A true love is suppose to only come once, correct? So what would be left to do if yours had died?


8. Chapter eight

An incredible ring is sounding through my ears and my head is throbbing rapidly. I allow my eyes to flutter open and look around curiously. I'm in a pink room that is decorated with cheetah printed curtains that match the duvet I'm covered with.

"Morning!" My nerves jump at the high piched voice. A small blonde girl is smiling big as she jumps out of the chair in the corner of the room. What the actual hell.. where am I? Im doing my best to remember the last thing I did yesterday.

"Shit" I whisper forgetting the little girl is in the room. I know exactly what happened.

She laughs and sits on the corner of the bed. "Whats wrong"

"Um dont hold this against me but who are you? And where is Mr and Mrs. Johnson.." Theres no easy way to even put that but she is making me feel uncomfortable.

"Oh right! Sorry! Im Delilah, Jenny's sister." She smiles and Im not sure how shes so happy, its my fault her sister is dead. Shit. It is all my fault. "Plus this is my I can be here all I want, just be thankful Im nice!" I scoff and roll my eyes. "Can I ask you something?" Her smile is now faded and she is twirling her long straight hair in her fingers. I breathe in and nod as she moves all the way onto the bed and faces me sitting with her legs crossed and folded in front of her. "What do you remember"

Im taken back from her question. What do I remember? I look down and focus on my hands now. "What do you mean?"

Her eyebrows pull together and she pulls at a string to keep herself busy. "I don't know, Like do you remember the accident, or Jenny at all?" Shes shy now, the complete opposite of her reaction before.

I push my lips together and think real hard. "No, I guess not" How would I though. Im hopeless. "Sometimes I dream about her with me and sometimes when I do, we wreck." Stop harry. You sound like you're attempting to gather pity from a child. Get up and leave I demand myself but my body refuses.

"Do you think you dream what really happened? Mum and dad wont tell me. Im eleven not five, shouldnt I know about what happened?"

I force a smile and shake my head. "No, dont let curiosity win. It will get to you and eat you alive." I know that shes confused but thankfully shes ready to change the subject.

"You're pretty smart huh? When people talk to you your face shows how deep you're thinking just to understand" She pays attention to detail well for sure. Thats something most people don't take the time to do now days. I wouldnt say thats smart, having to think real hard about something someone says when its simple. Thats stupid.

"I guess" Theres a pause. "Is this how I used to be?"

She looks up and takes a deep breath in. "Not exactly. I mean mostly you were loud and funny, you had jokes. You and Jenny, you two could read each others minds I swear!" Shes smiling big but quickly she narrows her eyes and looks at me. "Thats not how its suppose to be."

My heart skips for some reason. "What?"

"Thats not how its suppose to be Harry! You have to fight sometimes thats what keeps things going, perfect is boring, so boring! Haven't you read anything! Oh my god, everything happens for a reason.." by the time shes done with her speech shes practically squishing my face as far as it can go and ive concluded that she is crazy. "She wasnt the one, Harry theres someone out there for you! Im gonna help!" Okay who asked for miss psycho to come play for me? I dont need any help with anything, especially not from an eleven year old girl.

"Are you crazy?" I practically laugh in her face. I know its rude but what does she actually expect? "Wheres the bathroom" I ask the some what saddened girl. She bounces back quickly leading me out of the glitter covered door and down the hall to a bathroom that is also pinked out including a pink fluffed rug that feels like a dog when I step on it. "Thanks" I say. She nods and I shut the door.

My cheek has a dark shaded area on it and my eyebrow has a small cut, my nose is bruised and dry blood connects my nose and mouth in a line. My head still feels like satan is running around setting fires wherever he would like. I wonder if they've told my parents.. my mom would be freaking, out maybe I should go home to them..or well to my home anyways.

When I exit the bathroom I search for the living room and find Chad in the recliner chair with his laptop on his lap. He looks up at me and I already can feel whats coming.

"Now Harry, I know how stupid people can be and I know how tempting it can be to hurt someone who is hurting you. But kid, you cant get through life like that okay" His voice is calm and collected. Nothing sends off a sign of being angry or even the slightest bit aggravated. In a way it makes me feel worse than it would if he were yelling at me.

I nod and swallow thickly. "Yes sir, I'm sorry" My voice comes softer than I meant for it to be. He looks back down at his computer. Is that it? Hes not going to yell at me or slap me across the streets. I would if I were him. I walk out of the front door and head down the streets to my flat.

My skin raises in small bumps so I slip my hood onto my head and look at the ground.

I need to shop for some more clothes, all of the ones I have are old and kind of worn. Also I should probably look for my book bag and buy new composition books to start off the new semester. Maybe ill just stop by the corner store on my way home, It shouldn't take me too long.

At the corner store I push myself across the isles scanning for the school section. The shelves are short and packed with as many things that could fit on them. Just as I move to grab an item my arm is taken back some by a cold palm.

"Need help?" The sugary sweetness of the voice plays through the air almost musically. When I turn around the a girl stands with one arm cradling two books and the other assisting it. Her brown hair is curly and her big brown eyes blink. My knees almost buckle.

