Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


9. Chapter 9.


Liam’s POV

Now my second hour I have Spanish, together with Zayn.

I totally can’t speak Spanish and we always sit in the back of the class. Mrs. Martinez likes me, she aways winks at me and I truly don’t like that I don’t think she knows I’m with Niall, because she’s so creepy..

Zayn didn’t show up in our first hour of the day, and I always love to starts Thursdays with Mrs. Campbell and Zayn normally does too.. We always have our day on Thursdays because I don’t have many classes together with Niall today but I have almost all of them with Zayn..

When I walk in class he is already there, I smile at him but he doesn’t smile back he doesn’t even look at me..

I still find things weird with him, and I don’t know why he does so to me..

I hope Niall is right and has it something to do with Perrie, but I’m still not sure.


‘Is this seat taken?’

I ask him

‘Ofcourse not it’s yours and it will always be yours’

He says to me while looking down at the ground..

We sit down and the lesson starts..

We need to make some exercise but I never do in Spanish. I always wait till we get the answers..

‘Tomorrow me and Niall are together for 11 months. What should I buy him?’

I ask Zayn

His face turns to the ground next to him like I said something very painful to him.

‘Did I do something wrong?’

He finally looks up to me and he shakes his head..

‘You can buy him a watch maybe?’

‘Yeah maybe, but Zayn please tell me what’s wrong with you. I’m worried okay, has it something to do with Perrie? Yes or no I don’t care I just wanna know what’s wrong with  you..


He looks me right in the eyes and my hazel brown eyes met his dark brown eyes.. And tears were filling his eyes..


‘Please, don’t say anything’


I just wanted to say something to him as I felt his lips touch mine, they weren’t the same as I used to kiss and I was shocked!

I pull Zayn away from me and he just runs out of the classroom..


I still don’t know what’s going on,but the only thing I saw is tears rushing down his face.

My mind don’t leaves me a moment alone.

All these stupid question that I ask myself

Why did he kissed me?

Why was he crying?

Why did he run away?

And from what did he run away?


I am perplex right now, I know I can’t tell Niall about this because he wouldn’t speak anymore to Zayn.

And Zayn…

I just don’t know what’s going on with him and now I want to know it even more..

First off all I wanna know why he kissed me..

I need to talk to Harry about this.

But only to Harry…


Zayn’s POV

How could I be so stupid?

I just kissed Liam and I liked it!

My school is over today, I’m not going back anymore..

From now I hate Thursday’s

I walk again to that little park I went the other day..

I remember that I cried here a lot and that I met Demi..

When Liam talked about Perrie back in class, I know I need to break up with her. I love her too much to let her  hurt so much. I may be a bad boy but I don’t want to play with a girl’s heart..

I sit down under a tree and text Perrie


To Perrie: ‘We need to talk. Can you today?’


Again tears streaming down my face, I cried a lot the past three days.. And it won’t be anything better..

I hear my phone ringing and I check him

From Perrie: ‘Yeah have a day off today.. Where are we gonna talk and at what hour?’


To Perrie: ‘ Okay, in Nandos. In a half and a hour’


From Perrie: ‘Sure, see you in a few xxx’


My heart rips apart when I see the kisses behind the text, she loves me and I loved her..

And now I just don’t love her anymore like I did before, I love her that’s true but more like a sister. She don’t needs  me she needs someone better than me.

Someone that loves her, more than I do..



Harry’s POV

Niall, Liam and me are walking to the canteen, all the students come together there..

Niall is telling Liam what happened this morning ofcourse, it’s his boyfriend why should he keep this things hide for him.

It’s kinda funny..

Louis looked amazing back there, and he stared at my eyes all the time..

I liked that a lot..

‘I’m so hungry!!’

Niall yells..

Me and Liam smile at him because we know Niall’s always hungry..

When Niall could go buy his meal, Liam asked me that I could talk to him later on after school..

I said yes ofcourse, I wanna do something for a friend..

‘Hey Liam, did Zayn showed up today?’

‘Yeah, just in Spanish. The first hour he didn’t came to class, the second hour he came and now he is gone again..’

Liam said to me

‘Yes, I have my food!’

 Niall yelled and I saw how Liam looked at Niall..

They love each other, that’s love. Not love like my parents there love. Because I was not mend to be ofcourse not, they aren’t together anymore  now and I’m all alone but I have my friends that’s all that madders right now..


When I look up from my food I see that Niall’s head is laying down on Liam’s shoulder.

They look so cute together

‘Well, I heard that tomorrow is your anniversary. What are you gonna buy for each other?’ I ask

They look at each other and smile


‘Liam doesn’t need to buy anything for me, I’m glad I have him for 11 months now’

‘And Niall also doesn’t need to buy anything because I’m the happiested man in the world together with him’


Niall kisses Liam’s lips and you see they like it..

I love how they are so cute together..


‘Fucking Faggots!!’

Some dudes behind me are yelling at Niall and Liam


‘the world isn’t made for those filthy gay’s!!’


I see that Niall is almost crying ofcourse I know those words hurt him..

‘Go away!!’

Now I’m mad I turn around and I smack my whole fist in some dude his face, I don’t care anymore I beat the living shit out of him till someone tries to pull me off those guys..

‘Harry, stop it!!’

‘Harry, leave him alone’

‘Harold Edward Styles let that guy go’

And then I know who is yelling at me it’s Louis.

I finely let go and sit down..


Liam is hugging Niall and I smile at them.

I point to them. And Louis smiles at me..

I need to go to the principle...

But Louis comes with me that’s better…



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