Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


5. Chapter 5.


Zayn’s POV
After detention I’m walking home, I really don’t know anymore now..

I have feelings for Lia33m, but he’s with Niall and Niall is my best mate..

And Perrie then we have Perrie..

I love her but more as a sister and not as you know my girlfriend..

Before I do something with Liam or even tell Liam something I’m gonna break up with Perrie..

On my way I walk to the little park around the corner of my house..

I sit down on a bank and overthink everything again..

Liam, Perrie, Niall, Love, Hurt..

Before I know I have tears rolling down my cheek.. Just from frustration, all the things I wanted but never need.

I love my life but just not for the time things get difficult..  

‘Zayn? What’s wrong?’

I hear a girl voice say..

 I turn around and I see a girl with goldblond hair and a nice pair of red lips..

‘Do I know you?’

I say while wiping my tears away..

‘I-I don’t know’

She walks over to me..

‘I’m Demi, I am in senior year too but you probably didn’t noticed me before’

‘I’m sorry’ I mumble..

‘Please sit down’ I say gentle ..

‘What’s wrong?’

She asks me ..

 I look at her and I see a couple perfect brown eyes, just the same as Liam, so wonderfull and fantastic..

‘I uh, I can’t tell’

‘Please, you can trust me! Promised!!’

‘Uh okay, but please after this. Don’t walk away or something..’

‘You can trust me Zayn, I’m here for you’

‘Well I’m in love with someone’

‘Owh I thought you were with that Perrie girl from The other school here’

‘I am, but I still love someone else’

‘Maybe you can tell more things about her’

‘Well he has the same brown pretty eyes just like you, his perfect brown here fits his face amazingly! And those abs!’

‘It’s a he?’

‘Yeah, I don’t know it just came over me! Maybe it’s just a fase  or something! But now I just can’t think of anybody else then him’

‘Wow he looks special to you, who is he?’


‘The Liam Payne? Doesn’t he has a boyfriend? Niall?’

‘Yeah he has and sadly is his boyfriend my best friend.. Do you understand now why I sit here crying’

She nods

‘A girlfriend, who I love like a sister. My best friend’s boyfriend is the one I’m in love with, and it just hurts! Owh btw my other best friend is now probably snogging my teacher French’

Her mouth felt open at the last words..

‘You got to be kidding me?!’

‘No I’m not truly!’

‘Okay Zayn maybe you better go home and get some sleep, it looks like you need some.. I’ll give you my number and when you need me I’ll be there for you always and everywhere, even in the night’

‘Thanks Demi’

We changed our phone numbers and then went home, Once I was there I got in my bed again with tears in my eyes I felt alsleep..’

Demi’s POV

After this long conversation with Zayn! The Zayn Javadd Malik I love for 4 years now, I am tired as fuck! And confused!

Now he just has a thing for boys? His best friend’s boyfriend! That’s wrong! But I need to say what is the best for him.. And I hope he makes the right choice..






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