When he Moved Back

When Kirsten's friend Harry moves back to town, what will they do when they start having feelings for each other. What about Harry's big brother Zayn the one Kirsten always thought was cute when they would play as little kids. How will they deal with the challenges of life as it hits them. This is made up, and the boys of One Direction aren't famous.


9. Dresses


Kirsten's dress -the bodices are different, but they would be the same they would be the full dress not the shorter one.  The shortened skirt is what it looks like with out the attachment of the dress.

Kirsten's shoes



Kayla's dress

Kayla's shoes

Isabel's dress

Isabel's shoes

Monica's dress

Monica's shoes


I really hope you can see the pictures.  I think the dresses are very pretty if they aren't your style that's fine with me that's why there's so many dresses in the world.  I think the model showing Monica's dress looks like how I think of Monica, and the same with Kayla.  Kirsten and Isabel don't look like the model showing their dress, its just to show how the dress looks like.


Hope you like this story, please COMMENT, LIKE, and FAVORITE this story I would really appreciate it,  oh and if you have ideas for this story I'm TOTALLY OPEN to them. :)                                          •Matasha•

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