but how nice of you to be so welcoming of a new kid."  I say, "I might have lived here all my life but I know what it's like to be the new kid."  Knock knock, I'll get that I bet it's him.



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