Olivia Brown and the philosophers stone

Olivia has is a first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and she found out that Harry Potter was in her year too! She has known about Harry Potter for some time now, and really admires his story, and so she has decided to write about him in this book.


3. News from Harry

Harry started talking to his friend Ron, about the philosophers stone, and how Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel made it, and how Hagrid was  talking about something that only Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel needed to know about it. There was no mention of anything about the philosophers stone, but that was the idea. But even I knew that Snape had done it. He would have been the one to give it too the dark lord. Who else? He's the one that wanted the defense against the dark arts professor, and he never liked Dumbledore. That's why. Why else would he want to have the stone? They also came to the conclusion that Snape had done all of the other things. Then the next day they went missing!

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