A true love is suppose to only come once, correct? So what would be left to do if yours had died?


5. Chapter five

chapter five:

"Whats wrong?" I'm pretending like I don't know how wrong it was for me to just leave her in the park. Its probably best to just own up to it but of course I didnt think about that until after I spoke out.

She closes her eyes lightly, I assume its to keep from rolling them. Shes not very open to rude acts even if the person deserves it, I can tell. "Nothing" Her lips curl into a soft smile. Its not very convincing but God Its good to see something so familiar, her lips are full and her hair falls around her face. This time I take in everything. Her eyes are big, almost too big. They are dark brown sort of like dark chocolate and dark lashes frame them. Her lips are a pink red color but I think its natural, they are big but not too big. Her hair is short, It goes just past her shoulders and is cut off neatly there. She looks innocent but pretty. Shes pretty.

"Excuse me sir, people are waiting. Please order or move to the back of the line if you aren't ready." Shit. I didnt even noticed the line move.. I was so lost in Lauren's presence.. wait what.

I scan the area around where I am for my once attending company. My feet surprise me by running after her before I even tell them to do so. "Lauren wait!" shes holding a plastic cup with a cardboard slip around it. She jumps back a little in sock but I reassure her balance by placing my hand on her shoulder. She looks up at me and I get a weird tingling feeling in my stomach. She totally hates me. "Um where are you going?" I mentally slap myself. Now that you've made yourself sound like a creep is there anything else you'd like to ask?

Her nose scrunches and her eyebrows come together. "Is that really what you ditched your drink for? Judging by the quick escape you made the other day, it doesn't seem like you would care much." She cocks her head to the side and holds her cup to her chest as we walk into the cold of the day. Shes feisty, but not mean. If I had been left like that theres no way id be able to fight the urge or back handing someone.

"No" I swallow. "Actually, I wanted to apologise. I didn't want to leave, I really don't know why I did.. It hasnt been easy on me with making choices lately and I know thats not an excuse its just that I-"

"Its fine" She nods and looks at me with a smile. I shift my bag of groceries to the other hand and nod back with a smile.

"Good because I wanted to be friends you know? I mean if you want to" I sound crazy and now shes probably scared. I bet shes thinking of a way to get out if this right now.

She shakes her head and looks down. "We only just met. I would love to be your friend but whats the fun of just becoming friends like everyone else does?" Im truly confused.. what is she trying to say? "If once you meet its an honour, twice its a coincidence, but three times, its fate." She takes a sip of her drink then walks the other direction leaving me just as I did to her the day before.

"Lauren no!" I stand still and yell for her attention but she ignores me. Fuck! I grab my hair with my free hand and look up at the sky. How am I suppose to meet her again. This sucks so fucking bad. I kick the ground and begin walking back to my house.

Im almost home when Ethan sticks his head out of his car and slows down. "Hey!" He's smiling big. Probably happy to see me out again oh yeah, and alive. I cant smile back though. It shouldn't be bothering me this bad but Lauren just shut me down just like everyone else would probably do. Instead of replying to him in any way I continue to drag my feet along the old cracked pavement lined with snow covered grass.

"Whats wrong with you" Ethan asks me once we are walking up the steps.

I shrug my shoulders "Nothing just tired" He rolls his eyes.

"Mmhmm" he nods. "I believe that one. Tell me" he pushes. If he doesn't back off I just might have to push him down these stairs.

Maybe I should actually tell him though. What if he knows her and is able to help me find her again, I refuse to just let her go.

"Thank you so much!" My mum places her hand on my shoulder and shakes it lovingly. Shes so kind even with me acting like an ass on a normal basis. The food is removed from the plastic bag and both of my parents begin to wash off a few vegetables.

When I walk past Ethan I make sure to bump into his shoulder as a sign to follow me. We walk into my room and He shuts the door behind us.

"Okay so Im the biggest idiot alive" I lay flat on my back looking up at the ceiling.

"Yes I know that, but why" I can practically hear him smiling.

"Do you know anyone named Lauren? Brown hair, brown eyes, american?" I lift my head up from the bed and look at him.

"Nope" he shakes his head. "Doesn't sound familiar why?"

"I met her yesterday and we talked for a long time in the diner down there and then we went for a walk and it was really nice, I mean she was really nice." His jaw drops and his eye are wide.

"You didnt even tell me!" He looks really shocked, whats wrong with him?

"Yeah... and I kind of just walked off.. but today I saw her again and we talked some but she acted like she didn't want to even know me.. I mean she didn't seem mad but she said something about if we meet again then we can talk or something.. I couldn't focus well. Look I just want to be her friend. Nothing more, Im not hurting anyone else." I finish off what Im saying by pointing at him.

"So she just left?" I cover my face and nod dramatically "We have to find her" he states the obvious.

"No shit! But how? We don't know anything about her. Theres no telling where she even lives." I sigh and rub my temples. I wish she cared to talk to me as much as I cared to find her.

"I dont know" He says through a sigh. "You've done it twice already and that was by accident. It will happen." He gets up and gestures for me to come with him. "Im hungry"

We trail into the kitchen and join my parents at the table with a back of trail mix in my hand. I take a few pieces from the opening and shove them into my mouth.

"Harry put those up come on now I'm making dinner!" My dad hasn't talked to me much but the majority of what he has said is instructing me on how to live my life. The bag is taken away from me by his meaty hands and rolled up neatly. I give him a fake glare and he laughs. "You sure do act like you've rewinded a few years son" he shakes his head trying to hide his smirk but I can still see it.

"So how was the market trip?" my mom is smiling wide. "Did you make any friends?" I roll my eyes and laugh.

"Did I make friends at the market mum? Yeah and we had a play date too" I joke and my dad laughs. She hits his shoulder lightly and gets up to check the food.

"How was your day at work Ethan" My dad asks and Ethan rubs his forehead.

"Boring" he drags the word out and sighs. "Not the same without Harry there to help me give Mr. Jones a hard time." They both laugh and my dad shakes his head.

"Where did we work?" They seemed to have forgotten that I cant just recall things like this and look at me as if I'm stupid.

"At the book store" I scrunch my nose "I know!" he laughs a little. "It was the only place that had two openings and paid decently. Maybe I could take you by there something this week."

That doesn't really sound like much fun but it will give me something to do. "Okay" I smile and my mum asks for my assistance in bringing the food to the table. When everything is placed nicely we hold hands and say Grace.

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