Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


13. Chapter 13.


The end of the day

Harry’s POV

The final bell rings! Me, Niall and Liam walk outside and get to the income hall.. 

I say to them I have to go to Mister Tomlinson class and they both smirk..

‘Hey, shut up! I punched those guys for you two, so I would better stop smiling like that. I’m doing this for you guys!’

‘Yeah, yeah we know Haz and we are very grade full for that!!’ Liam says

They walk outside and I walk to the classroom..

After a while walking to the French class room..

‘heey Louis’

I say when I come in..

‘Harry, you need to watch out! What if Mister Peperman, or Miss Calder was here.. They can’t know that you know my first name and first of all know that u use it!’

‘yeah, yeah.. Alright, are we gonna start?’

‘yeah, yeah. Come on I want a little peck’

He says while smiling at me..

I walk over to him and sit down on his lap,

‘Are you sure, you want this here?’

‘grr, come on just kiss me!’

I lean in and kiss him, he smiles through the kiss…

I like it that way..



After a while we were done with the cleaning, we know that no one is on school anymore..

And we walk outside hand in hand..

We aren’t together, but we are more than just friends! And absolutely more than student and teacher..

But nobody can know it..


We both get in the car and the drive to my house is in silence, with the music channel on the background..

When we arrive at my home I see that my mom is already home, I’m surprised about that because lately she is always working really late..

Me and Louis say goodbye and I give him a  quick kiss on the cheek and I get out of the car.

We wave for the last time and then he drives away.

When I get inside I yell for the whole house

‘Mum, I’m Home!!’

I walk through the living room to the kitchen were my mom was sitting really angry..

I just ignored it because I’m happy.

‘Hey mom, everything alright?’

I say while I walk to the fridge, and grab and apple

‘No, not at all. Harold Edward Styles! Can’t you just listen one time? Did you forgot maybe?’

‘What did I forget?!’

She holds an paper up, and I mumble ‘shit’

‘yeah shit’

She repeats me.

‘You probably forgot it right?’

I nod.

‘I’m sorry mom! It wasn’t my plan to forget it! You can still talk to me now?’

‘Yeah,  I know it Harry but that was not my point! I started earlier today just to be here in time for us to talk and then you aren’t here, well that really pisses me off!!’

‘I’m sorry mom’

‘Where were you? And who the heck brought you here?’

‘I was with a friend and he brought me here’

I don’t like lying to my mom but she can’t know, not yet..

‘And who may that friend be? And how old is he?’

‘his name is Drake and he’s a year older than me’

‘Is he a good friend?’

‘Yeah kinda, he always asks me to play on the Xbox after school and I always give in, because he doesn’t have much friends’

‘Owh okay darling’

‘Why do you wanna know?’

‘Well me and Rose were kinda worried about you’


‘Yeah, that’s our neighbour. She is really kind and I like her, she is one of my best friends over here in Wolver Hampton’


You got to be kidding me right, my mom and that creepy woman are like besties! Wow fun!

‘yeah mom, I get it but she is I don’t know creepy’

‘yeah she always watches the street from her window but she did it when she was younger and now is it just a normal thing for her’

‘Okay then’

‘well I’m heading over to her, in an hour or two I’m coming back.. Then we can eat something, we will go out so please dress well’

‘sure mom, see u later’

‘Yeah, come here’

I walk over to her and she kisses my head and hugs me

‘I know you don’t do anything wrong, I love you’

‘Yeah mom, I love you too’


She yells and I’m already on the stairs

‘See u later!!’

When I hear the door slamming I walk to my room..

I put my Iphone on and I see I have 4 texts and 5 missed calls, 3 of the 4 texts were from mom and 4 of the 5 calls are from her too..  Now I understand why she was mad..

I have one missed call from Zayn and 1 text from Louis..


From Lou<3 : I miss you already.! Xx Lou

I smile and I text back..

To Lou<3 : I missed you too! Just had a kinda fight with my mom, you are my friend Drake that doesn’t exists.. Welcome! Do you have an Xbox? Because that was probably also a lie… I don’t like lying to my mom.. xxx

I push sent and I knew I probably did something wrong…

I lay down on my bed and throw my phone on the other side of the bed. I open my computer and go to Facebook..

I smile because there are many pictures of Niam on it..

 I love them! They are just perfect…

I still don’t know what I am, am I gay?  

Am I bi? I don’t know, I really don’t know..

I wanna know someday and then I can tell the others..  

And ofcourse that awesome feeling when I see Louis, or when he smiles at me and we stare in each other’s eyes.. It’s like heaven on earth I can’t describe it different.

His kisses on me are like smiling to a smallest child, like doing something good for the world..

On the exact same moment I get a Facebook text from Zayn Malik.. Weird, I look at it and it was very long..

But I also get a text from Louis and then I take my phone and I was  again happy and lost, because I could smile the whole world with each other..

I think I freaking love him.. Do I even want to love him?

 I don’t know…



Meanwhile with Niam

Niall’s POV

This day and moment can’t be better! I love this day! And I hope it gets even better, I don’t really think it can but I hope!

Me and Liam are walking hand in hand out of the school and go to his car, he opened the door for me and I step inside with the biggest smile on my face..

He closes the door and steps inside the driver’s seat..

‘Are we going home?’

I ask while smiling at him.

‘You will see, babe’


We both smile and then we start driving, I wonder to where we are going..

We are driving for a really long time now..

I look around and I see sand hills..

I know it!!

‘Are we going to the beach? Really?’

He smiles at me



‘You will see babe, you will see!’


When we finely arrive and  Liam lets me out of the car, I love it when he does that!

We walk hand in hand to the beach side, like the sand the water..

‘What are we doing here?’

‘You will see, just trust me I love you!’

‘I love you too!’

He smiles at me..

We finely make it at the beach..

‘Just a little part and then are we there’

 I nod and he places a kiss on my head and I smile in the crook of his neck..


And then we finely arrive at the part we need to be

‘cover your eyes’

He tells me

I smile at him

‘what? Why?’

‘just do it for me?’

‘Just because I love you alright’


I cover my eyes and he guides me the way

When we walked a little part, he stopped

‘Open up your eyes, Nialler!’

When I open my eyes the most beautiful thing I have seen was here right in front of me..

There were candles, there was food, and rose leaves all over the place, a cute blanket were we could sit, and what catches my eye is a bottle Irish beer.. I wonder from where he has that!

From all the emotion my eyes start to tear, I love him.. And I don’t want all off this but I love it!


He comes over to me and tears streaming down my face, I love it, I love him, I just love the moment..


‘I do it all because I love you!’

 he says to me and hugs me very tight..

After that we were finished eating and talking and just lying in each other’s arms we took a walk into the see, but only with our feet.. We walked hand in hand in the see on our 11 month anniversary!


Than we were hiding home again, don’t wanted to leave all those perfect things behind.

But we took the Irish beer!!


‘Liam, babe, you know I love you right?’

He looks at me and smiles ofcourse he  knows that, but just in case he forgot..  

He takes my hand, and looks me right in the eyes..


‘Niall, ofcourse I know that! And I love yo- -,


Our car came off the road and we drive right into a big massive tree! I see that but before I know everything is going black infront of my eyes…






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