Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


12. Chapter 12.


Next day

Harrys POV

Yesterday was the most weird day in my whole life, those things with Zayn and Liam. And then that evening with Louis, it was amazing again like the whole day yesterday together with Louis. We kissed and just touched each other abit.

Louis just brought me home, and my mom wasn’t home yet..

She came home really late yesterday, something like  23:00 pm. And I was still awake but I was doing like I was sleeping, didn’t wanted to talk to her..


This morning she was already away and she left a note on the table


The note


I need to work earlier today and I wanna talk to you this evening be here!! There are some apple’s in the fridge..

Love Mum xx

Weird that she wants to talk to me, but I’m just going to school  early that me and Louis can talk in the hall…


Liam said he was gonna pick me up, because I wanted some explanation for yesterday because really I don’t get it anymore. But I think that Zayn is the  bad guy here, because Liam would never hurt Niall..


Owh yeah before I forget, Niall and Liam are 11 months together today. I have a little card and a present…

I walk outside and our neighbour is looking really strange at me. If her eyes were cannon balls I would be dead already.. I don’t even know her name, but I know that mom likes her.. Well I don’t!

Liam arrives a little bit later but it’s alright..


Liam’s POV


I was gonna pick Harry up today, when I drive in his street I see him standing already outside. I need to be happy today but I just can’t, all those things with Zayn yesterday they keep on chasing after me.

Niall slept with me today but he wanted to go home first to get some stuff for school he was forgotten yesterday so I stopped at his house at he was walking to school later on..

My parents left this morning to their SPA weekend I gave them, and I’m glad me and Niall have the whole weekend for each other, so that I can leave all that stuff with Zayn behind me..


Harry gets in the car, and I fake a smile..


‘Heyy Haz’

‘Hey, Li! Congrats for your anniversary!!’

‘Thanks, mate’

‘I have a card and a present for you and Niall, you guys get it later on..’

He says it with a cheeky smile..


‘Liam, can you please tell me what was going on yesterday with you and Zayn? I never saw you that angry. And I don’t wanna see you like that again..’

‘We first just talked like normal people, did you know he is in love with me?!’

‘yeah, I knew it.. I saw a paper with your name on and a heart next to it, he said it was nothing but I knew that it was something more’

‘Yeah well, I told him yesterday that I doesn’t feel the same and that me and Niall are happy together, and he got it.. He said I was a great person and before I knew it he was kissing me again! It was the second time of the day!! I tried to push him off but I couldn’t, it felt like I was cheating on Niall and you know I love him!!’


‘yeah I know Liam, and he will understand it  but I think the best way is that you tell him the truth, maybe not today but you need to tell the truth sometime, a relationship can’t be based on lies.. But just enjoy your weekend together’


‘Yeah, I know Harry. Thanks mate.. Niall is already at school he was gonna walk to school from his house, he slept with me but he forgot some things so I drove to his house this morning he was gonna come walking. I’m gonna be glad when I see him.. That perfect blonde hair, those ocean blue eyes and just my perfect guy!’


‘Yeah, alright I know you love him!’


Nialls POV

Today is my anniversary with Liam! I’m so happy! Today, it all feels so right you know me and Liam just together.. I love him so much and I never wanna lose him.. Liam and Harry arrive at school, I run into Liams arms, just amazing!

‘Hey love’

‘Hey darling, you alright?’

‘always when I see your pretty face’

My head was turning into a bright shade of red.. And I hide my face in his neck..

‘C’mon lovebirds I have a present for you’

Harry says and we walk hand in hand to his locker..

He gives us a card and we open it up..

A nice card with hearts is in the envelope, we smile at each other and we get it out.. we open it up and Harry’s nice hand writing is filling the whole card

The card

Dear lovebirds,

Today you are together for 11 months that’s almost a year! You are a year together in the month December. I love you both and you are just made for each other! I want a Niam baby! Make one!! Much love your bestes de bestes friends

Harry Edward Styles! Xxx

P.S.: don’t forget your present ;)


‘omfg harry’ I say to him while smiling..

Me and Liam hug him..

‘ Now your present’

He gives us a nice box and we open it up together

A freaking condom!

‘Wtf! Harold!’

Liam says

A little paper was in there too

I want a niam baby, so don’t use him tonight!!

The bell rings and we need to get to class, we have all les together on Friday! Yes!!

In the pause

We all are standing together in the break and mister Tomlinson is having a checkup.

We are standing in a circle, really akward.

Me, Liam, Harry, Zayn.. just saying nothing

‘Okaaayy guys, what’s wrong?’

‘Nothing to worry about Nialler’ Liam tells me

And Zayn just runs away, weird

‘What’s wrong? With him?’

‘He broke up with Perrie, again nothing to worry about babe’

‘okaayy then’

I see mister Tomlinson looking really weird at Harry, I can’t hold myself and without to say anything to Harry and Liam I walk to him


‘Heey Niall, everything alright?’

‘Yeah, can’t be better’

‘Yeah, you and Liam are together for almost a year today isn’t it’

‘Yeah, that’s right.. Who told you?’

‘Ha- Uh I mean you yesterday remember when you had your head hurt?’

‘Owh yeaah, can I tell you something?’

‘Sure, Niall’

‘Well you and Harry would be a cute couple! See ya!’

I run to Liam again, laughing really hard..

‘What did you said to him?’ harry asks me

I smile, ‘Nothing, just talked a little’

Liam, knows I’m lying and he shakes his head

Harry looks at Louis and Louis looks at Harry they smile at each other..

‘told you’

I whisper in Liams ear, and he nods.

‘give me a kiss’ Liam asks


And I give him a little peck on the lips, I love him and he loves me… This day can’t be better..

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