My 5 miracles

My five miracles is about a girl who get bullied at school but is saved by five boys who are new to her school. In this story one direction is not famouse Harry louis zayn niall and liam are the five boys its my first movella so please favorite and like. Well enjoy! Bye <3


21. kidnapper

Harry P.O.V~

I woke up in the morning with the sound of little birds chirping. I looked out the window to see the sun put when i turned back to see the face of my angel.....

"GUYS WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!" I panick and ran down stair to wake up Niall,Natalie,Zayn,louis, and liam. "Whats going on mate?" Liam said with a tired tone. "Yea whats all the yelling for?" Niall came out the room with Natalie rubbing his eyes.

"Connie is missing!!!!!" I yelled out........

Everyone woke up with those 3 words. " I....I woke up and...and...." I stuttered i was to terrified and worried and scared all these bad emotions came in and then I just broke down. I started to cry I cant believe I lost my girl after i told her we would watch her and keep her safe.......

Connie P.O.V~

I wake up to the sound of a truck and it was dark i couldnt see. I blink my eyes a few time to adjust my vision. My head hurt and i was still in louis coke cola pjs. After i finally got adjust to where i was. I found out i was it the back of a truck. But why? When i tried to move i couldnt my hands were tied and so were my feet i was wearing my white converse. I was going to yelled but i had a bandana tied on my mouth. Finally we stopped. I had no idea who was driving? Why I was tied up? And where we are? And what happened? I wasnt drunk. I remember i went to bed with Harry and he sang to me and said i love you and we fell asleep. Then the doors opened. The light of day came in and i saw two girls. They look a lot like Khala and Cathy. And two other girls were standing out side a building like a little office that was never used anymore. They look like Ester and Maria. Oh no. It was i tried to scream for help but maria told me to shut up. Then she punched me in the face. They put me in some kind of room. It was small thought for like only 10 people. They put me in a chair and untied the bandana that was around my mouth and untied the rope on my legs. I finally spoke. "Maria? What are you doing? Why?" I heard her laugh and she had an evil smirk on her face. She had something in her hand which kinda scared me. "Oh little connie. I dont see your harry here to help you and he never will. He will never find you." She pretended to be a helpless little girl "help! Help! Oh please save me strong Harry!" She continued to explain. "Well i warned you once to stay away from him he will be mine and you didnt listen. So now you have to pay the price." She slapped me then punched me in the face. And it looked light she had a lighter in her hand. "Maria....please let me go....." I begged her."why me maria? Tell me what i did to be treated this way...." I asked her. Then a person i recognized came in the room. "Why dont you ask your little friend?" She laughed evily as she directed my attention to..... Why her? "Jennifer?" I was so confused. "Why? I thought you were my friend....." "Friend? Ha! I never liked you connie i always envyed you. Even though you were always nice to me. Maria convinced me to help her get you back" jennifer said in a scary tone. "But what did i ever do to you tell me now so we can fix it tell me what i did wrong! Please......"i was afraid to ask but i had to know. "You took my spotlight during the basketball auditions! you knew that I always wanted to be shooter!" She started to cry. "Is that it jennifer? All this for that spot? You never told me you wanted it. I just auditioned after you i had no idea..... And I didnt steal the spotlight i just was myself i tried! I didnt know! Okay!" I started to cry too. Knowing i was never going to be found. Then maria came closer to me with a lighter and she had a wet towel and some oil in her other hand. "Know its time to teach you a lesson." She spread oil everywhere and the paper towel at the end. "Maria why me? I mean it was enough with the bullying and punches. I never did anything to hurt you i was your friend when no one else was! Remember 3rd grade!"


Airs P.O.V~

Maria: •crying•

Connie: "Maria why are you crying?" I sat next to her on the bench.

Maria: "my doggy died and my friend left me to go play with someone else." She had her face in her hands.

Connie: "dont cry maria." "I will play with you and if you wanted during craft time we can make something for your dog so you can remember it" and I hugged her to make her feel better.

Maria: thank you connie and she hugged me again. She gave me a smile and i smiled back.

During craft time, we finish the thing for her dog and we both signed it on the back.

*********flashback over****************

Connie P.O.V~ (still)

I saw maria stick her hand in her jacket and pull something out..... It was the craft we made when we were little she turned it around with our names on the back and i saw her cry a little. Then she crumbled it up and threw in on the paper towel. "That was long ago..... But now is now......" She wiped away the tear and then she did the worst thing i could imagine she threw the lighter on the ground in top of the oil and her and the rest of the gang ran out the room and shut the door and locked it. Then i remembered she didnt take my phone...... But i had no way to get out the door was locked. And the room was in flames and there started to be smoke in the room.....

Harry P.O.V~

We were in Zayn's car looking for something to give us a hint where she was after a while we ran into the police station and explained everything to the officers. We had helicopters and police cars and swat team looking for her. We went around showing everyone a picture of her see if they have seen her. After a while we went back to louis place and i got a text. It was from Connie. I rushed to read it and felt mixed emotions.

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