Olivia Brown and the philosophers stone

Olivia has is a first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and she found out that Harry Potter was in her year too! She has known about Harry Potter for some time now, and really admires his story, and so she has decided to write about him in this book.


2. From then on...

And so from then on, I had a pretty busy schedule. I rarely got extra time to just chill, forget about homework. My day's looked a little bit like this.  

8:00 = transfiguration

10:00 = defense against the dark arts

12:00 = Lunch

1:00 = History of magic

3:​00 = study hall

 5:00 = Dinner 

6:00 = Homework 

10:00 = Go to bed

And so I have a pretty busy schedule, and it may keep me busy, but it's not fun compared to other people's schedule. Unlike my other schedule in 5th grade, I don't have soccer practice. Or dance. Or all of the other things that I enjoy doing. But I still would rather go to Hogwarts then any other school. 

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