My 5 miracles

My five miracles is about a girl who get bullied at school but is saved by five boys who are new to her school. In this story one direction is not famouse Harry louis zayn niall and liam are the five boys its my first movella so please favorite and like. Well enjoy! Bye <3


13. "Project Plan" is a-go!!!!

Connie P.O.V~

After what Maria said in front of Harry i was to upset. My day was fine until she showed up. I couldnt take it anymore and i didnt want to cry in frontof the boys especially Harry because then he would know something is wrong. So i had no choice then to run and go somewhere for a while i stayed in the school I just sat down by some lockers far away from Maria and the boys.

After a while i heard the boys yelling my name looking for me. But I didnt move or say anything i just wanted to be alone for a while. Then after a few minutes, i heard someone coming but i didnt move but i peaked through my fingers,that were covering my face as a rested my arms on my knees, and I saw that it was Harry i was so happy to see him.

I started to feel that i had a crush on him because he is really nice and isnt like other boys. He is perfect. But I dont think he would feel the same way...... He sat next to me and pulled me closer to him. I got butterflies in my stomach because he put his arm around me and hug me. He told me i was beautiful and not to listen to Maria.

Then he pulled me up because he said we had to go. Then he said he had the same beanie as me and i looked up to see he did. Then i stared into his eyes and he has beautiful green eyes its like you put me in some spell. He leaned in to kiss me. My heart skipped a beat and i felt my stomach in knots. But then we heard louis and we pulled apart put he still held my hands and we were still close together. He kissed me forhead lightly and he laughed. And i did Liam P.O.V~

All during science, me,zayn, amd louis were figuring out a plan to get harry with connie and Niall with Natalie. But first harry and niall have to spend alot of time with natalie and connie.

So we decided to do our project together with niall,harry,louis,zayn,natalie,connie, and me since Ms.Bush,our sience teacher said we could be in a hruop since we were new and connie and natalie we the top science students so they could help us.

But in reality this is just part of the plan to get away with us doing a project with them. Louis at the beginging of class explain to her the plan and she excitedly and happily agreed to help because she loves her students.

And she knows excatly what we are talking about because when she was younger she was in the same situation with her friends and she is a really nice teacher and she would rather spend her time helping us than teaching boring stuff! Thats right a teacher admitting she hates her job and rather hang with the students! Haha!

So after class we all gathered up 'cause funny thing we all had locker next to each other! So we decided to meet up at louis place today after school.

Louis P.O.V~

When we were walking to my place i remembered what i saw when i found Harry and Connie in the hallway. I just had to tell liam and zayn so we walk a little slower as we got a little bit behind the rest. "Okay so guess what i saw?" I asked of course knowing they didnt know. "What?" they said in unison. "I saw Harry and connie holding hands and they were staring in each others eyes then he was going to kiss her but i accidently ruined it but sying i found them but they didnt turn around they kept looking at each other then Harry kissed Connie on the forehead and they kept smiling and until then were pulled apart by us saying we found them.

"Aw louis why did you stop them it would have made our plan easier!" Zayn whined then playfully punched my arm. "Sorry guys i just got caught up in the moment!" I apologized with a puppy face. "Okay we forgive you but i think i have a another idea. Just follow my lead when we get to louis place." Liam said.

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