My 5 miracles

My five miracles is about a girl who get bullied at school but is saved by five boys who are new to her school. In this story one direction is not famouse Harry louis zayn niall and liam are the five boys its my first movella so please favorite and like. Well enjoy! Bye <3


4. Betrayal

Jennifer P.O.V~

I sat in class fiddling with my pencil before class began. Connie hasnt come yet. But I didnt care, she is probably to busy putting her stuff in the locker or talking to someone. I dont give a french fry about her problems though. Then she came in rushing to her seat then suddenly the bell rang and our teacher Mrs.Carnahan came in to teach.

She took attendance then took like 20 minutes to get ready aince she came in late. I was bored so my only choice was to talk to connie. I didnt know what to say since her life was boring and meant nothing. I asked her why she was late. "Hey why were you late to class?" "I was putting stuff in my locker then brian talk to me for a while." She said quietly.she didnt look at me while telling me though. She was to busy getting ready for class.she was so timid.

"I knew it. You're so slow. Slow poke. Btw i told david pinto to kiss you on the cheek. I "OREO" him to do it!!! HAHAHAHA!!!" I decided i should tell her, it was funny how she reacted to everything i tell her or do to her. She suddenly turned around and She looked at me with frightened and angered eyes.

"OMG JENNIFER WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??!! Why are you always doing things to hurt me? You know i hate it" " I think its funny when you react to things i do, just put it this way you are my oreo target." I tried not to laugh while i told her and gave her an evil smirk. I dont know why but its funny when she gets hurt or sad it sets a good feeling in me i dont know why.

(A/N oh and those of you who dont know what oreo is, its a game where you play rock,paper,scissors but the catch is when someone loses the winner has to dare the one who lost to do something. Its a real game!! No lie! People play it at my school.)

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