A true love is suppose to only come once, correct? So what would be left to do if yours had died?


3. Chapter three

chapter 3:

"Hey bud" Ethans voice beems from my door. He has short black hair and dark brown eyes his figure holds a good height and is somewhat lanky looking, kind of like me.

"Hey" I reply moving over some giving him room to sit beside me. He takes my offer quickly moving onto the small bed. His smile is as big as it can get without showing his teeth. Not gonna lie the way he's staring is starting to creep me out. "What" I mumble awkwardly and pick out a cheeto from its bag. I'm not sure if its healthy or safe to be eating them because I found them on my floor from who knows how long ago but its whatever.

"Nothing, im just happy to see you alive is all... hey um I brought something to show you" he pulls out his phone and steals a chip from me. Without waiting for my permission he moves his fingers swiftly over the glass screen of his phone selecting a photo album titled "pals." He clicks the first picture and two young kids pop up. One has short brown hair and the other has black. They are sitting on a seesaw giving a thumbs up and laughing. "You and me" he points us each of us out for me. Well this is kind of strange.. the screen is slid over to reveal another. This time the boys look older, the brunette now has tight curls falling in every direction and the the others dark hair is grown over his forehead. We are smiling, our arms over each others shoulders. In the picture we wear the same shirt but I cant make out what it says. I look up at Ethan smiling. He slides through multiple other pictures of us growing up together. One in particular caught my eye. We were on a hospital bed, me on my back under covers. My hair was stained red in various places as was my forehead and arms. Ethan was sitting on the side of the bed, his hands looked as if they were folded in prayer and his head was down. Obviously we were older and this picture was taken only a few weeks ago. Neither of us smiled in the picture, it gave off a frozen, broken vibe completely contrasting the previous pictures.

I shake my head and push his phone away "We can stop" I whisper. I feel terrible for forgetting him. Obviously I mean so much to him and he meant everything to me. How could I? Im such a horrible person. My nose stings, the tears are coming soon but I want them to go away and bring my brain lobe back with them instead.

"Its not youre fault" His eyes are bright yet sad. "Has anyone else tried to talk to you yet? The whole town knows." I nod and swallow.

"A few people have tried calling and texting but you and my parents are the only ones ive really gotten in touch with though" I shrug my shoulders. Should I tell him about Lauren also? She didnt act like she knew about the whole accident so I'm guessing she doesnt live here. Maybe shes just visiting, She doesn't have an accent like I do.

He chuckles and shakes his head. "Well hey I'm glad you didn't try to ignore me because I would have beat down your door" I'm really happy to know he cares, he truly cares. "Oh yeah! its gonna be Julia's birthday soon so I was thinking we could go to the book store an buy her just a lot of books" he laughs hard, lacing his eyes shut "Get it because she doesn't like books" I stare at him blankly then his laughter fades "Oh wow I'm sorry that was stupid let me start over" I lift my eyebrows and blink a few times for him to continue. He scoots back on the bed so he can lean against the wall while I continue to lean forward. "Hey Harry theres this girl named Julia, shes a really good friend of ours and I think we should buy her books for her birthday as a joke" I try my best not to smile and throw a pillow at him. "Maybe tomorrow" He nods and smiles at himself like hes proud to be making plans. "Hey but can I spend the night?" I roll onto my back and stick my feet in his face. Im not sure why Im acting so friendly now. I don't want to admit it but I do feel sort of better about not being alone and stuff. I mean I would still love to die but I mean whats new?

"Sure...well under one condition" He swats my feet away and ask for me to finish. "Would you um, mind telling me just a few things about myself?" My cheeks are pink I can tell. I shouldn't be embarrassed, obviously we are close. He smiles and nods.

"Of course!" His smile is wide. He's taking this as if it would be his honor. "You were so funny man Im mean really really funny" He begins.

A few hours have passed and I have my back pressed against my bed while he has his on the wall opposite of me. I throw a piece of popcorn at him and he attempts to catch it once again in his mouth. "So she punched me in the face?" we both began to laugh, yeah I laughed. Im still mad though. Over the past few hours ive learned that I began dating a girl called jenny when I was about 17. We dated for three years until the day of my accident. Apparently she had short blonde hair and bright green eyes. We hardly ever fought which seems too good to be true. My favourite colour is blue and my favorite Holliday is christmas. How original.

