Separated At Birth

Emily and Maggie are twins and Maggie knows almost nothing about Emily and Emily knows that Maggie was adopted by Liam Payne from One Direction.


24. Chapter 21

Emily's P.O.V

Once I saw that the boys didn't hate me because of what I did I was relieved. especially since Maggie was so sorry for what I'd been through and knowing my own sister wouldn't hate me I was as Happy as a person could be. we were watching a movie and put my head on Niall's chest and stayed there. I didn't want to move and I didn't want to lose him especially because the last boyfriend I had was nothing like him he abused me like my dad did he punched me and slapped me and kicked me and I broke up with him the night I ran away


"Please don't do it" I said as he took the switch blade and made a cut on my other thigh. my dad cut me and later that day he did the same I was terrified, and scared.

*End of Flashback*

I was crying "Princess" It was Niall "What's wrong." "I was thinking about the boyfriend I had before I started dating you" "Why are you crying?" He asked "Because he abused me and did this" I said showing him the other cut. "Emily" he said I just there and hugged him and I never wanted to let him go.

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