Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


16. Chapter 16.


It’s Sunday

Louis’s POV

I woke up this night a couple times of Harry’s phone ringing..

 I would wake him up but I know it’s his mom and I also know that he doesn’t wanna talk to her right now..

It’s really weird, his mom a lesbian? I just can’t believe it.. But I love Harry and I wanna keep him save, and if he wanna sleep here he can..

I look at him and I smile..

I kiss his bare skin, and lay my arm around his body..

I love him. I know it’s legal forbidden to be together with a student..

But I just can’t resist him, he’s my Harry and I’ll be his Louis.

 I know people think or will think we will break up soon, but that’s not what I want.

I wanna keep him for sure.. I just hope he feels the same..

I can’t know his feelings, I hope he keeps loving me like I love him..

Later with my mom and my sisters, I will tell them all the same that I love Harry and that I wanna keep him forever..

I hope they will understand because, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend Ethan 5 months ago.

 In the beginning of our relationship I told my family the same; we were gonna stay together.

But what they don’t know is that Ethan slapped me almost every day but I know that this is different with Harry. Harry would never hurt me..


I can’t say that Harry is my student and I’m not going to.

Later I can tell all those things but right now, they can’t know..

Harry will graduate soon and then are we free..

It’s almost Chrismas, I’m gonna do something special..

I take my phone and look at it’s almost then in the morning..

And then on that moment I have an amazing idea!

I take the camera of my phone and I take a picture of me kissing Harry’s chest..

I smile and then I take a couple of Harry alone..

This is gonna be an huge Chrismas gift!

Then I put my phone away..

I start kissing his chest till his bellybutton.

And he slowly wakes up..

‘L-Louu’ he moans..

‘Yeah?’ I smirk know that I turn him on kissing his chest..

‘Leave it’

‘I don’t want’

‘please Boo’

‘okay then’

And he sits up..

‘Good morning beautiful!’

I say and he smiles at me..

‘Hyeee, had a nice sleep?’

‘Yeah, but I wanna start my day even better! And you can help me with it’

‘Yeah? How?’

‘Kiss me’

I say smiling

He leans in and we kiss each other..

I smile through the kiss and we both pull back..

I lay my head down on his chest..

‘Haz, you know I love you right?’

‘yeah, ofcourse I know that, and I love you too’

I place one last kiss on his chest and I get up


‘c’mon curly!’

‘I’m coming!’

He yells and we both walk to the bathroom

After a while we both come out of it and get downstairs. We quickly grab an apple and go to the car..


We stop at Starbucks and I buy him a coffee for on  the way..

And there we go, to my mom and my family..

‘Aren’t you exited?’

I ask him..

‘Kinda, I don’t know if they are gonna like me’

‘Omg, Harry! Ofcourse they are gonna like you! Did you ever looked at yourself?’

I smile knowing this was such a weird question..


He said blushing

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t wanted to make you unconvertible’

‘It’s nothing’

‘But now I know it!’

‘What do you know?’

‘That you looked/touched yourself’

I say with a smile

He had gone as red as a tomato..

‘I’m sorry, Haz. Everyone did it, I think’

‘Yeah? You too?’


‘Okay, I still love you’

‘I would hope so’

And we both laughed..


When we arrived

Harry’s POV

I am scared, really. Are they gonna like me?

Or are they gonna hate me?

We get out of the car and we walk up the access.

‘Lou wait’

 I say and he turns around..

‘What’s the matter?’

‘I can’t do this Lou, can’t we just go home again? I really can’t do this, they aren’t gonna like me and then I don’t want you to break up with me for them. I would just go’

I say with tears in my eyes

‘What, Harry calm down! First of all they are gonna like you trust me! And I would never break up with you if they don’t like you! I love you and you love me, that’s what you told me this morning didn’t you? I would never leave you! And I hope you won’t either. So please don’t cry, and just be happy together with me, because I love you so fucking much!’

He says and tears streaming down my face, he wipes them away with his thumb and he takes my head in his hands and start kissing me really rough.. My hands go to his hair and we stand there for  a while..

