It's my fault!


2. I miss her


It's been 7 months since Anna died and Harry is a mess. He rarely comes out of his room. If he does he's forced to. I miss him and his old self. Anna was his love and his whole life. And when she died so did Harry.


''Harry come on man come out."


''Please we miss you mate!"

I didn't reply to the boys. I miss Anna so much! I miss her touch, her laugh, and most of all her. And the reason she's gone is my fault. And I have to live with that.


"Harry come out you have to the management said"


"I don't know!"

"Fine I'm coming"


I didn't want to ever leave this room and if I ever did it didn't end so well. I would usually get drunk or have a one night stand or both. And being famous and all I have bad press from it and a lot of people hate me. But I can't help it! I'm depressed and I miss Anna.

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