A true love is suppose to only come once, correct? So what would be left to do if yours had died?


11. Chapter eleven

Before I am able to open my eyes I feel a warm weight ontop of my body. I don't want to open my eyes, its hard to tell what I want right now because I want to be alone so bad but at the same time being alone is what Im most scared of. I inhale before allowing my eyelids to lift and show the brightgreen that my eyes are made of. To my surprise I am alone on the couch and what weight I had felt was only from a blanket that had been layed ontop of me and a pillow. I moan and think of exactly what had happened last night to better understand what I am doing on my couch alone. Every morning is kind of like this, I feel and act sort of hungover like I had been drunk the night before and thats why I am unable to remember the event of last night clearly. The only difference is I am not drunk I am only brain damaged.

Once I have collected all of my thoughts I stand up and drag my feet to the kitchen so I can refill my hungery stomach with a bowel of ceral or something fast like that. On my counter lies a not written in almost perfect girly handwriting that reads


Although you probably know yourself by the time you see this, I left your home last night since I only felt rude by welcoming myself to sleep there. Thank you for the amazing night, I really enjoyed getting to know you somewhat better and I hope you the same for me. Hope we may do that again sometime.

youre friend,


ps. you snore

I read her words over and over analyizing each one a few times. I cant believe she didnt find me boring or weird, not even creepy. She enjoyed me just as I am. My body ignites in excitement and I quickly make myself a bowl of cereal to scarf down. Someone wants to be my friend.


"Hes not like any other boy" I giggle through the phone to my best friend Samantha. She is squealing in excitement just as I am over someone who could probably care less about me.

"But he totally invited you back to his house and let you stay until two AM! Hello Lauren! That isnt just an everyday thing! He likes you!" She pushes me to believe with her never dulling excitement. I am hanging my head and hair off of the edge of my bed with my legs in the air kicking them wildly at the thought of the beautiful boy. "So what does this mystery boy look like" She finally spills the question Ive been waiting for her to ask.

I take in a deep breath and make sure to drag out my first towo words "Well, he is very tall, Id say almost six foot. He has dark brown hair that acts like a shrub on top of his head, Its curly and kind of outgrown but he wears a beanie over it so it stays off of his forehead. That sounds really gay but trust me when I say he does more that just pull it off! Um he has very light green eyes, like an emerald.. but sometimes they shift to almost a blue color, of course its a greeny blue but still blue. He wears tight jeans that show off his long legs that make me kind of jealous, you know because my legs are so short and stubby. Also he wears the most rediculous boots ive ever seen but somehow he makes them look so good" I drag out the 'so' and sigh "hes beautiful yet hes so lost, he's innocent."

"Wow! He sounds" she pauses for a good three seconds "Hot!" I laugh and nod my head as if she can actually see me. "What do you mean lost?"

I pause for a moment. Should I tell her about what happened to him? If I end up actually becoming friends with him and sam moves down here like she swears shes going to do, then I surely dont trust her big mouth to keep his secret. "I dont know, sorry I guess Im just confused, not him." Good cover Lauren, because that made as much sense as him being confused. I roll my eyes and sit up searching for my fingernail polish. My nails have gone without paint for a long time and to say the least they look terrible. I put my phone on speaker and set it next to me so I can first paint my toenails.

"Guess what!" Samantha cooes.

"What?" I ask curiously and shake the bottle of paint hitting it againt my palm a few good times.

"Im moving to england probably this next weekend, we havent talked in so long I havent had time to tell you! Oh I miss you so much! I cant wait to start school with you, well of course we prbably wont have classes together! Im going to go into be a nurse I think!" Her news makes me smile bigger than ever, not only will I be seeing my best friend soon but also that she is planning on doing something that she can actually become successful with. I remember for a long time she wanted to be a hair stylest, no hate against them but theres no way you will be able to support a family that way, especially considering she wants five children. May the lord be with her.

"Thats great news! I cant wait to see you again! You will be able to meet Harry, wait! Where are you going to stay?" My comments all rush out too fast but I dont care because Im very excited to see her.

"Well" she laughs the laugh that always lets me know something is up. "I was actaully going to ask if maybe I could stay withyou? Just for a littl bit to get money together so that I can actualy find my own place" She seems sort of nervous that I will say no, Honestly im not sure why because she should know that ill always be here for her not matter the situation.

"Of coure Sam dont worry about it" I laugh to lighten the mood and she follows me by doing the same. By the time my nails are all dry and able to pick up my phone I am still on the phone with my best friend talking about anything and everyting our minds can conjure up. I pick up my phone and it lights up with a new text notification from Harry. "Harry just texted me" I interrupt her long story about petting a cow or something stupid like that and she screams.

"What did he say? Answer him!" at this point im convinced her heart is racing faster than mine is and that is saying a lot.

