My 5 miracles

My five miracles is about a girl who get bullied at school but is saved by five boys who are new to her school. In this story one direction is not famouse Harry louis zayn niall and liam are the five boys its my first movella so please favorite and like. Well enjoy! Bye <3



Connie P.O.V~

I was working on the work my teacher gave us. When suddenly 5 boys walked into the room. They were cute. But there was one in particular who stood out the most. He had curly hair in a beanie and green eyes and was tall. He was perfect but i cant judge him to quickly i dont know him yet. But I guess i will never talk to him because why would a cute guy like him talk to a unpopular ugly girl like me.

I forgot that i was staring at him, when suddenly he turned around to look at me which snapped me out of my trance and i looked away back to my work he didnt see me staring though which was good 'cause then he would think im creepy. Dont get me wrong im not a stalker,its just i've never seen anyone like him.

I got a glimpse of the other guys too. One had blonde hair with blue eyes, another had black hair brushed to the side and dark brown eyes, then one had his hair light brown and messily brushed to the side with dark blue eyes, and the last one had dark brown hair brushed up whoch looked really nice and brown eyes.

Then the boys were told to pick a seat and sit down and to my luck the one with curly hair came and sat down next to me and what made my luck better is he spoke to me by introducing himself and i did too. He said his name was harry and his friends were louis, zayn, liam and niall they all sat in front of me and him and they turned around to say hi they all seem very friendly harry to my suprize talk to me for almost the whole period.

When the teacher told me to show them around my heart skipped a beat and i was excited i would spend a while with them and them harry to me he cant wait to gte to know me. I smiled and he smiels back and laugh which made me laugh too i hate my laugh but his wa perfect. Do you beleive in love at first sight?

Natalie P.O.V~

After my English class i had my class next with my best friend Connie. When she came out of her math class I noticed she came walking with 5 boys they seemed new because i never saw them here before.

"Hey Natalie!" Connie greeted me witha smile and hug. When i looked at the boys one special one caight my attention he had blond hair and blue eyes when they all spoke to introduce themselves. I noticed they had a british accent but the blonde one had an irish accent so i assume he was from ireland and the rest from england.

"Hey connie! Who are your new friends?" I asked because i was so eager to find out who the blond boy was he was cute i liked him. Connie explained that they are new and was guiding them and showing them the school she said they were harry,liam,louis,zayn and finally she got to the blond haired one she said he was Niall. God he had a nice name.

Niall P.O.V~

Connie introduced us to her best friend who was really gorgeous. I liked her. She was beautiful with dimples,a pretty smile and beautiful eyes and straight black hair. Connie said we all had they same classes and lunch but me, zayn and luois had 6th, 1st and last period with Natalie! I was so excited i get to spend my year with my crush! Omg my first crush on my first day! Do you believe in love at first sight?

During science class i managed to sit next to natalie and got the courage to talk to her she was really nice and she said cant wait to know me better. I fell in love with her she was perfect! We had so much in common we both like music and soccer! I knew she was the one for me.

Zayn P.O.V~

Connie was really nice. She is a great friend i liked her not in a crush way though,in a friend way and i liked natalie too they were both wonderful people. Louis and Liam both agreed with. We watched as Harry and Niall both flirted with the two girls. Harry with connie and Niall with Natalie. I was bored in class so i talk to liam and louis the rest of the time.

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