‘I love you too, Lou’ I say when we pull away

‘c’mon, take my hand’

He says and I take it..

We walk hand in hand to the front door..

And he rings the bell, his mom together with one of his sisters came to open the door..

‘Hey guys, come in!’

Jay says

‘I love you babe’

Louis whispers in my ear and we walk inside..


We need to walk straight on and I just follow Louis.

We come out in the kitchen..

3 girls came running to Louis and hugging him..

I smile at them.

When they all pull away

One of the smallest girls ask

‘BooBear, who is that?’

Pointing at Harry

On the exact same moment a man walks into the kitchen, probably Louis’ stepdad..


‘Well guys, now that you all are here. This is Harry and Harry is my boyfriend’

He says talking my hand in his..

He looks at me and we both smile at each other and he pinches my hand.

‘I knew it!!!’

Jay yells and she comes over to me and hugs me really tight.

‘Congrats guys’

She says while she pulls away and hugs Louis..

I smile because his mom likes me already..

The man goes over to Louis and gives him a hand.

‘Congratulations guys’

‘Thanks Mark’

Louis says

So his name is Mark, then he comes over to me and also gives me a hand.


He says and smiles at me

‘Thank you sir’

‘please say Mark’



Another little girl pats Louis arm and he looks down and he smiles at her, that girl from the door and this one are probably the twins, because they look like each other..

Louis goes down to hear what his sister has to say and she tries to whisper but fails

‘He is soooo handsome, Lou’

He smiles at her

‘I know Phoebs’

And she giggles at him

‘Congrats big bro, welcome in the family Harry’

‘Thanks Lottie!’

Louis says

‘Thank you’

I say


After a while when we were alone with Jay in the kitchen Louis looks at me

‘Told you Haz, there was nothing to worry about’

He says and kisses my hand

‘yeah, I know Boo’

‘hahha, I call him Boo. How do you know that nickname?’

Jay says

‘Because you needed to call me Boo at the hospital and now Harry calls me also Boo’

Louis says

‘That’s nice, but for what where you afraid Harry?’

‘I thought that you wouldn’t like me’

‘I liked you from that start! But we all like you! Just Fizzy and Georgia aren’t here today but you will meet them soon’

‘yeah sure’

And I look over to Louis and he smiles at me

And he does the sigh that I need to come with him..

And I walk with him..


With Niam

Liam’s POV

Niall could wake up any moment now but he still hasn’t woken up..

I miss his loveable Irish accent and that amazing smile..

Those laughs, those perfect eyes. I just miss all of it..

I was used to see it every day and now I miss it with my whole life.

I would die to see those eyes shine again, and that perfect lips move again.

I miss him just so much..

I take his hand in mine.

‘Love, baby, darling. I miss you for almost 3 days now and I know all of this is my fold, It’s my fold you lay here like this, I’m so sorry for hurting you. I never ever wanted that to happen, I had a whole house of amazing things for you. Because I wanted to make that day special for you and me. But it all turned out different, in things I never wanted but I know it’s my fold. And again I’m so sorry. if I could I would take your pain over on this exact moment. I want you to know that I love you and that I never want anything of this to happen! Please wake up, I would apologize again and again.. I want to see your pretty smile again, and I want to see your ocean blue eyes shine again. Baby just wake up already  because I’m dying to see you live again’

I say to him tears streaming down my face.. 

I see his eye start to move and  I see his eyes going open..


I say


‘Oh my God, Niall your finely awake!!’

‘Li, it’s not your fold I lay here like this! It isn’t your fold! You hear me? I missed you Liam, and I love you more than anything. Please give me a kiss’

I lean in and give him a gentle kiss.

‘I missed that so much’

I say and he smiles weakly

‘me too’

‘I’m gonna get a doctor, I’ll be right back’

‘yeah sure, Li’

I walk down the hall to the reception.

He woke up and he heard everything what I said, is this like faith or something ??

I don’t know but I know I love him more than anything! 






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