Separated At Birth

Emily and Maggie are twins and Maggie knows almost nothing about Emily and Emily knows that Maggie was adopted by Liam Payne from One Direction.


3. Chapter 2

Maggie P.O.V

I just got off the phone with Emily she was in tears and said she was coming over. I walked into my dad's room "Dad, dad wake up." I whispered "What is it Maggie?" He asked "Emily just called she was crying she's on her way over." "Ok why was she crying." "I don't know, she'll probably tell us when she gets here." "Okay well lets go wait for her." He got out of bed and we walked downstairs, he woke the rest of the boys up because we all live together. Ding dong. I heard the doorbell. "I'll get her." I walked to the door and opened it "Emily." I said "Maggie." She came in and I hugged her.

"Why are you here?" I asked her " Because my dad." "What about your dad" We walked to the couch and sat down and told us everything. From how her mom died in a car accident to how her dad blamed her for it and beats her every day. "You can't go back there." My dad said. "Boys would any of you be willing to adopt Emily?" "I would." Louis said "Really?" Emily asked "really" he said. "Emily why don't you go up to Maggie's room for tonight and I'll call child protection services." "Wait dad, my room is messy and there's no where for her to sleep." I said "She can sleep in my room." Niall said I gave Emily a look because I know how much she likes him. "Okay I guess I could sleep in your room." Emily said looking at the ground "Great" My dad said "Niall take her up to your room. With that they walked up to Niall's room.


Emily's P.O.V

Louis' adopting me and I'm sleeping in Niall's room He set out a sleeping bag and I crawled in and fell asleep.


Niall's P.O.V

Maggie's sister is so pretty. But she seems really shy and timid and who can blame her with what shes been through. I mean her dad beats her if she doesn't get higher then an A on her report. 

I wake up and hear screaming I look at the ground and Emily's screaming and rolling around. "Emily. Emily wake up." She wakes up and looks at me. "What's wrong?" "He's coming for me." "Who?" "My dad he's coming for me and he's gonna get you and my sister and the rest of the boys and then he's gonna get me and keep raping me and beating me" "Emily it's just a dream, you'll be fine. They went and brought your dad t jail last night. You'll be fine." "Promise?" "Promise."  I said. "Do you want to sleep with me?" I asked her. she nodded her head and got up and crawled into bed with me.

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