Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


7. Chapter 7.


Liam’s POV


The days  are getting stranger and stranger by day..

Since Harry is here Zayn in always with him, it’s like he’s trying to avoid us are something..

He don’t talk to us (me & Niall) like he used to.

To say it small, he changed a lot. And especially with me..

I don’t know why, I hope I didn’t did anything wrong because Zayn is a good friend of me.

I wanna talk to Niall about that, so I’m going..

I text him to tell him I need to see him


Liam: Hi babe, can you come over I wanna talk. And I’m home alone! ;) xxx


I start to clean my room abit of Niall comes over, we can cuddle on my bed.. And now my parents aren’t home.

In a couple days it our anniversary.

Together for almost a year. 11 months.

We need to celebrate that!

I smile when I get a text back..

Niall: Already on my way! Meet me in a few! ;) xxx


Liam: Sure love! Xxx


I truly love that guy! I always have a shoulder to cry on and I know I wanna grow old with him..

I love him, for his blond locks and his amazing blue eyes..

Why he loves me is still a question for me because I don’t know why and he just always tells me that I’m perfect for him. But I still don’t know what he means..


For us anniversary I wanna make it special..

I always wanted to have sex with Niall but he thought it was to soon and I needed to wait..

I think now is the time, not now but when we have our anniversary.. I hope he wants because I wanna take our relationship to a higher level..

I hope he wants too, I get a text and it’s from my Nialler!


Niall: I’m outside let me in I’m cold..

I smile alittle

When I open the front door, Niall jumps in my arms he doesn’t say anything he just sits on me.. And I close the door and walk to the living room..


When I lay him down on the sofa he smiles at me

‘Are you gonna speak or are you just gonna smile at me? Why are you smiling like that?’

‘No ofcourse not! I wanna talk to my Leeuym!’

‘God thank!’

I smile and peck his lips gentle..

He smiles through the kiss he always does. That’s why I love Niall’s kisses.

When he breaks the kiss he makes him sit comfortable..

‘You wanted to talk to me? About?’


‘O God, I thought you were gonna break up with me or something, I was glad when you kissed me!’

‘Niall! I would never break up with you! You know that!’

‘Yeah now I know, so Zayn yeah?’

He says and he lays his head down on my lap..

‘Well he does weird to me and he doesn’t talk anymore like usual.. I don’t know what’s going on and I wanted to ask you, maybe you know what I did wrong to Zayn..’  


‘No babe, I don’t know what’s going on with Zayn but I’m sure you didn’t do anything fold! You never would! But maybe is there something with Perrie.’


‘Yeah you must me right’


‘Ofcourse I am’

‘Nialler, do you know what day it is Friday?’

He smiles


‘What is it?’

‘Our 11 months anniversary’

‘I know, wanna come over? I have much things in mind to do’

‘With your parents I say no’

‘I’ll do anything do make them go, please just stay over at mines Friday’


‘What do you wanna have as present?’

‘Nothing, I’m glad I have you for 11 months now.’

‘I love you Baby’

‘I love you too hun’

We kiss each other deeply and then drawn in eachothers eyes..

Friday gets the best nights of our lives!!


Harry’s POV


Tomorrow we don’t have French..


Me and Louis are texting the whole night now..

And my feelings are getting bigger and bigger everytime I get a text back..

We are talking about our family and stuff..

I know he has 4 sisters.. 4!

And he knows I have one sister and that my parents are divorced..

His parents are divorced too..

His moms name is Jay and his  sisters names are ; Lottie, Félicité , Phoebe, Daisy (the twins)

They are very special to him..

When we see each other tomorrow it’s gonna be awkward.. We tell each other everything but we can’t at school okay we can tell things. But not the same..

And if we fall in love we can’t come out in school..

Except next schoolyear when I’m  going to college..


I have feelings for my teacher French!

And I don’t mind!


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