Saving Harry Potter

Emily Ashford is a first year Slytherin, with a strange past, at Hogwarts she has the challenge of saving everyone she cares about plus she has been given orders by Dumbledore himself that If Harry Potter gets in trouble Save Him at all cost for he is the one that will save us all but here's the catch can she do it with out anyone knowing? Will she be able to succeed or will Lilly Potter have die for nothing?


7. The Cloak of Invisibility

It was the day before the Christmas break, and a few days ago I had gotten a letter from my mom saying that I had to stay a Hogwarts for Christmas because Dumbledore wanted me to do something, and she was also going to be in Germany conferences.


I was in the great hall standing on a small table, helping decorate the Christmas trees, when Draco came up to me.


"Nice decorating skills, but you've forgotten to put a star on every one of these trees." Draco pointed out.


"Oh, well you can put it up if you want. I hear it is one of the best parts of decorating a Christmas tree."


Draco climbed up on top of the table.


"Hey this table thing can only fit, like, one person!"


"Whats wrong?"Draco asked seriously.


"Nothing, I just don't like heights and I would prefer not to fall off this tiny table thing."


"This is only about a foot off the ground, you'll be fine."


"Just saying, if I fall, I am taking you down with me."


"You're making this sound as if we are on top of something really high."


"You better get off before I push you off." I said laughing a little bit.


"Fine." Draco said hopping off, "You know that you haven't answered my question, right?"


"How about I tell you at the end of the year."


"Fine, at the end of the year." Draco agreed.


"Now, go or you'll be late for the train."


"Fine, but first here's your Christmas present." Draco said, handing me a little box wrapped in silver wrapping paper and a green bow on top. 

"Thank you, I got you something to." I said getting off the chair and getting a medium sized box from behind a tree, and giving it to him.


"Wow thanks," Draco said with the excitement of a little boy getting a candy bar. 

"You're welcome, now go or you're going to miss the train." I said with a laugh getting back on the stool

"I'm going, I'm going." Draco said leaving the great hall. 


I watched him walk out, then I turned around and carefully levitated a star to the top branch on every tree.


"He seems to like you." a voice behind me announced.


I turned around quickly, almost falling off the stool. "Pansy! Oh my gosh you scared me, and you should know that we are just friends."


"Are you serious?" snorted Pansy in a surprised voice.


"Yes, I am. Now, I don't mean to be mean, but can you leave me alone. I need to finish decorating these trees or Professor Flitwick will be after my head." I said turning around putting my hands together, then moving them apart, making an icicle. Next, I added designs to it, then I took a thread and sewed it through the hole at the thickest part of the icicle and put it on one of the middle branches, completing the last tree.I hopped off the table and started to head back to the common room, but Professor Flitwick stopped me and informed me to head to Dumbledore's office.


I walked down the deserted hall, the echoing of my shoes seemed louder than usual, so I looked back and no one was there. I knew that they weren't underneath a invisibility cloak because I can see though those. I turned back around and continued on. When I got to the gargoyle guarding the entrance to Dumbledore's office, I said, "Lemon Drop" and it hopped out of the way. I took the stairs that lead to his office and opened his door. I strode up to his desk and Dumbledore said, "I need you to write something and then deliver this to the Griffindor common room before the morning nobody can know that you sent it, so don't put your name on it."

I sat down and flicked my hand, forming a crystal pen. In cursive I wrote;


Your father left this in my possession before he died. I think you should have it.

                                                  -Use it well.


I finished it and tucked it in one of the folds of the invisibility cloak, then I proceeded to wrap it in shimmering silver wrapping and tied it with a string.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"No, I am fairly sure that is it. Remember, no one can see you."

"I'll make sure of that." With that I walked out of Dumbledore's office and turned into a barn owl, taking the package in my beak and flying to the Griffindor common room. I flew around the outside of the castle for a little a while until I found a open window. I soared over to the Christmas tree that was in the corner and dropped the package under the tree, then flew back out the window. Luckily, only Neville was there but he seemed busy at the moment and he didn't see me.


I roamed the halls for a little while, then decided that I was going to get an early start on freezing the lake. I went to my common room and changed into jeans and a short sleeve tee shirt. Out of my trunk, I got my ice skates.


The kids that were staying for the holiday and that were roaming the halls were looking at me strangely. A girl in jeans, a short sleeve tee shirt, shiny boots, and ice skates in her hand. I strutted passed them smiling to myself. If only they knew.


When I reached the shore of the lake, I put the ice skates down carefully on the ground and I started to whistle a slow rhythm of the wind Gods, and slowly, ever so slowly, the wind started to pick up. I walked out to the edge of the water and stepped onto it. Immediately, ice froze around it. It started to catch up on my tune and instead of ripping it away, it started to join me. I shook myself out of a dream, content to freeze the lake, skating across the water on my boots. I landed a few axles and it made me wish that my friend Peter was here with me. Whenever we had free time from missions, we would skate our hearts out. I saw some kids looking out of a window from the Griffindor common room. I skidded to a stop in the middle of the lake and looked out to make sure I froze the whole lake. Then I proceeded to whistle a slow high tune that made flurries fall from the sky. I whistled faster and faster higher and higher, soon it was so high that you couldn't hear it. I continued whistling as I skated back to the shore. I grabbed my skates out of the ever growing snow and started back towards the castle.


