Why Not? A Larry/Niam Fanfic

Harry his parents are divorsed but he has a really hard time, he moved with his mom to Wolver Hampton.. Soon he gets to know Zayn, Liam and Niall.. But an other person very special in his live is Louis.. His live quickly starts to be a drama story.. We Will see what that we be Bring


10. Chapter 10.


Louis POV

Me and Harry are walking to the principle.

I look at him and you can see he’s  angry, that anger in his eyes.

And those eyes aren’t made for anger, but for love.

‘Harry, calm down before we are going inside you need to calm down.’

I say  to him

He looks at me

‘do you think it’s simple?! To hear some dudes yelling things at my best friend but I’m thinking worse they could have said those things to me too, but then I think I don’t wanted to hit them that’s why I did it now. Did you fucking see how sad and disappointed Niall looked?!’


‘You don’ t need to tell me Harry. I lived it, I came out of the closet much to early people just didn’t understood it that I was gay, the only one who understood me was my grandmom’


‘I’m sorry for that Lou, my mom doesn’t know either I have feelings for guys, but I’m also not planning on telling it lately..

 I’m sorry but I was so angry we were just talking about how they would spent their anniversary and then they give a little kiss and for that stupid thing that guy just starts to yell stupid words at them. I don’t think he is perfect does he? Well he disserved some good punches.’


‘Yeah I understand you Harry. We are gonna walk in calm down and just let me do the talk..’


And he nods at me. I smile a little..

‘Lou, wait’

I turn around at him

His eyes full off love again, how I like them

‘what’s wrong?’

‘Can I have a hug first?’



We hug very deeply and Harry places his head in the crook of my neck what I like but we are still in school and we need to act normal around each other.

We walk inside I look at Harry and he nods.


‘Good afternoon guys, what can I do for you?’


I start talking to the guy

‘Well Harry over here, punched some guys but he had a right compilation about it, he wasn’t doing anything fold..’


‘Yeah, Harry can you explain to mister Tomlinson and me why you punched them’


‘Well, they were yelling bad words at my friends and I got mad because Niall was crying and they really deserved a punch in their face!’


I look at him and again that anger,

‘Harry, calm down’


‘Yeah I see, I see. And what did those boys say to your friends?’


‘Please don’t ask me to repeat them, the words were just terrible for guys who love each other and get hated about it! Something needs to be done about it but everyone just listens to their stupid shit talks and I’m not that kind of guy, I have rights to punch them..’


‘So your best friends are gay I understand?’

‘Yeah Niall and Liam’

‘Yeah, I know them. Cute couple’


‘Please sir, don’t give Harry a week detention or something. He did it for the right of the human being!’

‘Your right Louis. But I’m not gonna let him do nothing..’

‘what do I need to do then?’

‘You mister Tomlinson are the cleanlady, nurse and luchwait for the week aren’t you?’

‘Yes I am’

‘well Harry can help you every night after school to clean all the classrooms. They will be clean now’

‘Okay, thank you sir’

‘Thank you’

Harry spoke quietly..


We walked outside of the office and I looked at him..

‘you don’t say that much in real don’t you? On text you have much more to say’

A smile on his face appears..

‘I can’t be like in the texts in school’

‘yeah, I understand. So you aren’t happy that you have some time with me after school?’

‘yes I do, but I don’t know if I can hold myself.’

‘what do you mean?’

‘I want to kiss you but I know we can’t but then are we alone and I don’t know’


We just pass my classroom and I push him inside and pin him against the wall , I kiss him very roughly and his hands are in my hair..

Some moans are coming out of his mount and I pull away really gentle..


‘You want something like that, but every night? Bad boy!’ I say when I smile at him..  

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