Separated At Birth

Emily and Maggie are twins and Maggie knows almost nothing about Emily and Emily knows that Maggie was adopted by Liam Payne from One Direction.


11. Chapter 10

Emily's P.O.V

Knock Knock

"Come in." I called "Hey." It was Niall "Can I talk to you?" "Sure." I said "What are these?" he asked pulling out the blades. "I-I self harm." I choked out. "Why? And whats this?" he asked pointing to the bandage on my knee. "I self harm because every one tells me I'm no good and I believe them and that I'm fat and ugly. "Emily you are thin and beautiful. Now that." "My dad right before I ran away he took a knife and sliced my thigh." "Oh Emily." Niall said he pulled me into a hug and I cried silently into his shoulder.

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