Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


14. Chapter 14.


Jay’s POV

Today was a really busy day and now I can go almost in pause. It’s 17:43 p.m. and at 18:30 p.m. I can go then I have to work till, 20:00 p.m..

I was writing my times in my book when I hear an ambulance ride inside..


The people from the ambulance run in together with the doctors, I run to one of the persons..

‘tell me what happened?’

‘two young guys drove into a tree.. They are both fainted, one guy is really hard hurt’

‘Okay thanks for briefing’

I say and walk with the doctors to the emergency room..


After that we had done the best we could, we leaved them both in one room..

One guy, awake the other still “sleeping”.

I left them alone abit and awhile later I came back because I needed their names and all of that stuff..

The one that was awake was the brown hair  one, an sweet guy.. When I walked in he was sitting on the other his bed holding his hand crying silently..


‘Excuse me’ I say quiet

And he looks up to me, and wipes away some tears..

‘I know this isn’t the moment, but we need to fill in the papers’

I say gentle

‘I understand, what do you need to know?’

He asks while sobbing.

‘Well the normal stuff, you’re names and the days you were born and all that stuff’

 ‘well I’m Liam James Payne and my birthday is 28 August 1993. And this boy here is Niall James Horan and his birthday is 13 September 1993’

‘Okay, thank you and I just need to ask. Are you gonna call your parents and Niall his parents?’

‘Yeah, sure. I will do that. But Miss? Can I ask something?’

‘Yeah sure, love’

‘Well, what is wrong with Niall that he hasn’t woken up yet? And what have I correctly?’

‘Well Liam’ I start while sitting down on a chair standing there

‘You have a broken arm like you can see, because your arm got stuck to the door and you ofcourse, you maybe have some headache now and then. But the best thing to do is rest and take some Paracetamol when you have those’

‘Yeah, ofcourse and Niall?’

‘Well yeah the reason why he hasn’t woken up yet is probably because we gave him a lot of painkillers. He has some broken ribs and there was something wrong with his kidneys. But when he is awake the doctor can come to tell you more about it. But Liam, there is nothing really bad. So everything will be alright trust me.. Is Niall your brother are something?’

‘Okay, thanks. No, he’s not my brother’

He smiled

‘No? What then if I can know?’

‘Niall, is my boyfriend. Today was our 11 months anniversary. And we went to the beach’

He says while tears streaming down his face..

‘I see, I’m sorry Liam. But everything will be alright. I have just one question’


‘to which school are you guys going?’

‘Wolver Hampton middelschool’

‘thank you very much, and I hope everything goes right for you two. When you need me you can go to the reception and ask for Jay’

‘Thank you Miss’

‘no Liam, Jay’

‘well thank you Jay’

He says while looking over to Niall..

I see Liam is in love with this boy..


I walk out of that room and I need to hold back my tears..

‘Well Elisabeth, gonna take my break finely. A half hour after my normal time but I will make it shorter’

‘Sure, Jay’

I smile at her.

And I walk outside.

I take my phone and I call Louis’ number.

The phone goes over



‘Louis Tomlinson here’

‘hey, baby’

‘ow, hey mom. Everything’s fine?’

‘Well yes and no’

‘how come?’

‘Well yeah a young couple came in about 2 hours ago and one of them is really hurt. Baby at what school do you work?’

‘Wolver Hampton middelschool, why?’

‘Gosh, you maybe know them!’

‘What are their names?’

‘Liam Payne and Niall Horan!’

A painful silence came..

‘Boo? Are you there?’

‘Omg, mom! I’ll call you back no! I’ll see you there! Just see u later!!’

And then he ends the phone call

Okay weird, he will come over so that means that he knows them..

I’m kinda worried at how he reacted…


Louis’s POV

Liam and Niall are in the hospital!

The only thing I can think of is call Harry, but he’s eating with his mom.. And though I’m gonna call him..


I deal Harry’s  his number and the phone goes over


‘Hello, Harry speaking’

‘Harry, It’s Louis.’


‘I need to tell you something!’

‘Yeah well quick cuz I’m eating’

‘Niall and Liam are in the hospital!’


‘I don’t know what exactly happened but I know I’m going to the hospital! Do I need to pick you up?’

‘I will run home and pick me up there! I’ll leave now! See u then!’

‘Sure! Bye’


I lay down the phone and take my pullover and run to my car..

In the hope Harry would be already home..

I’ll drive as fast as I can,but still respecting all the traffic rules

And I finely arrive at Harry’s home..

And he gets in the car

‘Hye Lou’

‘Heey Haz’

‘Can you drive as fast as you can to the hospital?’

‘Yeah sure’

‘I hope everything is alright with them’

‘Hye babe, it’s gonna be alright’

I say and lay my hand on his leg..

He smiles at me

‘I really hope so Lou!’

‘Yeah! What did your mom said?’

‘She was worried about me leaving so directly. But I’ll call her later, to say that Drake picked me up because Niall and Liam were in the hospital. I yelled that whole restaurant with each other when I heard it’

‘Yeah, you can do that babe. Drake is a sexy name’

I say and smile..

‘Ofcourse that’s why I picked it’

And we both laugh..

When we are in the hospital I looked for my mom and found her behind the reception. I know she works till 20:00 pm.

‘Hey mom, can we get to see Liam and Niall and can you tell us what happed?’

