A true love is suppose to only come once, correct? So what would be left to do if yours had died?


12. Chapter twelve


What could he possibly mean that he's going to jail? He's barely gone out of the house since he's woken Im sure, I must admit that I have read a bit about the side effects to injuring the temporal lobe as he has, just out of curiosity. I remember reading that it is possible for the person to act out in abnormal ways that wouldn't be publicly acceptable, this could mean he has stolen, but I don't believe that would ever result in jail. Maybe he just is having a feeling that he's being followed or something, he does keep looking around us when I pull him forward to keep running to my house which is only down the block now. Although I've convinced myself he is actually fine, I cant help but feel terrible for the lost, childlike boy. His forehead is wrinkled in nothing but worry and he's crying.

We step into my door and I shut it and lock it behind us. "Where is Ethan and Talia" I ask to the broken down boy. He is pulling at his hair and his face is now splotchy with read and salt water tears.

He seems to squeeze his mouth and eyes shut as hard as possible then lets go expecting his tears to vanish, Of course they do not and it obviously upsets him furthur. "They are getting my mum" He paces across my floor yanking at his hair. If he doesn't stop I'm almost afraid he will actually pull it from his scalp. This must actually be serious if he's bringing his mom into it, I feel out of place in everything. Here I am drug into some grown child's issues that I am still wishing are in fact, all in his head. I want to hold him in my arms and comfort him as he cries, he doesn't look feminine breaking down and bawling over nothing, he looks scared, confused, and kind of alone.

I move across my brand new carpet and look up only slightly at him. His chin is to his chest and his mouth is pulled into a tight frown. Both of his muscular arms lay against each side of his face and his knuckles are a bright white in his hair.

"You shouldn't do that you will give yourself a headache" I put my hands over his, they are soft in most places except for a few bulged areas that are scars. Surprisingly he lets go of his hair and his hands follow mine down to my chest above my breasts. I wrap both of them between mine as if I were trying to warm them. His head lifts only slightly barely allowing him to look at me. "Everything is going to be okay" I whisper my words to him just above his now slightly controlled cries and step closer. He drops his forehead onto mine so I am able to feel all of his heat. This is the first time I register that he is human, a breathing, thinking, and feeling person. I can only imagine how mixed up he is. Im not sure how many people he knows but I do know that Im one of them. Im one that he has chosen to hang out with only twice really, but thats all it took for me to see the insecurity and magic that this boy holds. I say magic because I'm not one who believes in love or miracles. However it is a miracle he survived from his horrific accident and made it out pretty well off. Minus the traumatic brain injury of course.

I am startled be a knock at my door, its probably his mother and friends. "Sit down, dont worry." I guide him to the couch then open my door allowing the three of them to come in, they are followed by a man who Is built broad and tall, his nose is the same as Harrys and so is the shade of his eyes. His face is etched in thought until he looks at me and nods once forcing a tiny smile which I return.

His mom immediately finds her son and wraps her very small arms around him, her cheek presses against his forehead and she looks the same as him, the tips of their noses are pink to match their cheeks and swollen eyes. They both have dimples and their mouths are sort of similar. "You will be okay, they wont take you" She whispers.

"When will they be coming?" A husky voice booms from behind me, the man is looking through my blinds protectivly. I hadn't even noticed that Ive moved beside Talia and Ethan. I don't mean to ruin the moment or anything but to know whats going on would be nice. Like for instance, who's coming to my house? When I brought Harry in here to calm him down I didn't realise I was also volunteering myself for all of his closest family and friends to come hang out at. Im just really confused on why Harry would be going to jail.

"Im really sorry" Says Harrys father to me out of nowhere. "Did Harry tell you anything?" Now that Ive taken more time to look at him, he does resemble my friend quite well.

"He told me hes, um, going to jail" I squeak. My intentions were to sound normal.. not like Ive just sucked in ten balloons of helium.

"He isn't going to jail!" His mother snaps. It sort of sounded like she was yelling at me but when I look at her face her forehead is wrinkled and her eyes are pleading for this to be true.

Ethan reaches his arm behind his beautiful girlfriend and places it nicely on my shoulder. "The police are coming to your home soon, they didn't attend a court date because Harry refused to talk to anyone, let alone a judge." He tells me cooly.

"Why is he needed for court?" I am curious, very curious in what he could have done, has he had time to do anything too damaging?

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here! Im here and I can talk for myself! Im not a fucking child so don't play as I am!" Harrys loud roar bursts the short silence catching me off guard to say the least. Im scared of the deep scowl on his face, he is looking past me and at Ethan but I can still feel the sting of his words. "They think I am responsible for killing Jenny" He hisses towards me. "I was the driver and she died. Its my fault, Im a murderer!" I flinch at his words as he snarls angrily. He changed from sobbing to flaming rather quickly and to be honest with you, I was not prepared for that coming.

Ive never thought about the possibility that her death could actually be blamed on him, I mean it would make plenty of sense if he were drunk or not doing what he was suppose to be doing, but Ive read the paper on it and have asked around. Thats not the story therefor it shouldn't be blamed on him. He too could have died if it weren't for the luck that Im determined he has in any case.

"Harry stop acting like a fucking brat okay! We are all in this mess together so stop acting like no one is here to help you! Im tired of you moping in your self pity son! I know it sucks! Im sorry it happened to you, believe me I would change things if I could but I cant! Theres no need to yell at her when shes the only one who has nothing to do with this!" Im taken back by all of this shouting, I am scared someone is going to break out into a fight or something, The cops are coming. This is not the time to be arguing.

