Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


19. Chapter 19.


Liam’s POV

A couple days after they left the hospital.


Me and Niall are watching Finding Nemo for like the 25871540 st time, but I don’t care if he wants to watch it I just watch with him.

His head lays down on my lap and my hands are in his perfect hair.. He likes it so much when I do that..

I kiss his head from time to time just to let him know that I love him and that he can’t get rid of me.

It’s almost chrismas and I truly love that time of the year, with the lights and the chrismas tree and just being as a family together.. It’s amazing!


I look down at Niall and I see that he’s not concentrating on the movie anymore, he’s looking hurt..


‘Babe? Something wrong?’

‘No just pain’

He says while looking at me



‘Owh babe I’m so sorry, do you need a pain killer?’

‘yes please’

‘sure I’ll be right back’

I go to the kitchen for a pain killer and some water, I’m just about to fill a glass with water if I hear a very loud pain yell from the living room

I run to there and I see that Niall is laying down on the ground, yelling from the pain..

I felt so helpless for the second time in my life, this is so hateful..

‘Wait hold on, I’ll call the ambulance babe!’

The only thing he did was nodding his head..

I knew that something bad was going on…

After a while the ambulance was arrived and we drove to the hospital, there we go again..

A night that had to be perfect ruined again..


After we arrived the hospital, they took Niall away from me..

It was killing me, just like the first time..

I was really glad when I saw Jay there, she talked to me and I was relieved on one side..

When the doctors came out of the cabin where they took Niall, I jump from my chair and I walk towards them..

‘Hey doctor, how’s Niall?’

‘Are you family?’

‘I’m his boyfriend’

‘Owh well in that case, Niall his kidney has being going backwards really fast it didn’t heal it was just going backwards’

‘Oh okay and well what now?’

‘well I’m sorry to say this misterrr?...’


‘Payne, your boyfriend needs a kidney transplantation we need to find a donor as soon as possible’

‘No , you got to be kidding me right?’

‘I’m so sorry mister Payne’

‘Well thanks for the information Doctor’

‘You’re welcome kid’


And then he just left ,he left..

He left me standing there useless, not knowing what to do.. Like I even had something to do…

Yeah! I need to be with Niall, I’m the one that is going to tell him that he needs a donor soon..


I walk in the room Niall is staying..



I hear and I walk further..

‘I’m so glad to see you, Ni’

‘I love you, Liam’

‘I love you too, Babe’

And we hug for a couple minutes..


‘Ni, I haven’t got that great news for you’

‘C’mon tell me’

‘I’m so sorry, but your kidney isn’t good enough anymore, you need a donor really soon babe’

‘I saw this coming, Li’

He says while a couple tears stream down his face..

‘it will be alright baby, don’t cry’

‘I know, it’s just the emotions and all’

‘I understand baby’

‘Thanks, darling’


After a while when Niall was asleep I went out for a walk in the park, just to take a breath.. It’s already dark outside and the streetlights are flickering, I hate it

After a few I reached the park and I sat down on a bench..

A single tears rolled down my cheek..

I feel so empty, like you can’t do something..

I love Niall, I need Niall, I want Niall healthy…

I want Niall save and that’s all that matters.


When I look up I see a couple walking hand in hand in the park, I smile because I think of Niall and me walking hand in hand the park..

They come closer to me, and they sit down…

I think I know those people..

I even would try to think..

No that can’t..

Yes it can..

Is he still here?

I thought he was gone?..

It’s Zayn..

And a girl, and to be honest they look cute together…


Zayn’s POV

Omg, I really think that is Liam…

Liam is looking at us, but he looks so down..

‘Demi, that’s Liam isn’t it?’

‘Yeah Zayn, that’s him’

‘He looks down’

‘yeah, you’re right! You need to talk to him..’

‘Demi! No! not right now, I don’t want to!!’

‘okay well at least sent him a message tomorrow to say that you want to meet him, so you guys can talk..’

‘okay, I’ll do that..’

‘C’mon are we going home?’

‘Yeah sure, it’s getting cold’



No one’s POV

(Imagine an old lady voice saying this)

It was night and you could believe the snow was  coming up, people believed that it was going to snow this night..

Zayn was home together with Demi, they are really good friends.. Maybe something more but they just can’t see it..

Niall is sleeping in his hospital bed instead of his own together with Liam..

To begin about Liam, he’s worried sick. He’s sitting next to Niall now and he can’t get sleep.. He wants to know how his baby is doing, how they are going to find a donor so quick..


All those hard questions…


Maybe we will say something about Louis and Harry too…

Well they, they feel very happy on this moment when they share a bed if you know what I mean…


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