"He asked if I would like to go to the book store with him and his friend Ethan" The suggestiong is quite random but I really do like the idea because I love books, I aspire to author so I spend my free time writting a lot about my experiences, the new people I meet and the thigns that intruige me the most. Im also talking multiple english classes in collage as well. I suppose if I do not be come a writer I would like to teach the english language, this is why Ive also signed up for a teacher education course.

"Say yes Lala!" Lala is a nickname from when we were kids, we were sam and lala, so its just kind of stuck by this point.

"I did, I did" Im keeping my cool as well as possible, No matter how excited I am I need to pretend to be just 'chill' with spending time with him, as closed off as he is im very pleased that he is letting me meet his friend. Overall Im probably most pleased that he still has friends to keep him occupied, the way people act now days hes probably lostmany friends and doesnt even know it.

"Do you like him?" Sam asks in a flirty sort of way.

"I don't know" I say. I don't think I really like him, I think I like the idea of him. He's been through so much and I want to know it all. I would love to write about him and let everyone know that he could probably be sweet and maybe even funny. I want a story with him to share so that everyone knows and learns he can be normal too. I don't like Harry, I like the idea of Harry.

After about about an hour more talking, Sam and I agree to end our conversation so that I can find my missing shoe since Harry had texted me he will be here in five minutes. Of course by the time I found it there was a knock on the door.

"Coming!" I yell running towards the door with my shoe in hand. It would be rude to keep them waiting so I decide to open the door before shoving it onto my foot.

Harry stands with his hands in his pockets and smiles, I could return the favour but instead I drop down to one knee and fight with the shoe to pull over my heel for a good five minutes before I stand and join harry on the sidewalk.

"You could be the clumsiest person ever" Harry laughs and guides me further down the path to where I assume his friend is standing with another girl. Shes gorgeous and tiny. Im jealous of her, one because she also knows Harry, and two because she wears a boys jacket and a pair of leggings and even then manages to look adorable. "This is my best friend Ethan and this is his girlfriend Talia." I smile and nod at them both, they look nice enough but not really like people Harry would hang out with.

The majority of the walk there is spent by Ethan and Harry telling each other jokes. Talia keeps her hand snugly in Ethan's. Harrys hand stays semi protectively against my back and when he loses my touch every once in a while he looks back to make sure I'm still beside him. I think he's just scared of being alone. For the most part I'm glad he isn't really speaking too much to me, Im enjoying the outdoors and listening to how funny he thinks he is. I cant lie, his jokes are terrible but they laugh at each one as if hes the worlds greatest comedian, Ive noticed Harrys laugh is contagious and bright, I really like it.

"This is it" Harry squeezes my back gently and looks at me with a smile, I really think he likes being out with friends. It probably gets his mind off of the things he fears the most.

"We need to get the books for Julia's birthday Harry come help me pick!" His friend Ethan says with enthusiasm. Talia shakes her head and rolls her eyes. Instead of following them she waits behind for me to catch up.

"Hey im Talia" She smiles warmly and holds her hand out for me to shake.

"Im Lauren! Nice to meet you!" I shake her hand and she laughs. We continue to keep pace behind the boys watching them run crazy looking for the weirdest books they can find.

"How long have you been here? Did you also know Harry before?" she whispers her last question for the poor boys sake.

"Im from Ohio, I didnt know him. Ive actually only met him a few weeks ago." We quietly move to two chairs at the back of the store.

"Oh" She looks down and whispers "You do know about his-" I cut her off, I couldn't stand to hear something that terrible again.

"Of course!" I look at her "Well he told me all he wanted to" She nods and smiles and as do I.

A good twenty minutes pass while Talia tells me what she knows about everything. As much as I do care, its sad to think that this is all everyone talks about. Harrys life is all about his big wreck .

Harry grabs my arm and pulls me from the seat I am in. I stumble to catch my balance, he gives me no time to think before he has me running through the store and out of the building. People are yelling and telling us to 'get back here' but Harry wont let us stop. He trips over his feet a few tomes but doesn't let anything stop him from running. Im tired and scared "Harry let go of me!" I scream. Don't cry Lauren. He's confused. "Whats going on?" We are a a street away from the scene now and he wont slow down, I want to catch my breath.

He doesn't stop running as he looks back at me. His hair isn't under a beanie. Its flopping over his forehead freely and its damped from sweat despite how cold it is outside. "We have to go, I have to go but I need you!" Harrys eyes are red as well as the tip of his nose giving the illusion that he's tired or cold but I know he's about to cry.

Finally we stop running and I pull him away from people passing on the sidewalks. "Whats wrong" Im determined to get a reply from him but I really dont know how easy that will be.

"Im going to jail" He cries.

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