Just as I was thinking, Theres a loud solid knock on the door. My blood turns cold and I'm sure that my face pales by three shades, Im unsure where I should go so I quick, sit myself on the other side of my friend Harry. He looks shocked that I chose this seat since he had just yelled at me. His elbows are raised off of his knees and he rolls his shoulders back to sit up straight. His tears have stopped but his mouth is still moulded into a firm frown. Hesitantly I put my hand on his arm and rub my thumb over it lightly to let him know I'm here. His father opens the door to reveal only two cops but its obvious more are in the streets. Everyone seems to sink back into their seats, except for his dad who is bravely holding the door open.

"Where is Harry styles." One asks in a thick monotone british accent. He stiffens under my touch and I can almost feel him shake. I want to tell him that everything will be okay and that he has nothing to worry about but Im really not sure.

"Look cant we work this out? My son doesn't know what the hell is going on for Gods sake, He is brain damaged!" I cringe at his words, Harry being that way doesn't effect the type of person he is to make me like him, the way he sits in thought but never speaks the things he thinks excites me with more to discover about him. He's like a mystery book, Im at the very beginning and I wont dare to put the book down until im at the end.

The two police laugh hysterically at the old mans offer which only infuriates him, His skin ignites red and I watch his fists clinch before he punches one of them in the jaw. I gasp a little and Harry looks at me as if he's worried that I'm scared. His arm coils around me and he rubs my back lightly. Our roles have almost switched completely now. I think he is trying to comfort me, not much will work though I believe. Considering I have police swarmed around my home all waiting to take the person Ive just accepted as a good friend into my life.

An officer from outside says something into a walkie-talkie but Im not sure what he mumbles.

"What do you think will happen?" Harry asks me almost too innocently. I don't think theres a way out of him going to jail, I don't really know how long he will be there either. I imagine it couldn't be too long, I still don't think he should be blamed for Jenny.

Multiple cops push past Harrys father and the once quiet and waiting air is filled with yells. Harrys arm is ripped from behind me and he is pulled off of the sofa. His mom screams loud telling them to stop. Im shocked, tears swell in my eyes but I'm unable to speak. Im not sure who is the loudest, Ethan, Harrys mother, or Harry himself. Talia is in the same state I am, just starring at the dramatic scene. When I look to find his dad he is no longer in my crowded living room. The police take Harrys wrists behind his back so he is unable to move and they shackle them together. He is yelling and yanking away but theres no way he will be able to escape, we all know it by now. They attempt to push him from my home but that plan fails quickly. A large cop picks Harry up, making him seem small and helpless. Once he is taken out o the home completely an officer with hazel eyes moves in front of me and smiles awkwardly.

"Im going to need your name" He states. Why would he need me? I guess because Im now considered a witness. He opens his eyes wide giving me an 'I dont have all day' look.

"Im Lauren greystone" I answer softly to hide the amount of shock still swimming through my veins. He nods and writes it down on a note pad along with my date of birth that I also had to give to him.

"Have a nice day" He smiles then walks away. Oh yes, let me just have an amazing day after you force your way into my home and take my friend. I roll my eyes when his back is turned and stay seated on my couch.

Everyone leaves at once pushing Harrys rebelling body into a small thick glassed car. I look over at the middle aged woman sitting one cushion over on the couch, she is sobbing into her hands and looks the same as Harry did before she had come. Ethan is pacing the floor while talia is looking up at him, tear water clear in her eyes.

Once all the cars are ready to leave I hear Harrys dad swearing left and right behind the cars, throwing out every insult in the book. I know how upset he must be. I havent known Harry long enough to truly cry or be down about it. Im worried, dont get me wrong. I just cant find the emotion to cry.

"When will he be back" I whisper, my hands have suddenly become much more interesting than ever before. I study my newly painted nails and the creases that make my finger print different from everyone elses.

"The court date is on wednesday" She cries. Its monday now, I understand shes scared for her son, but it wont be hard to pull this off and have harry free. It happens all the time in books. Okay I know that the books I read are fiction and kind of crazy but I am actually convinced this will work.

"He doesn't have to be found as guilty" I suggest. Everyone looks at me like I'm stupid because they obviously see no way out. "It might not be his fault" I shrug my shoulders. I can practically see Ethan roll his eyes then regain his stare at Talia.

"Oh I hope so" the woman has now calmed down slightly, you can tell shes been crying but its still much better than before. I smile because im not sure what else to say. "Im Anne, Harrys mum. Who are you?" She slides closer to me as a friendly gesture.

"Im Lauren, A friend of Harrys, Ive only met him after the-" She nods to stop me from finishing im sure.

A marimba ringtone breaks our conversation and she reaches into her purse. "Oh its Harry!!" Her smile is big. "Hello?" She speaks sort of cheery. A deep muffled voice sounds on the other end and she nods. "Okay" The cheer is gone. "Okay baby" her hand connects with her mouth and she blinks rapidly. "I love you, bye" She smiles to hide the frown she wants to make so bad. "Hes there, That was his one call. Now we wait." She sighs and chews her lip.

"Anne lets go" Calls her husband I've yet to meet. Im not sure I want to, He's very intimidating and to the point.

Ethan and Talia stand up together. "We should leave too." He speaks sternly. Why is he being so cold now? I nod and swallow thickly. Once the door is shut I'm left to replay the hideous mess that had just came through my front door.

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