I also learned a lot about Ethan. He has a girlfriend called talia and she has black hair to match his. He showed me a few videos he took of us doing pointless things such as sing loudly to songs in the car and pull stunts on skateboards and bikes.

"Im guessing you've looked through your phone and have seen things to go off of?" my mouth literally drops open because I honestly havent even thought about doing that. Ive been way too busy feeling bad for myself and staring at dust on walls. He basically reads my mind just as my parents have done before. "That would be a good idea!" he laughs and throws popcorn into the air and hits it my direction with his palm. I dive for it and it bounces off my cheek.

"Damn it!" I curse more laughing than actually being angry.

Ethan's laugh is contagious, just like how Lauren's was earlier today, only I didn't laugh with her. I just watched. I wonder what shes doing in a town like this? It seems small and off to no where and she doesn't have the slightest of an accent indicating she once lived here. Why do I even care? She doesn't know me and I defiantly don't know her. I'll never even see her again.

"Lets go play xbox" Ethan runs into my living room and slides onto my couch with me jumping behind him.

I pick up the foreign looking controller and examine the keys over and over before the game begins. What is going on?

Ethan laughs and yells "Harry hit A, come over here follow me" I look at my controller and finally hit A. "Come on you're about to die! Wait never mind stay there!" His tone is rushed and his words get jumbled in my brain. "Did you hear me, stop!" I groan and do my best to listen to his words carefully. I know it sounds simple to just sit down and play a game controlled by a remote and system displayed on the tv, but im realising I have little to no hand eye coordination. Ethan continues to yell pointless demands considering im not actually listening to anything he says, see ive been having trouble putting words to their definitions and speaking them or understanding them at fast rates. Finally I put the controller down. Im mad at myself for not being able to play the damned game. What am I able to do now? Right. Nothing. Im no good, now I remember why I hated myself so much earlier. Because I suck at everything. Im such a brain damaged loser.

"Come on now" I hear Ethan sigh.

"No please stop" I beg him out loud once but silently I ask multiple times.

"Its not that big of a deal we only played for a few minutes!"

"I don't care, can we go to sleep?" He looks sort of defeated but he nods.

"Yeah" He laughs lightening the mood. He grabs a blanket out of a closet in my hallway that honestly I had no idea was there. I follow him back to my room to see what he's up too. My arms are crossed over my chest like an upset two year old.

"Move real quick" He is on the floor beside my bed when I look down at him, half of my shirt already off. Im tired and mad so I plan on going to sleep right now. Im mentally stomping my foot but that would look weird for me to actually do. I shuffle to the side and watch him pull out a second bed that had been shoved under mine. Theres humor in the fact that I know less than someone who doesn't live here does. Now I'm mentally slapping myself because of how annoying this is right now.

We both pull off our shirts and throw them onto my floor and he turns off the light. "Goodnight Harry" He smiles and sprawls out onto the bed on the floor as I lay down and close my eyes.

"Goodnight Ethan" I turn my back towards him and face the wall instead. Its weird not feeling dirty and alone. Of course i'm still somewhat alone in my head and mind, vacant of most knowledge but filled with my own reasoning, but still never as much as this morning.

I'm in a car laughing and holding hands with a beautiful girl.

"I love you" She smiles so sweetly and my heart races, I feel like it could beat out of my chest at any time now.

"I love you" I answer back looking at her beautiful, soft features.

Her head snaps towards the road and and her eyes go wide. "Harry!" she screams and I slam on the breaks. The car swerves under my control and hits the back of the on coming car spinning us off of the road. I stay completely Silent, crying terribly but knowing I cant do anything now. The only noise filling my ears is the girls screams and cries. They don't last long before the car flips. I no longer hear her cries. Its replaced by a crack. I cant tell if it comes from my body or hers before I black out. Screams fill my head along with cries. "Harry" they beg. "Harry make it stop" "Please" the noise gets louder, suffocating and exhausting.

I wake up breathing in heavy wet tears that have made it past my eyes to my lips. I gasp for air but it doesn't come easy. My heart is beating fast and I look for Ethan. He isn't on the bed. Im alone.

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