When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


11. Getting ready for the party

Kirsten's Pov

          I am so excited for the party it's only three days away!!!  Right now I'm decorating the room so it will be ready for Saturday.  My birthday is actually on Friday, but I don't want to have a party after school.  We started decorating on Monday and it goes kind of fast but we can only do it after school.  It's a lot of fun especially since I have my friends to help me.  We only have a little bit left, just the finishing touches.  The disco ball is hung, the drapery, lighting is finished, everything.  The tables have already been put up, so we are putting the table cloths on, sprinkling the sequins around, and putting the goodie bags on a separate table.  We have a nice spot for the DJ, he has to set up the day of the party because he's so busy.  Harry and his friends have helped a lot too, they aren't here now, but are planning on coming later.  At the city's community center we are renting out an empty room to have the party in, it's nice and roomy.  We are serving Chinese food, and lots and lots of different kinds of desserts.  It will be buffet style, so the main part will be first, like Lo Mein, chicken with different sauces to put with it, spring rolls, fried and steamed rice, and other Chinese foods.  The dessert portion will have ice cream, puffins, pies, cakes, cream puffs, cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls, jello, cookies, brownies/fudge, bars, different kinds of salads, pudding, and other yummy desserts.  For drinks there will be pop, fruit smoothies, slushes, malts, and you can make shirley temples and drinks like that.  I really hope this will be a lot of fun.  I am going to have games that you can participate in, and if you win you get  funny, quirky prizes. I have a photo booth so you can remember the night.  My mom is going to take pictures to remember the night for me.  I hope a lot of people come, I made the invitation open to everyone because it really doesn't matter who comes I just want everyone to have a good time.  Gifts are no big deal I'm just glad I get to celebrate my birthday with my friends.  I'll probably have a gift table that if they get me something they can put it there, but if they don't it's no big deal.  Kayla, Isabel, and Monica get to come home with me after school on Friday and spend the night to top the weekend off.  The party starts at 5p.m. but people can come when ever.



Kirsten's friend's Pov

          We have been having so much fun with Kirsten.  We're so glad we get to help!  She's always so nice, she deserves such a cool party.  Tomorrow as you already know we are going to spend the night at her house.  What she doesn't know is that we are planning a surprise for her, we are going to go ice skating after school.  There will be balloons everywhere, and we will have a nice cake that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRSTEN with swirls around it.  We will have Kirsten's favorite songs going and it will only be us because we reserved it.  We want her to have the best weekend ever.   We can't wait, and we invited Harry, her cute and sweet crush, and some of his friends.  Cough cough, our crushes, but it works fine because they are Harry's friends too.  We think Harry is going to make a move on Kirsten soon, we hope so.  We also drop little hints that she is into him, but we can't tell if he gets the hints or not.




Harry's Pov

         I can't wait we are all going to ice skating it will be so much fun.  Well hopefully, I have only ice skated one time before now, and if I remember right I wasn't very good.  Oh well, it's just some friends hanging out, they won't care.  I have Kirsten's present all done, it's the picture collage, nail polish, and a cute stuffed teddy bear.  I asked her friends what her dress looks like and got her some earring and necklace matches it.  I'll give her the necklace and earring tomorrow night.  I asked Zayn if I should ask Kirsten out, he said yes, I'm super nervous about it, but I don't want to regret not asking her.  I start doing my math and social studies homework, uhhh it's soo boring.  I don't like English at all but Zayn does I'm not sure what there is to like.  I like the more creative side, not smarts.  Some of my friends are into Kirsten, but I get dibs and plus Kirsten has told me that her friends like some of my friends which actually works out nicely.  We are kind of coupling up at the ice rink, so all the guys are bringing a flower tiara for the girls and they will have their shirts the color of the flower in the tiara.  Kirsten's is a purple flower tiara so I get to wear purple.  I told my friends which of Kirsten's friends like them and they agreed to go with the girl who likes them.  Kayla gets to be paired up with Niall wearing yellow.  Monica gets a periwinkle blueish color with my friend Josh, and Isabel is going with Louis wearing pink.  It should get interesting because we are planning on having contests and stuff.  It will be fun I wonder how we will do, I hope we are the best skaters on the rink.  We will eat the cake after we skate for a while and after we eat I'll give her my gift.  Isabel told me she didn't get earrings or a necklace so I hope she didn't have something important that she'll wear.       


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