My 5 miracles

My five miracles is about a girl who get bullied at school but is saved by five boys who are new to her school. In this story one direction is not famouse Harry louis zayn niall and liam are the five boys its my first movella so please favorite and like. Well enjoy! Bye <3


5. New chapter

She didnt talk to me for the rest of class. She was pretty mad at me, but i didnt care it was halarious to me! I laughed to myself but was hushed by the teacher.

After 2 boring periods, it was finally Lunchtime! I got out of class fast because i knew the oreo was going to happen any moment and connie was going to be furious with me when she finds out it was a real oreo. Then when i shut my locker. Connie was right there ( her locker is next to mine) she started yelling at me about it then didnt talk to me after and i followed her to lunch since my best friend ana wasnt there today.

After, we went outside and i tried to apologize for what i did even though i didnt mean it.

Connie P.O.V~

After my last period it was lunchtime! Yay! I was happy. I was walking to my locker when a boy I recognized was walking toward me and called my name i turned around to fin him standing in front of me. oh no its david pinto. The oreo. The kiss. It all came back to me then it happened david pinto kissed my cheek and said sorry it was an oreo. Luckly my hair was in the way so i didnt feel nothing. I was so furious and i called after him " DAVID!! WHO TOLD YOU TO DO THIS??!!" He answered by yelling back the one name i didnt want to here that morning. Jennifer.

I saw her at her locker and walked up to her and startign yelling at her. Then i walked away not talking to her. She followed me as we went outside. I saw my best friend Natalie and i talked to her for a while then she said she had to go because her friend taylor was waiting for her. I saw taylor and waved and smiled. She did the same.

Then my worst nightmare came. maria came storming to me with her gang of girls with her like always. And then she pushed me,but not hard enough to knock me over. She was in front of me and said "you think i was done with you? Remember i told you to watch your back because i wasnt done well i got more where that came from."

With that said she punched me and shoved me causing me to fall to the floor and then she started punching me again and again. And when she stopped for a second, i looked up only to see jennifer standing there watching me get beat up and bullied by Maria. I was so mad and disapointed that she didnt do anything to help me, she betrayed me...... Then maria started telling me i was nothing and didnt belong here in the world. and i dont have friends and im a nobody.

Then suddenly a my saver came. Brian.

Brian P.O.V~

I was walking with my friend jose when he said he had to go with his girlfriend citlalli. And then at that moment i saw connie on the floor i was confused but then my vision got clear and i saw someone throwing punches at her. I ran as fast i could over there and shouted "Hey leave her alone!stop!!" Then the person throwing punches stopped and looked up. Thats when i realized it was no other that Maria. But by that time i had already push her off of connie and pinned her to the floor.

But for some reason she started laughing. " hahahah wow brian!" "Whats so funny?! What do you think you're doing hurting her?!" I was so furious with her. " hahah oh please brian you would helurt a girl would you? That would make you a "punk"!!!!" Then i got up and helped connie get up. She looked dizzy with bruises and blood from some cuts she had on her arms. I put one of her arms around my shoulder and held her waist with my free arm to support her while we walked to the nurse. Then she broke the silence.

"No. No i dont want to go to the nurse. Plea-" i cut her off saying we had to because she was severly hurt. But then she begged not to. "Please brian dont take me please i'll be fine. I just need to sit and rest on the bench." I sat with her for a while to make sure she was fine. And then i saw jennifr staring at us and then i glared at her. She then just walked away.

The bell rang and I help connie walk to class she sat down and thanked me for saving her. I told her it was no problem. I sat beside her and told the teacher why and he said it was totaly fine with him. Then five minutes into class 5 boys came into the room.

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