Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


20. Chapter 20.



Louis’ POV

Harry was with me for the whole time, I really think that his mom hurt him quite well..

I feel bad for him, but he’s save with me always..

Me and Harry did a little bit more then kissing, yesterday was like the best night of all…

Harry is still sleeping, and I’m in the kitchen making tea like every morning..

I can’t stop smiling and when I’m just about to look outside I hear Harry yelling from upstairs..



He runs from the stairs into the kitchen

‘Okay what’s going on?’


I walk to the backyard and yeah, it is snowing..

I smile at Harry and he comes closer to me..

‘Chrismas is coming Boo’

‘Yeah I know babe’

I look right into his emerald green eyes and I smile..

‘Good morning btw’

I say while I peck his nose

‘you look really handsome boo’

‘you too Haz, like every morning when I see you’

His cheeks are getting a bright color of pink and I smile..

‘I made you some Yorkshire tea’

 ‘thank youuuuuwww , Lou?’

‘Yeah, sweetheart?’

‘I love you’

‘I love you too Harry’

And I peck his lips when I place his cup of tea on the table..

Then I also sit down.

‘Haz, everything alright?’

‘yeah, I just have been thinking to look up my mom today’

‘oh? Do you really think that’s a good idea?’

‘I hope so, it’s almost Chrismas and yeah then you have to forgive the people who hurt you’

‘yeah, you’re right’


Later that day

Harry’s POV

We’re almost at my house, and I really want to change my mind right now and just leave again but yeah..

‘you ready babe?’

Louis asks me

‘I think so, wish me luck’

‘yeah, I’m just out of town. Call me when you need me okay?’

‘Yeah sure, give me a kiss’

We come together and give a gentle peck.

‘see u later, handsome’

He tells me and to tease him

‘byee mister Tomlinson’

And I close the door

Walking towards the door and I ring the bell, I look behind me and Louis is already on the end of the street.

After a couple minutes my mom came to open to door..


‘Hi, mom’

‘Come inside’

I walk inside and everything is the same ofcourse it’s only been a week or so.

Just the smell, that is different probably Rose her smell.

‘Is everything alright with you?’

‘yeah everything’s fine, with you?’

I say while I sit down on a kitchen chair

‘Yeah, well I’ve been worried about you and I’ve missed you a lot’

‘yeah, I missed you too mom’

‘I’m so sorry Harry, I was worried sick and I tried to call you but you never picked up your phone’

‘I didn’t want to talk to you’

‘I am really sorry’

‘I shouldn’t reacted that way, but it was really shocking for me to see that’

‘I totally understand your reaction.. I am really really sorry Haz’

‘I came to forgive you mom, but I would like to ask you something’


‘Do you love her?’

‘I think so but I couldn’t love her like I loved your dad honey’

‘Yeah, okay mom. I support your relationship with Rose, because I want you happy’

‘thank you so much baby! Are you staying with me again or not? Btw where were you staying?’

‘I’ll come back to sleep here tomorrow and I was staying with Drake’  

 ‘Is it serious between you and Drake like loving each other?’

‘W-What, like, pffff, nooo’

‘Okay Honey, I know enough.’

She said walking to the living room smiling with her coffee in her hand.


She didn’t just asked me that did she, on that moment my phone rings

Saved by the phone

‘Harry speaking’

‘Hey Haz’

Louis’ perfect voice came into my ears

‘Oh hey’

‘how did it go?’

‘Really good we talked and now my mom is in the living room.’

‘So you two are good?’

‘Yeah, I told her that I will sleep with you today and that I come home tomorrow to sleep here’

‘I will miss you’

‘I know, but you still know we need to be really careful Lou’

I whisper that my mom can’t hear me.

‘Yeah I know love, we can’t come out.. Not yet, and I’m really sorry for that’

‘it isn’t your fold but mine, I felt in love with that pair of beautiful ocean blue eyes and your perfect butt’


There were a couple seconds of silence on the phone


‘I really love you, Harry’

‘I love you too’

‘I’ll come and pick you up, I’m almost at my car’

‘okay, what did you need to do?’

‘nothing special, just buying some stuff’

‘okay then, meet you in a few’

‘Sure, bye’

And then he ended the phone call

I walk to the living room and my mom was sitting on the bench and I leaned against the wall

‘Who was it?’

She asks me with a smile

‘Just Drake’

‘ohhw just Drake’

‘yeah to say that he was picking me up in a few’

‘owh fun, can I meet him?’

‘uh uhhh n-no, he is really shy. And he had a rough day’

‘oh okay other time then.’

‘yeah probably’

A while after that I hear the honk of Louis his car

‘Okay mom, that’s my cue. I’ll be back tomorrow, I don’t know evening or just in the day I will text you’

‘sure darling see u tomorrow then have a nice sleep’

she says while kissing me on the cheek

‘Byeee’ I yell before I get outside

Finely back with Louis peace now, I just want to hire a movie and just make it an amazing night


Nobody’s POV

(Again try the old lady voice in your head it’s really cool)

Well, well that was a day wasn’t it?

Harry and his mom back to what it was.

Louis and Harry that love each other very much, they are so cute. And that phone call? That was like the sweetest thing ever, but what nobody know was that Anne was listening to it from the hall and she heard Harry say ; ‘I know, but you still know we need to be really careful Lou’ and yeah we all know that she doesn’t know what they are talking about.

I really think that this is the start of a horrible time…


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