My 5 miracles

My five miracles is about a girl who get bullied at school but is saved by five boys who are new to her school. In this story one direction is not famouse Harry louis zayn niall and liam are the five boys its my first movella so please favorite and like. Well enjoy! Bye <3


12. Trouble

Louis P.O.V~

So after class we met at our lockers. And we all decided to do our project at my house. It was the perfect plan to get them together! They think we are doing a "project" but actually only liam,zayn and me know about the plan. We call it "project plan".

After everybody informed their parents about the project and spending time at my house,we all left school. But then there was a bad situation once we left our lockers.....

We were just leaving our lockers with connie next to harry and niall next to natalie beside her leaving me,liam, and zayn behind watching them talk. Then we stopped when a girl approached us with some group of girls behind her.

I saw connie get closer to harry and sorta grab his arm and look down backing away a little. She look scared and timid. Then the girl wearing tons of make up and her hair perfect in place but i hated her hair style i think we all can agree on that.

She walked up to harry pushing connie a little as she got closer. Connie lost her balance but didnt fall because she was still holding harry by the arm. "Hey cutie im Maria. But you can call me yours" She winked harry was shocked. But i can tell he didnt like her because i know the type of girl harry likes and its definetly not her! Then she shot a glare at connie. Which made connie jump a little she look terrified and back away a little more. Something tells me maria has done something to mess up connie's life. Badly. She spoke again but to harry."so why is a hottie like you hanging out with ugly duckling?" Harry looked confused. "Who is ugly dickling??" He asked. " really? Well if you havent noticed its this loser right here!" She pointed at connie which made her let go of harry and run. Who knows where she went we were shocked about what Maria said. But maria just smirked and continued to speak. " you should be hanging out with me and my friends. And you girl,Natalie,go away these are my friends now! Shoo!"

Natalie didnt move because she knew maria was this evil but she didnt seem to be as scared as connie. I was still confused about what history maria had with connie. But with that said Harry finally beoke the silence. " listen...Maria... You have no right to call connie she is a beautiful girl and she is no loser. And we arent your friends not after what you said about connie and natalie." Then there Niall chimed in. " i agree! Natalie is the most beautiful,funniest,awesomest girl ever and connie is a great friend! So i suggest you back off!" Maria was shocked and looked lifeless and so did natalie but she had a great big smile on her face. Maria looked really mad and i knew she was going somewhere with this. " Excuse me?! No one has ever talked to me like that! Im popular everyone respects me i do what i want! And tell Connie to watch her back!" And with that said she stormed out the school. Watch her back? What did she mean by watch her back? This didnt sound good. Omg! I totally forgot connie ran away! We gotta go find her!

Harry P.O.V~

I saw Maria storm off with her gang. I was suprized she acted like that. She didnt look like good news to ne either. She wore to mich make up made her look fake and her hair was bad and i didnt like her personality. And why did she call connie a loser? And most importanat why did Connie tense up and grabbed my arm when Maria came up? And why did she run off like that? But im mostly worried about how Maria told Connie to watch her back......

We ran around the whole school looking for Connie. Yelling her name. We all spread out to look for her everyone was gone by that time like there was no teachers,students, the school was completely empty. Louis,zayn and liam were grouped together and niall and natalie went together to go look for her and I looked for her alone because if i found her first i could spend sometime with her and ask her all my questions. Also, i have a crush on her. You can also say i love her because she is perfect but i dont know if she feels the same way......

I looked for like what seemed like ages,but i finally found her on the other side of the school against some lockers. She seemed cold she was shivering, it was winter and the school had no heaters,plus she didnt have a jacket and look like she was crying she had her head buried in her arms that were reating on her knees.

I walked up to her slowly, trying not to frighten her. I sat down slowly next to her and she knew it was me but she didnt move or lift up her head. I put my arm around her shoulder. And pulled her against my side so that her head is resting on my shoulder and her side is against my side. We sat there for a while when i decided to break the silence. "Connie you are beautiful dont let her bring you down like that. You are the most gorgeous girl I have ever met you're funny and really nice. You are all I need to be happy no one else" I saw her smile. I love her smile.

I told her we should get going because the rest of them would be worried sick so she got up and put on her 49ers beanie that said 2000 on the side. "Funny i have one just like that one right now" I told her. She look up with her beautiful innocent eyes. And I saw her smile again which made me smile then she looked at me. I looked right into her eyes I was in a trance and so was she. I knew this was to perfect moment to kiss her and tell her how I feel. I leaned in to kiss her when suddenly we were snapped out of the trance when we heard Louis voice yelling that he found us. I laughed and she did too. I kissed her forehead lightly, then we just looked at the ground smiling. I was happy i was with her and no one else. <3

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