Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


8. Chapter 8.

Harry’s POV

A couple days later..

Today is the last day that I have detention, sad in a way and fun in a other way..

First hour of the day math and second hour of the day geography.. Mister Peperman the first and miss Calder at second.


I walk to the main building.

And walk inside because I don’t see Niall and Liam outside and that’s weird, because they’re always outside.

And they were standing at Niall’s locker.. Smiling really wide at each other, I smile when I see them because they are so cute together..

‘Heeyy Love births!’

I yell and they look at me..

They smile also..

I hug Niall, and Liam..

‘Where’s Zayn?’

‘we didn’t saw him today, I don’t even think he is already here’

‘oh okay’

The bell rings and we need to go..

‘I have the first lesson with you’

I say to Niall

‘Yeah I know math’

Liam and Niall hug each other for the last time before the break and then Niall walks along with me..

‘What class does Liam have now?’

‘History with mrs. Campbell’

‘She’s sweet, just my grandmom’

‘yeah, I like her’


In the class

Niall’s POV

Me and Harry sit at the window side, I always like that.

So we sit down and take all our stuff out, our binders and something to write ofcourse..

I hope Mister Peperman doesn’t start the day with a test because I’m not prepared, I felt asleep at Liam’s yesterday that’s why..

And lucky for me he didn’t start with it..

My problem is when I sit next to the window I always look outside, I don’t know I find things outside so much more importing than some stupid lessons..

I start alright and follow the lesson but when he is giving some explanation to a girl I can’t help and I look outside and I just dream away..


*’Darling, watch the baby please. I need to go, out of diapers’

Liam yelled


Liam was smiling back at me because he knew I loved to be with  our little craic.

Our Elliot.

Me and Liam were getting married in a couple of months and we adopted  an awesome baby boy. 

After a while Liam came back home

‘Babe, I’m home again, everything’s alright with Elliot?’

‘Yeah, always when he’s with his favorite daddy ’

I tell him while smiling..


‘Owh love, just a joke. C’mon give me a kiss’

‘always and forever’

‘You know this is for always and forever’

We kiss each other like we never kissed each other before*


I wake up from my dream, when Harry pinch my knee.

I look at him and just on that exact moment, a really hard smack came down at my head


I yell.

I look at the thing that hit me and it’s a  ruler..

‘Niall James Horan!! Stop dreaming in my classroom! And the next time, I would like that you followed my lesson. Mister Styles can you bring mister dream head to our school nurse? I think he need some ice on that head, my ruler is a hard thing you know’

‘yeah sure’

Harry says and we walk out of the class..


‘it’s not really a nurse. It’s just the teacher that is free for this period. It’s always someone else.’

I say to Harry while I’m holding my head..

‘Oh alright’

‘Omg Harry, my dream was like the best thing ever. Me and Liam had a baby. A little baby boy and his name was Elliot!!’

‘Owh that would be cute Niall!’

We arrive at the door were stands “ Nursery”

Harry knocks on the door for me and mister Tomlinson came to open up..

‘Well boys what a surprise to see you here’

He says while staring in Harry’s eyes..

Gosh what’s going on with them?


Louis POV

Harry just came to me, it was a killing for me yesterday because I wanted to see his eyes and I couldn’t.

He didn’t have French yesterday, so sad for me I couldn’t  see him.

His eyes were that bright green again, and I loved it..

‘I’m sorry but my head hurts’

Niall interrupts and I break the stare.

‘Yeah ofcourse, I’m gonna get a pack of ice’

I say and walk to the fridge in the other little room..

I took one pack of ice and I went back..

‘Here you go Niall, how did that even happen?’

‘Mister Peperman, do I need to say more?’

‘He dreams in the class all the time’

Harry says..

‘owh and about what was that dream?’

‘I don’t think I can tell a teacher, because of the principle.’

‘c’mon tell me, I’m not gonna tell anyone Niall’

‘Okay, well you know my boyfriend Liam?’

‘Payne yeah I know that guy’

‘Well we adopted a baby boy and his name was Elliot. We were getting married and it was all just perfect’

‘O, Niall that’s cute. But you and Liam are cute. How long are you together?’

‘Tomorrow 11 months’

I get a big smile on my face because I love the way he says that, he’s so proud of it..



‘Okay, so guys I see you both later in class’


‘see u then’

 I wink at Harry and I see he’s blushing and looking down..


Do I really have this involute on someone? 

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