Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


3. Chapter 3.


Zayns POV

A couple days after..

Wednesday. 3th hour. French..

We have a test today and I didn’t study..

I was too busy with Perrie, because she isn’t in my school..

Well now I’m in shit!

I know Harry is sitting next to me in French and he can talk French really well..

‘Hye Haz, I have a question’ I say with a big smile..

‘Yeah sure?’

‘Well I didn’t study for this test, maybe we can do a little bit of team work?’

‘U-uh I don’t know, but I wanna help you for sure’

‘Thanks Haz! You’re the best!’

‘I know, I know’ he says while smiling..

Mr. Tomlinson is walking inside, he’s our teacher for French let me tell you he is very young and very handsome!

I just wanna tell Harry again that he doesn’t have to do this if he don’t want, but he is to busy studying Mr. Tomlinson’s butt!

I smile at him and I wake him up from his dream..

‘You know staring is rude’

‘W-what? Please can you wipe that stupid grin of your face!’

‘Calm down mate! I see you have a little crush on Mr. Tomlinson..’

‘Have not!’


‘Class quiet please! You all had to study a test for today! Sit apart or place a binder between each of you. I don’t wanna hear anyone of you when I hand this test’


I smile at Harry when I set my binder down..

The teacher is handing the tests out..

I start to talk quietly to Harry..

‘Haz, please I don’t even know anything what is on this paper’

‘Zayn Javadd Malik! Harry Edward Styles!’

‘Y-yeah?’ we both say

‘Detention!! And hand me your papers back in! I see you both tonight in the class of detention!!’

When this class was finely done I wait outside on Harry, I need to apologize because this is all my fould..

He didn’t spoke to me since then..

We need to meet Liam and Niall is this hall..

‘Harry wait!’


‘I’m sorry okay! I really am I didn’t want to bring you in trouble! I’m sorry’

‘Yeah I know, but just study the other time please! At least we have detention together’

‘Hyee Liam!!’

Harry yells

‘Hyee Haz!’

Niall and Liam yell together..

We walk to their lockers..

‘Guys you wanna come over tonight after school? We can go to Nandos’

Liam asks

‘Me and Zayn can’t!’ Harry almost yells

‘Why?’ Niall asks really confused

‘Well Mister Malik over here, didn’t study for his test French and stupid Styles over here said he could look on my test and Mr. Tomlinson saw it.. Now we have detention’

Niall and Liam are both laughing there asses off

‘Well wanna know the news of the day?’

Zayn says to them

They both nod

‘Harry has a massive crush on Mr. Tomlinson’

My cheeks were turning red, and all the boys were smiling at me..

‘Have Not!!!’


At the end of the day


Harry’s POV

I walk inside that really dark classroom in the basement..


You could read on the door..

Zayn isn’t here and I walk inside alone..

Or he is smoking a sigaret or he is just doing something else..

There wasn’t a teacher, there were just tables..

I sit down on one of them, waiting for anyone to show up..

I take my sketch book and start to draw abit of little things.. Hearts, clouds, clovers… Just everything..

Then walks Mr. Tomlinson inside..

I need to admit he is damn sexy! And his bum!

‘Good evening  Harry, were is Zayn?’

‘I-I don’t know, I think he is smoking a sigaret’


‘Mister, it wasn’t my choice to let Zayn take the answers.. He didn’t study for the test. I’m not that way…’

He smiles at me

I feel my cheeks are turning red again,

‘I know Harry, I know’

On that moment Zayn walks inside..

‘Hi mister T!’

‘Tomlinson Zayn!’

‘I’m sorry..’  

  ‘Well now that you two are here, you have to come every day for one week to the detection, and you need to write an essay about why you can’t crib’



‘Zayn it’s your own fold!’

The mister yells..

When detention for today was done I walk out of the school and say goodbye too Zayn..

‘I’m going to Liam, are  you coming?’

‘No I’m going home’

‘Whatever you want, see u tomorrow!’




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