‘Well, only Liam is awake and they drove into a tree.. Niall hasn’t woken up.. He is also the most hurt one, he has broken ribs and something wrong with one of his kidney’s.. You can see them’

‘Okay thanks mom’

‘Are you gonna tell me later who this handsome lad is?’

She asks me and Harry blushed

‘Sure mom’

She smiles

‘it’s room 458’


Me and Harry say together and we walk through the hall

‘Your mom is nice’

Harry says to me

‘yeah she’s like me’

He smiles at me and we arrive at the door

Harry knocks on the door and we hear Liam saying ‘Come in!’

We walk inside and we saw Liam and Niall, but exactly only Liam awake..

‘Um Hey Harry, Mister Tomlinson’

‘you can call me Louis when we’re not in school Liam’

I say and smile at him..

‘Okay, what are you guys doing here? How do you know that we’re in the hospital’

‘My mom is nurse here, maybe you know her Jay Tomlinson’

‘Yeah, she’s really nice’

‘Yeah, she called me to ask if I knew you guys and well now I’m here’

‘Okay, thanks for coming though’

‘yeah and we just met each other on the street and I asked of Harry could come with me’

‘Oh yeah, I understand’

‘I hope everything goes right’

 I say

‘that’s the exact same thing your mom said’

‘Yeah, we have that a lot. Did you called your mom and Niall’s mom?’

‘Yeah, they are hiding over here’

‘Okay sure’

‘your mom probably told you guys what has happed?’

‘yeah, car against a tree. How did that come?’

Harry asks


‘Niall asked me if I knew that he loved me and I turned to him to say that I know and that I love him a lot and I was just of the way and I could do nothing anymore. Everything went black infront of my eyes.. And now we are here and this is all my fold that Niall lays here’

Liam says while tears streaming down his face

‘You know that’s not true Liam!’

Me and Harry yell

‘I don’t know guys’

  ‘it will be alright trust me’

I said


After a while

Niall and Liam’s parents came to the hospital and me and Harry said goodbye to Liam and left them alone.

Now we need to say goodbye to my mom and then I can drop Harry at home. Not that I wanna get rid of him!


We go to my mom and she comes to me..

‘Well tell me Boo? Who is this?’

‘Well mom, this is Harry. A really really good friend of me’

He smiles at me and my mom too

‘You sure about that friends word?’

‘yeah pretty sure’

And I can see that Harry is looking down blushing like an idiot..

‘Mom, I’m gonna bring Harry home’

‘sure Boo, see u Sunday? If you want Harry can come with you.. You can ask?’

She says smiling knowing that I’m lying about that friends things..

‘sure mom’ I say smiling

‘Bye Jay!’ Harry says and we leave



‘Yeah, I know it’s much better than BooBear like she used to call me’

‘Omg, BooBear I like it!’

‘no Harry..’

‘Yesss BooBear’

‘owh gosh’

I say while smiling


‘BooBear, can I sleep with you? I don’t wanna go home to hear my mom nagging.. Pleaseee Louu?’

‘Okay then, but you need to text or call your mom’



‘I love you boo’

He says really quiet

‘I love you too, Haz’


We turn to each other and we start kissing, more like snogging but I liked it..

I hope nobody saw it because we were at a freaking parking lot..

After a while we pulled away and hugged each other for a really long time..

‘C’mon boo!! I wanna go home!!’



‘My home not your home’

‘not yet!’


Harry’s POV



While were in the car I  quickly text my  mom


To Mom: Hyee mom, I’m sorry I rend away but Niall and Liam are in  the hospital.. They had a car accident.  I’ll be sleeping at Drake’s.. See you tomorrow!! Love you!! xxx


I pushed sent and I saw we were here..

It was a nice apartment with some furniture but no TV what a shame!

 And then I get a text back


From Mom: Hyee Harry, it’s alright I understand.. And sure but I wanna see you tomorrow so that means that you are coming home after school immediately! But take care babe! And say Hi from me to Drake! I love you more!! Xxx


I smile and yell


‘Lou! I have to say hi to you from mom’

‘To Louis or Drake?’

‘Drake, I’m sorry!’

‘Nothing, you need to choose.. In the sofa or with me in my bed’

I smile..

‘Can I sleep with you?’

‘if you want?’

‘Hell yeah!’

I yell

And he smiles..


We go upstairs and he shows where the bathroom and the toilet is and were his bedroom is and he says that downstairs is the kitchen and his study..


‘This is a big apartment’

‘Yeah, I know’

‘Lou, can we go to sleep? Because I’m kinda tired…’

‘sure, I’ll give you one of my t-shirts where you can sleep in’

‘No need, I sleep in my boxers’

‘Owh okay’

‘Can I borrow something I can wear to school tomorrow?’

‘ofcourse Haz’

I smile at him and I go to the bedroom

‘I’ll be waiting!’ I yell and I hear Louis laughing

When he’s finely there we both lay down at his bed

‘This bed is comfy, I’m gonna sleep more with Drake’

‘I just hope nobody notice something’

‘I hope so too, BooBear’

‘Can I have a peck before we go to sleep?’

He askes and I go over to him and I kiss him.. and again he smiles through the kiss..

Then I pull away and he lays down on his back..

And I lay my head down on his so perfect torso…


‘Sweet dreams Hazza’

‘Sweet dreams, Boobear’
















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