(Time skip to dinner)


I walked to the Slytherin table with a book in my arm so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone or be invited over to another table (Like anyone would ever do that). I sat at one end, farthest from anyone. I settled down comfortably and got sucked into my book, not eating anything. When I was about to finish it (I am a speed reader) someone charmed a piece of paper to turn into a bird, fly towards me, and land in the middle of my page. I opened it and it read:


You have to eat something you know. Why don't you sit with us?




I looked up, and Fred and George were looking at me, motioning for me to join them. I shut my book and moved over to the Griffindor table. Harry and Ron were giving me weird looks.

"I am going to take the high road and not make fun of those looks you're giving me." I said sitting next to Fred.

Potter and Weasley quickly changed their expressions and continued eating.

"Did you see that girl who was out on the lake before?" asked George.

"No, I can't say that I did. What was she doing?" I asked wondering what they thought that I was doing.

"She was freezing the lake, which was weird, but she was a really good skater. I wish I knew who she was." Percy interjected.

"That's weird." I replied, smiling secretly.

"What, the freezing the lake part or Percy dreaming about somebody he doesn't know?" asked Potter sarcastically.

"Both." I replied. I felt a hot feeling on my wrist and I knew that I was about to tick off my advisor. I saw Potter glance at my wrist, "I've had it since I was born," I told Potter showing him the Greek letters circling my wrist.

"What language is it?" he asked, examining it.

"Greek." I replied, "Now, sorry, but I have to go and make sure I get back to my common room and try not to get killed by darkness." I said getting up to leave.

"You're afraid of the dark?" Ron asked me stupidly.

"No, I am worried about the things that are formed by darkness" I replied stiffly.

"Well, why don't you stay in our common room?" asked Fred.

"Umm, am I even allowed to?" I asked.

"I'll asked Professor Dumbledore because nobody in your house is here anyway." said George, walking up to where Dumbledore was sitting with the other teachers.

"Fine." I said giving up, "Just in advance, sorry if anyone wakes up and finds the door bolted shut. I sleepwalk sometimes and I bolt doors for some reason."

"Er, ok." said Percy uncertainly.

George came back and told me that I was allowed to stay in the Griffindor tower until the end of the Holidays.

We all walked to the Griffindor common room, me almost falling to my death because of this step that isn't a real step. When we got to the Fat Lady's portrait Potter said, "scurvy sword " and the portrait swung open.

I made sure that Potter's invisibility cloak was still wrapped up and under the tree. Then I made myself comfortable on one of the couches and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up around 5:39 am and found a pile of presents with my name on them next to where I was sleeping. I guess Dumbledore told one of the house elves to move them here last night. I knew that I had to open them before anyone woke up because of what I knew my friends had sent me. I took the top one which was wrapped in gold and carefully unwrapped it inside was a note saying from one of my Instructors telling me not to forget to be carful of what I talked about, because he knew that I would let something slip and ruin the whole mission. I smiled when I saw a small lightning bolt key chain that had a button that when pressed made a thundering sound. I went through the packages; Makeup, new silver arrows, a jaguar convertible that was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and zoomed around in the air, a battle shield, a 50% discount for the Ups store, an everlasting lotus, a new sword, a model of the three headed dog, a 25% discount on a water park of my choice, mangos, a pendent of an olive tree, a bracelet of a snake that winded around my arm, and some more normal things like chocolate frogs from Draco, clothes from my mom, money from my aunt and uncle, and cards from my friend with pictures of me with them. I then remembered Draco's gift. I grabbed my school robes and took out the little silver box. I carefully took off the wrapping paper and the bow. Out of the shining silver appeared a little blue box with the name Wondering Witches Jewelry, across the top in silver. I opened it and a note fell out. It read


Merry Christmas Emily, 

Here's a remembrance bracelet. I've started it off with a picture of you stealing Crabbe's watch. I had to pretend to curse a kid I didn't know for this picture, so I hope you like it. 


I put the note to the side and took the bracelet out of its box. It was the most amazing thing ever. In the light it shown silver, and in the dark it changed to a dark green. I looked at the picture a laughed. While I was trying to clasp the bracelet on Draco's eagle owl flew through the open window. It flew over me and dropped a note. In Draco's illegible handwriting it said, "Nice One :)". I smiled a clasped the bracelet on my wrist.   


 After I opened all of my presents I cast a spell to send them all of the weapons to my house in America so no one would ask questions.I looked outside and saw that the ground was covered in snow. I smiled a little, proud of my accomplishment. Fred and George came the steps followed by Percy, Potter, and Ron. 

"Are you ready to go to breakfast?" asked George. 
"You guys go, I'll meet you down there." 
"Ok, we'll save you something." said Fred with a wink, walking out the door.  
"Thanks." I replied. 
After I heard the portrait close, I took a spare piece of parchment and wrote a note:

Προγραμματίστε στη θέση του. Πείτε τους άλλους "ευχαριστώ για τα δώρα!"
(In English - Plan in place. Tell the others "Thanks for the presents!")

-Θάλεια Ακαντηα

I looked it over and then went over to the window and let the wind carry it away. I watched as it disappeared into the early morning sky, then hurried down to breakfast. 



We spent the whole day outside, and when everyone, except me, were soaked to the bone and freezing, we went inside and snuck food into the Griffindor common room. We talked and ate as we sat by the fire and told jokes into the night.


***I am going to continue the rest of this chapter in the next as a different chapter because I haven't posted in a while.






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