Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


21. Chapter 21.



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Liam’s POV


A week before Chrismas, a couple days before Niall’s surgery


The day after that I heard that Niall, needed a kidney transplantation Zayn called me.

He told me that he was ashamed of what he did and that he wanted to make up to me and Niall.

I thought that Niall would like that in the hospital so I told where we were and that we could meet.

When he was in the hospital me and Niall explained what happened the past month..

He was crying, crying..?

When he was about to go he asked me if I could come outside with him.

When we were outside he told me a hundred times he was sorry for the things he did and that he never want to make that mistake again..

AND! That he wanted to be Niall’s donor…


What? Why? Zayn?

After that we talked with Niall about it, we all agreed to go through with it and we were Zayn so thankful…

Now we are a couple days before the surgery, a week before chrismas and still in the hospital.


I walk in the room in silent..

I don’t want to wake Niall, because he didn’t slept that much the past couple days..

I feel so bad for him, I love him and I can’t do anything about his pain or his fear..

He’s afraid that he wouldn’t wake up anymore after the surgery..

I try to speak into him, but he cries and smiles and then I need to kiss him..

That makes me feel so, so broken..

Today his mom and Greg and his family come to the hospital..

He will be thrilled to see Theo!

He loves that boy so much..


I hear him say very weak..


‘I’m in pain’

‘should I call somebody?’

He nods

And I run out of the room, up to Jay

‘Jay? Can you come to check Niall he’s in terrible pain’

‘yeah, I’ll be there in a second with a doctor’

‘thank you very much’


I walk again to the room where Niall is laying

‘baby, the doctor is coming together with Jay’

‘alright, thank you’

‘you don’t have to thank me’

He tries to sit more up and he can’t..

I go to help him and I say in silence

‘it’s my fold you lay here, anyway’

‘what was that Liam?’


‘don’t lie to me!’

‘Ni, it’s my fold you’re here. I crashed into that tree not you’

He takes my head between his two hands

‘Liam James Payne, you aren’t the reason I’m here in this hospital bed! It’s God’s will to take me here, and I would never ever blame you! So you need to stop blaming yourself! I love you and you know that! We have a life together! stop saying that always! Do it for me, Li.. I love you’

‘only if you will stop saying that you aren’t gonna make it! You just said it yourself, we have a life together! and I could never live without you in my life! And yes you are gonna make it! You are going to be my husband later and we are going to get kids and a house and we will love each other every day more and more..  you are gonna make it! You are strong, for yourself and for me! And God may know how much I love you because I do! I God damn do! I love you so fucking much Ni, I couldn’t live without you…!’


‘perfect, beautiful, just speechless!’

Jay cheers when she walks inside together with the doctor…

‘you guys heard all of that?’ I ask

‘yeah miss Tomlinson wanted to hear what you guys would say to each other, can I start my check up?’


Jay yells!

We all look very rare at her

‘You guys need to kiss first’

Me and Niall smile at each other and I wipe away a couple tears that rolled down his cheeks and then we kiss.

Perfect just like every kiss!

I love that boy and I hope he knows it! 

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