Saving Harry Potter

Emily Ashford is a first year Slytherin, with a strange past, at Hogwarts she has the challenge of saving everyone she cares about plus she has been given orders by Dumbledore himself that If Harry Potter gets in trouble Save Him at all cost for he is the one that will save us all but here's the catch can she do it with out anyone knowing? Will she be able to succeed or will Lilly Potter have die for nothing?


8. The Mirror

I snuck out of my bed and made myself invisible. I ran softly out of the Griffindor common room, into the room with the mirror of Erised, and sat waiting on one of the desk, careful to not look at the mirror, for fear of what I would see: Remus, Sirius, James, and I all in our animal forms. Potter soon came in the room and closed the door carefully. He slowly approached the mirror and gave a gasp. I knew that he was seeing his entire family. I sat silently the whole night while Potter stared at the mirror and his family. A sad thought came to my head that he would never know that I was standing somewhere there as a half cousin, with hair in perfect curls and eyes of the deepest blue, but that was another life, a life where I wasn't controlled.  


For two more nights, Potter came and sat by the mirror. On the third night, Dumbledore came with me and told Potter to never go looking for the mirror. 

When Potter left, Dumbledore asked me, "Why didn't you show yourself to him?"

"Because it would remind me of James and how only three of us are still in this world and are still loyal." I replied softly.

"Well I think you should go to bed or Mr. Potter and his friends might worry." Dumbledore instructed.

I nodded a left, heading quietly up to the Griffindor common room. My wrist started to burn, first with a tickling sensation, then hotter and hotter. With a flash of light I fell to the ground and blacked out. I woke up in a room that was all too familiar. Bones cluttered all four corners and stagmalites hung down from the celling.  Handcuffs were around both my hands and feet. 

The wooden door in the corner creaked open. A boy with shaggy yellow hair and blue eyes appeared from behind it. 

"John!" I said happily.

"Hey kid." He replied playfully.

John is one of my best friends who also has strange powers like me.

"So how's your brother?" He asked.

"I don't really know, the guardians have me under such a close watch I have only been able to focus on mission XPH." I replied.

"Yeah we've noticed that too. Chewy watches are training himself now, which is weird." John informed me.

"At least it isn't Madam Christina." I said with a laugh.

John gave a little laugh then said, "The reason you're here is because, well Poppy has another request for you."

"Another? But I've done everything! I even practiced!" I complained, annoyed, "She totally hates me."

"I can't deny that." John replied, "But I think this is about something other then your training, apparently your crown disappeared." 

"Which one?" I asked worried.

"The one that's going to tell you who your true love is." John said with a smile.

"Oh no, no, no this is not good not good at all, they'll kill him before I even know who he is!" I said really worried.

"Hey, don't worry it'll be okay." John said trying to sooth me.

"You don't have anything to worry about you all ready have your true love!" I snapped quite rudely, and without realizing it I made the cot set on fire.

John, luckily, put it out quickly with water and said, "Even though I don't have anything to worry about, I still know what you're going through, remember when Katharine didn't tell me she was my true love!"

"Best month of my life." said a girl with brown wavy hair and brown eyes, who just walked through the wall making me jump, "Sorry your highness." Katharine said with a laugh which made me smile. If anyone could make you smile it was Katharine, she had the biggest brightest goofiest smile that made you smile even when you were down in the dumps. 

"Shhhh, don't say that around here!" I shushed.

"Don't worry the guardians are with the Custode del libro at the luogo del ricordo." John told me.

"Oh thank god, that really scared me." I said.

"Oh... Before we forget," Katharine said rummaging around in her pockets, "this is from Jared, it's your Christmas present."

Katharine handed me a slim leather bound journal, but before I could thank her, Rasittivat, the toughest of our four guardians, burst through the iron door.

"Ah... Ella I see you've come back. You know what happens to the Finnish that come back before a quested is finished." He hissed.

I gulped and swallowed the lump in my throats, "Rasittivat... Uh.. How lovely it is to see you?" I asked.

"Wrong." He said and with a snap of his fingers I was soon drowned in heat.

He lifted my head out of the bucket of fire and yelled with a growl, "I'm giving you one last chance, tell me where it is."

 "I don't know, I came here to look." I said struggling to find oxygen.

He dumped me back in the fire several times. Every time he lifted my head up he asked the same question. Finally he stopped I turned around and saw that he was past out on the ground. John and Catharine were standing behind him. Catharine rushed forward and untied my hands.

"Go!" She yelled

I nodded and said, "Take care." then I was spinning.


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