Olivia Brown and the philosophers stone

Olivia has is a first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and she found out that Harry Potter was in her year too! She has known about Harry Potter for some time now, and really admires his story, and so she has decided to write about him in this book.


4. Where are they?

The next day was weird. Ron, Harry, and Hermionie had gone missing. Defiantly not good! I didn't see him anywhere. He normally sits across from me in Potions, but he wasn't there. The whole school was worried! I mean, even if Draco Malfoy went missing we would worry! Nobody thought that it was funny. Classes were canceled the next day because of it. And let me tell you, it's not fun just sitting around in the common room all day. At least it's better then classes! We had no idea what they were going through at the time. Apparently they were playing wizards chess, choosing which bottle would not kill them, and facing the dark lord. Professor Qurril was gone too, and so that made everybody worried! Why would that be we wondered. But apparently the teachers had figured it out. Qurril was a death eater. It was strange to think that one of our teachers was working for the dark lord. So guess who didn't have a defense against the dark arts teacher and it was June. Hogwarts did! 

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