The inexpected plan of fate!

It's about a young girl friends with the boys and it was written for one of my besties!<3


1. the Schedule plan.

It's a Monday morning pretty typical , the day passes slowly as usual. Then you get invited by one of your good mate Louis and Eleanor , you go for dinner with them laugh have a good time and then El wants you to come see 1D concert to see her Bf and wants. You to be there with her and you look up you schedule and you're free and then

weeks goes by while you're texting Louis! Louis says he'd like to present you to one of his good mates Niall and he talks about him and how you too have such in common , like playing guitar eating food and never getting fat and you're up to it because you don't mind it and you're social and he seems cute and Louis says "I'm sure he'll have Huge crush on you cuz I showed him pics of Eleanor and you and he wanted to know about you!" You're excited now the day has come after the great show that 1D did the boys invites you to their little private after party! You meet nail and you both get really along and he's a real gentlemen he doesn't want you to get intentions or something and you know he's trying hard to not to kiss you because he's playing with his lip biting it and his tongue and you find it cute! You exchange #'s FaceTime .. Few weeks later... Niall's been texting/calling/facetiming you each day and you went out on "friends night out" then tonight he takes you on a day! It's in NYC in a 5 stars restaurent! Je reserved the rooft of the restorent so yiu could only enjoy his presence and the magical view! Then after the desert you still talk and such stuffs the. You hear fireworks and then you get up and go see. Closer the fireworks , Niall gets up as well he comes close to you and grabs you in a friendly way then you see the fireworks saying "Alex will you be my beautiful girlfriend ? -Your OTP Niall.H" you don't even have time to respond and he grabs you fast and closer and he kisses you and you kiss him back as he whispers I love you and I love my mate Louis to have shown me an angel!

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