"Oh my god Lauren" I can feel the my uncontrollable smile but I dont care. Im so happy to see her. Her eyes brighten and she opens her mouth with a smile. It takes me by complete surprise when she hugs me with her spare arm. I squeeze her against my stomach and chest. Shes so warm and I really dont want to let her go. My head slips to lay on hers and I take in her scent. She smells of coffee and something sweet, Its warm and comforting to hold. I even feel her body softly shift as she laughs so gently and smoothly.

"I knew we would meet again" Why is she so faithful in everything? I mean I can't deny that I'm happy she knew we would meet again and by the smile on her face she really wanted to, But what gives her faith in me? "So what are you doing here?" Shes still smiling and her elbow hits my arm lightly. Her beautiful eyes connect with the school supplies then to my chilled face. "Oh my god Harry!" She scolds me in a gasp and Im slightly confused. "What happened?" Her gentle thumb brushes over my eyebrow then snakes down to my bruised cheek.

"Nothing, just a small fight" I don't want to tell her what happened. I might be happy to see her but this is none of her business. It makes me feel weak to think about people talking about me in front of my face. My life isn't just another small town legend. Not while I'm walking and living proof.

"Thats terrible Harry! Im so glad youre okay!" She hugs me tightly and breathes in my scent.

What do I say? Shes just kind of staring up at me now and I look away so eye contact isn't so awkward. "What are you thinking" Lauren's thinned eyebrows are knitted with confusion and curiosity.

I shrug. "Its weird to me that you're so nice. You didn't meet me until after everything that happened and" She is shaking her head so I stop.

"I didnt have to know you before the accident to like you. Youre very interesting Harry" My stomach flutters. I look out the window of the building and curse to myself. The sun is setting quickly and I will have to go soon since I walked here.

"Can I have your number" I shift uncomfortably under my own question but she holds out her hand for my phone and giggles. I mentally high five myself and thank God multiple times all as an attempt to keep calm on the outside.

"Im expecting a text or call Harry" She smirks and gives a wink and I cant help but not breathe. This isn't real. People don't like me and Im weird, she isn't real.

"Ill text for sure"I stammer. Wow that was smooth. Wanna pull that one again Harry?

"Good!" Laurens arms fix around my body for one last hug then she looks up at me and smiles. "Im gonna finish my shopping. Text me"

I find myself staring at her leave, I want to grab her arm and make her stay longer. Don't be creepy.. just text her when you get home. I nod at my decision and pick up three marble books and one spiral just incase. I decide also on getting a package of pencils as well as a sharpener.

When I reach the register with my things in hand the girl behind it is young and has a soft voice. She smiles at me and doesnt lose eye contact as I drop my things into her hands. This is beyond awkward. I look down and reach in my pockets pulling out a few dollars and some change.

"I haven't seen you in a while" The girl finally speaks up.

"Yeah I mean I took a pretty big spill" I decide against letting her know that I don't recognise her. She laughs too hard at my joke, making me slightly uncomfortable. I pull my hand over my curls and look around trying to laugh.

"Yeah, well I'm so glad you're better" She drags out the 'so' and leans over the counter slightly.

"Yeah, and so am I" A voice from behind me rings. I know it from anywhere. "Come on Harry, we better be going home" Lauren smiles at me and places her arm on my shoulder. I take my change from the red head behind the counter and carry my bag full of items in the other hand.

"What was that" I finally encourage myself to ask Lauren who has now removed her hand and seems to be in deep thought.

"Okay, this may sound crazy so please don't leave but" theres a pause. "Never mind. Its sounds really crazy" She watches her feet as they move in time with mine. She must not remember that Im the one with no background and social skills.

"No its okay, tell me" We walk across a bridge and her lips move open but shut again. They are a deep red and her cheeks and nose are a pink colour. Snow falls lightly onto her hair and I can see the small stubbornness in her keeping her teeth from chattering.

"The cashier back there, her name is Virginia.. shes just a big flirt is all. I know she would use you and I just cant let that happen." Her arms cross her chest, she only has on a long sleeve shirt theres no way she isn't freezing.

"Take my jacket" I pull the red hoodie over my head and hand it to her. Before I do I pull out the beanie from the pocket and put it on my head.

"What about you! You're wearing a t shirt!" She scolds. I shove my hands into my pockets and shrug. I don't want to tell her that I like feeling cold because it gives me something to feel so I shrug. My jacket falls to her mid thigh and covers her hands. "You look smaller than your jacket suggests" she laughs and holds out her arms.

"Its a nice jacket" I reply with a smirk and she points out a hole.

"We are gonna go shopping for your clothes, Look at your pants" I shake my head and laugh. Lauren puts her arm around me from behind and holds one of my hands. "Now its my job to keep you warm."

My stomach twists again. Why is she talking to me and acting friendly? She must be just trying to be nice, I'm not sure why she would be but thats all I can conclude. But even if she was I wouldn't mind. Her company is nice to have. "Would you like to come over for a bit? My flat is right here" I point a few flats away and she nods.

"I would love to" Her smile is bright and I smirk. I wonder if this is sort of what Jenny was like to have around, I wish I could meet her again. I would be able to if I hadn't killed her.

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