Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


22. Chapter 22.


Meanwhile with Larry

Louis’ POV

Today is the day that Harry is going back to his mom and sister..

Yesterday they were going to make up with each other and that went pretty good, so Harry is going back home.

When he was with his mom, I was in town because I was going to buy Harry’s chrismas present.

It’s pretty nice and I’m happy about it..

Harry is packing his stuff and then I’m going to  bring him home and then I’m going to  work on a lot of school work..

It’s almost vacation and now I need to plan a meeting with the parents to talk about their children..

Not really nice, because you have those really irritating parents, but yeah..

 ‘Lou are you ready?’

‘uhm, yeah. Did you pack everything?’

‘yeah, I think so. But when I did forget something it isn’t such a big deal is it?’

‘no ofcourse not, babe. Then I will bring it to school or something’

‘yeah, well are you ready  now?’

‘yeah I am’

We are getting outside and Harry is looking very nervous,

‘Haz, you are only going back to your mom. You aren’t going to murder someone’

‘yeah, I know Lou. It’s just weird okay’

‘what, Harry?’


‘yesterday when I was home, I always feel like someone is watching me. Latterly watching’


‘no, I’m not fucking kidding!’

‘oh okay, I’m sorry love’

‘can I call you if I don’t feel so well over there?’

‘ofcourse Harry! I love you!’

‘I love you too! You mean more than the world for me!’

‘that’s sweet, baby’


A couple minutes later, we arrive at Harry’s house..

‘bye bye, text me + love you lots!’

‘love you too! And call whenever you like!’

‘thank you, see u Monday! Love you!!’

‘bye bye’

With that he’s inside the house, hope everything goes alright..


Harry’s POV

When I walked out of that car, a strange feeling came over me. The feeling of being alone, without Louis. And ofcourse I’m scared, what if my mom and I fight again? What do I have to do?

‘Mom, I’m home!’ I yell when I open the door with my key that I got back yesterday.

‘Harry, I’m in the kitchen’

I drop my suitcase and backpack on the sofa and I walk to the kitchen.

‘hey baby, how are you?’

‘I’m fine, and you?’

‘yeah ofcourse, I’m cooking some soup and everything alright with you and Drake?’

‘u-uhm yeah, why wouldn’t it be alright?’

‘don’t know honey, just a question.. Oh, before I would forget! I’m going out with Rose tonight, she has tickets for a concert and she can’t cancel them anymore.. I’m really really sorry haz’

‘it’s alright mom, wich hour is the concert?’

‘7 o’clock why?’

‘maybe because you have to know the time, it’s already half past 3’

‘oh my dear god, when my soup is done I’m going to start cleaning myself up’

‘yeah alright, I’m upstairs unpacking my stuff’

‘alright sweetheart, see you later’

With that I walk to the living room take my stuff and walk upstairs, when I get there I take my phone and I text Louis


To Babeeee <3 : ‘Hey handsome, everything is alright but you know what? It’s my first night at home again and my mom is going out, to a concert! Guess with who, ofcourse with Rose.. xx’


I throw my phone on the other side of my bed and I start unpacking, after a couple minutes the beeb of my phone goes off..


From Babeee <3: ‘you got to be kidding me?! That’s just.. I don’t even know how to say that nice, I’m sorry Haz but that’s just rude!! xxx’


To Babeee <3 : ‘yeah, I know but I have an idea wait for a second! Xxxx’


I go outside my room and I’m standing in the hallway,

‘MOOOMM???!!!!’ I yell for the whole house

‘Gosh, Harry.. Quit the yelling’, my mom says when she walks out the bathroom.

‘I’m sorry mom, I didn’t know you were already upstairs’

‘no problem, what is wrong?’

‘just to ask, do you know what time you’re going to be home?’

‘Uhm, I don’t know. The concerts is 1 hour and a half, and we will maybe drink something afterwards. Maybe that I go to her house and spend the night there. I don’t know yet.’

‘okay. Mom will you sent a text, if you stay with Rose? Then I know I don’t have to wait up and that I can lock the door.’

‘sure baby, Is that everything?’

‘yeah, thanks mom’

I say and I walk back to my room, with a smile on my face.

I see that Louis has send a text to say that he always will wait for me.. awhh, I’m so happy with him!


To Babeeee <3: ‘babe, I have a perfect plan! Can you come over tonight? We can make it a really special night here in mine house, my mom is gone till midnight for sure and it even can be that she sleeps with Rose. She is going to send a text when she does! What do you think? Xxxxx :D’


I smile when I push the send button, it’s going to be perfect when he comes..


From Babeee <3: ‘Ofcourse, I want to come! What time? Xxxx’


To Babeee <3: ‘half past 7 alright for you? Xxx’


From Babeeee <3: ‘perfect for me! I’ll see you then! Bye xxxx’

To Babeeee <3: ‘Love you!!! xxx’


Nobody’s POV

After that Harry has send that text he unpacked some more and his mom came to say goodbye at half past 5. So his plan could absolutely work! Hoping that turns out right! Because the evil is on the way…



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