Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


15. Chapter 15.


Louis’s POV

My alarm from my phone was ringing through the whole room and Harry who was still on me was yelling at it..

‘Stop that God damn thing!’

And I smiled at him when I reached out at my phone to turn it off.. Just on the moment I wanted to jump out of my bed I look at my phone and I remember that it’s not a freaking school day but Saturday!

‘Haz, you can keep sleeping. We were wrong it’s not a schoolday, it’s weekend’

‘sure, Lou’

And with that we both get back to sleep, because it was just 7 am..

I kiss the top of his head and I fall asleep short after that..


The first time after that I woke up again, was something like 9: 30 am..

And I got up slowly, not wanting to wake Harry up..

And I walk to the bathroom putting some sweatpants on..

I was gonna cook some eggs and bacon, because everybody loves them. Especially my little sisters..

I first bake my bacon and when that’s abit crunchy I put my eggs over it and let it cook, just when I have my eggs in my pan, I feel something behind me..

And I feel little kisses over my shoulders..

‘Good morning Harry’

I say smiling but not looking at him..

He didn’t stop kissing my shoulders and then he stops

‘Morning Boo, I love waking up in your room from this smell’

He says and I smile and I turn around

‘You think you would like it? Here you can try’

I say and give him a plate, and he walks to the table and sits down on a stool.

He starts to eat and I watch him.. 

He turns around at me and he smiles


‘It’s awesome BooBear!’

‘Thanks, everyone likes them! Phoebe and Daisy the most’

‘Those are the twins right?’


 I turn around again and I make some for myself too


‘yeah, you can meet them tomorrow if you want? The whole family will be there’

‘Is that an invitation to meet your family?’

‘Only if you want?’

‘Ofcourse, as what are you gonna introduce me at your family?’

He asks

And I smile

‘What do you want?’

‘You know exactly what I want’

‘I would say: “Well meet Harry Styles, my boyfriend?”’

‘So that means that I’m your boyfriend?’

‘only if you want Haz’

‘but ofcourse Mister Tomlinson’

‘Please Harry don’t! I’m Louis! Not mister Tomlinson, well not here’

‘Yeah, I just hope they don’t find out that I’m your student’

‘They don’t know you so, I hope they won’t find out too. But they aren’t that smart’

I smile at him


 And he comes over to me

‘I’m glad I’m your boyfriend, Lou’

‘me too, Haz’

We smile at each other and before we know it we are kissing..

I pull away after a while

‘You are going home first? And then I will pick you up tomorrow morning?’

‘Sure, love’


That Afternoon

Harry’s POV

After laying in each other’s arms awhile we both got ready and went to Starbucks.. I sent a text to my mom this morning to say that we were wrong and that it’s Saturday today and not school, and she said back that she knew it too..


Well now were in the car and we are almost home.. I’m texting Liam to ask about the state from Niall and he said the doctors said he could wake up any moment now


I sent back to him,

To Li J : Okay, I understand. Can you call me or text me when something happens and when he wakes up? Then I can come to the hospital.. xxx Haz


I push sent and I look at Louis who is looking at the way

‘Niall could wake up any moment now’

I say and he looks at me for a second

‘That’s great news, we are almost at your home babe’

‘Okay’ I say and smile at him


When we arrive at my house, I see that my mom her car is standing in front of the door..

‘So you will pick me up tomorrow?’

‘Yeah, we need to be with my mom at 2 pm. And we need to drive about an hour an hour and a half. So about 11 am?’

‘sure, I’ll be ready.’

‘Okay, but we’ll text each other’


We both share a kiss and then I walk to my door..

Just on the moment I come inside I get a text from Liam and I forget to yell that I’m home..

While I’m reading the text I walk through the hall


From Li Jsure thing Harry, see u then! Xxx Li

I sent some “xxx” back and then I walk to the living room.

I push sent and I look up from my phone.

From the shock what I see, I drop my phone and I just can’t say anything..

I stand there with an open mouth and I take my phone and without to say anything I walk outside again, I hear my mom yelling my name but I don’t wanna be here anymore.

When I get outside, I immediately call Louis

The phone goes over



‘Lou, please come back. I just saw something terrible and I don’t wanna be here anymore! Please just come back and then I will explain everything’

‘Okay Haz, calm down. I’m on my way, don’t worry..’

‘I’ll meet you in a few I will walk a while and just drive till you see me’

‘Okay haz, see you’

‘yeah, bye’

And with that I start walking, and I keep thinking in my head

No this can’t be real, this can’t be real! This didn’t happened, I would never happen and this is just all a very bad dream but I know this isn’t and this all freaking happened and I just can’t.. This isn’t what I expected when I walked inside my home!

Please God let it not be real, and I hear a car behind me and I look at it it’s Louis and I step inside


He looks at me and I just try to hold back my tears

I can’t I’m so ashamed..

‘Babe, tell me what’s wrong? Did your mom hit you are something?’

‘Lou, I really hope this all didn’t happen but it was..’

‘What did you see?’

‘My mom and her…’


‘That creepy neighbor I told you about’

‘yeah, and what were they doing?’

‘I can’t even say it properly’

‘C’mon, just say it babe’

‘My mom was sitting on that woman and they are fucking snogging each other’

‘Omfg! You got to be kidding me! So your mom was kissing, with your neighbour and it.. Just Omg! Harry, your mom is like lesbian or what?’

‘like I fucking know Lou! And I don’t even wanna know truly! I just  don’t know what to think on this moment.. I don’t even wanna know what  I think.. Why does this have to happen to me all the time?’

‘babe, calm down it will be alright trust me’

‘yeah, I hope so.. Lou can I sleep with you? I don’t wanna sleep at home tonight’

‘yeah ofcourse’

‘Thanks love’

‘No problem, Haz’

‘I love you’


‘I love you too’

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