You Lost Me

There are so many different ways of cheating. As for Hailey she was cheated on the most hurtful way possible.
Hailey was in love with Niall. And she thought he felt the same way too. how can the heart be so deceiving. making you see the beautiful and not the ugly. why do people fall in love so easy.
Love is an incredibly powerful word. How can you love someone that broke your heart? Because Hailey wants to find out out why she is still crazy, deeply in love with the man who cheated on her. Will Hailey move on .. or will she follow her heart and take Niall back?


1. Chapter 1

I cant believe he’s doing this to me. What happen for him to do this? I get home to apologize after our fight last night but I find this. Another women’s screams and moans coming from our bedroom. Screaming his name.

The bed frame hitting the wall. Hearing their moans and screams. I stood there frozen. Just listening behind the closed door. What did I do for him to cheat on me?

Without thinking I busted the door open. I hear her scream and wrap herself with the bed sheets. Covering her naked body. I look at her then at the man who I thought that loves me. His blue eyes starring straight at me.

"Who the hell are you?!" Her irritating voice rang. I look back at the girl as she looks at me confused then back at him.

"Get the hell out of my house before I drag you out." I said between clenched teeth. My eyes closed. My hands formed in fists.

"Niall?" i open my eyes to look at her but he wasn’t looking at her. He was looking at me.

Disgust is what I felt when I look at him. I walk to the edge of the bed and started picking up the things that were hers and walked out the room. I can hear her yell at me to stop. But I didn't

I opened the front door and threw all her clothing out. She came running out the bedroom holding on to the bed sheet.

Once both her feet were outside, I slammed the door shut behind her. I didn’t care if paparazzi were going to find her outside. They can find the out the dirty bastard that’s a cheater.

I walked back to the bedroom. Why is he still sitting there? I walked to the closet and started to grab all my clothing. I threw them on the bed and found my luggage.

"what are you doing?" I stop packing as I hear him ask the stupidest question.

"leaving your ass" I walked back to the closet for more of my things.

"where are you going?" I chuckled.

My blood was boiling. I felt like either punching something or throwing something. And that something should be Niall. How much I wanted to punch him in the face or throw him out. But I couldn’t stay here. I need to leave.

"don’t worry about it" as I zipped up the luggage I felt a rough hand on my forearm. I looked back at his face that showed no expression. I pulled my arm away and started walking out the bedroom.

"Hailey!" I wasn’t going to turn back. Part of me wanted to run back to him. Into his arms and just sob but I know I shouldn’t. I hear feet running towards me. I grab my car keys that were on the table and turn to face at the man who tore my heart.

"don’t go" his thick Irish voice. I felt a lump building up in my throat.

I was going to miss his voice. When he smiles that shows off his braces. His blond hair that I would play with as he laid on my lap. His blue eyes that made my heart flutter. His hug that made me feel safe. The way he would sing to me when I would cry. The beautiful memories.

I open the door before looking one more time at him.

"You lost me"


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