My 5 miracles

My five miracles is about a girl who get bullied at school but is saved by five boys who are new to her school. In this story one direction is not famouse Harry louis zayn niall and liam are the five boys its my first movella so please favorite and like. Well enjoy! Bye <3


17. Skipping school and the park

Harry P.O.V (still) ~

She got off the counter and i put my hands on her hips and she put her arms around my neck. And then we kissed. She smiled in between the kissed. I laughed. Then we pulled apart and sat on the counter.we cuddle next to each other. And then i got the idea of skipping school today and going to the movies or the park. She agreed with me and we couldnt leave out the door.

Connie P.O.V~

Harry told me we should skip school but just for today and i told him that fine but what would we do. "We could go to the movies or the park" he said and smiled. God i loved his smile especially because when he smiled i saw his dimples they were adorable! Then he said how were we going to leave if we cant go out the school doors.

"I know this is a crazy idea, but maybe we can go out the window next to you" when i told him i thought he was goong to tell me im crazy! But then a big smile came across his face as he grabbed my hand and he walked me across the room to the window. He let go of me and he jumped out the window first. "Harry no!!" I yelled. I saw him jump but then i looked down and he landed safely and smiled up at me and signaled me to jump. I told him i couldnt because i was scared to fall. "Dont worry. I will catch you!" He told me. "Trust me." Those two words stuck in my head. Trust him. Okay i jumped and he caught me in his arms. And kissed me and said quietly "you did it babe".

We walked to the park holding hands and he rold me that i was the only one. I blush and he smiled and then he told me that he was the tickle monster and was coming after me. I let go of him and giggled as i ran. He came running after me. Then he caught me and we both fell. We laughed. Then a little girl came towards us. She was like around 2 or 3. She started to giggle at us because we fell. Then she grabbed me hand and Harry's hand signaling us to stand up since she isnt strong enough to help us up on her on.then she les us to the ducks and we played around we her and the ducks.

Harry P.O.V~

The baby girl was adorable. We played with her and fed the ducks with her because she loved to chase them. Then I grabbed the baby and spinned her around and she laughed. It was adorable and I still held her in my arms and then hI kissed Connie on the lips passionatly. Then Me and Connie laughed because the baby slapped Me on the cheek playfully. I pretended to cry and the baby kissed my forehead. She was the most adorable baby you've ever seen. "Thank you" I said to the baby and kissed her little soft cheeks. Then the baby's mom came and smiled at her child and us. Connie and I walked over to her mother and put the baby down so she can walk to her mother. Her mom thanked us for watching her even though she didnt tell us too. "Im sorry if my Rosey nothered you guys she was with her brother in the car but I guess she got out while I was getting her stroller. Thank you" we told her it was no problem.

Liam P.O.V~

"Hey have any of you guys seen Harry and Connie?" I asked the boys and Natalie. "No I just saw them in the morning but I didnt see Harry in 2 period or Connie in 1st. Well they havent came outside yet." Said Zayn. "Do you think they would've skip school today?"Asked Natalie. Then we all looked at her and actually thought that was the case.

"Well I wonder where they would be right now if they did." Niall added. "I guess they would be back before school ends because they left their stuff here in the lockers." Louis said. I saw Maria coming towards us. No. Why her? Hasnt she hurt connie enough? Well at least Connie wasnt here to hear Maria yap her mouth out. "Hey hottie!" She was talking to Niall. Natalie was getting mad. But then Niall pulled Natalie closer to him and held her by the waist with one hand and said "Maria im taken. And Im not sorry because i dont want you I only want Natalie she is the only one." She smiled at him. "Fine then yell it out to the world so everyone knows!!"

Maria was furious with Niall and Natalie. Then Niall whispered I love you to Natalie. "Why did you whisper it to me?" Natalie asked. "Because you are my world" Natalie blush as Niall kissed her passionatly in front of Maria. Maria face got red with anger and she stormed of whinning that she hated everyone and everything. Zayn,Liam, and Louis just laughed.

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