Saving Harry Potter

Emily Ashford is a first year Slytherin, with a strange past, at Hogwarts she has the challenge of saving everyone she cares about plus she has been given orders by Dumbledore himself that If Harry Potter gets in trouble Save Him at all cost for he is the one that will save us all but here's the catch can she do it with out anyone knowing? Will she be able to succeed or will Lilly Potter have die for nothing?


4. Fluffy

~~I woke up to sound of water lapping the windows. I walked down the steps like I did every day, but I noticed a notification on the notice board. It said that we would be having flying lessons with the Griffindors starting on Thursday. "Great," I sulked to myself," and I thought potions was horrible enough."
I left briskly and took my shower, then headed down to breakfast. Almost everyone was at breakfast and there was a commotion at the Griffindor table, most likely involving Draco. I hiked over and stood next to a boy, Neville, who had a surprised look on his face. Draco was holding something small and round in his hand and it was turning a scarlet red color. Harry and Ron stood up suddenly, but before they could do anything Professor McGonagall came up and asked what was wrong and Neville replied, saying that Draco had taken his Remembrall. I elbowed Draco and he realized the ball was turning a violent shade of red. He swiftly gave it back and lied, saying that he was just looking, and started sauntering back towards the Slytherin table. When he stopped, calling to me, asking if I was coming, I replied, "Save a seat for me, I need to ask someone a question."

"All right." He shrugged, strutting back towards the Slytherin table.

I looked at Neville and stated, "It turned red because you forgot to do your homework," and then I walked off without another word.

I got back to the Slytherin table and people were giving me weird looks, but I just smirked saying "Watch." I turned my head towards the Griffindor table and I watched, smiling, at how Neville reacted because he forgot to do a 2 foot long essay for History of Magic, which he had first period.

Draco was staring at me when I turned my head back around, and I looked at him,"What?"

"How did you know?" He replied, looking flustered.

"Ha! Like I'd give that secret away. You know secrets don't grow on trees, you have to accumulate them gradually. But I can tell you this: When you have as quick hands as I do, you can steal just about anything," I grinned pulling out a piece of parchment.

"Is that his?" Crabbe wondered stupidly.

"Why, yes it is, but tell me, is this yours?" I said smugly, holding up a watch.

"But how?" Goyle growled.

"I've already told you. You need to find out how I did it, then I'll give you a prize." I replied cunningly.

"You are on!" Crabbe challenged Goyle.

"Oh, and, Draco, I thought of a really good prank that will most likely get Potter expelled, injuring someone. Even if Potter isn't expelled then a ton of points will be taken from Potter and that weird Weasley kid." I said mischievously.

"Nice, but how will we be able to do all of that?" Draco said excitedly.

"Well it will all start at the flying lesson today...."

(Time Skip to 3:30pm)

I walked down to the lawn by myself, preparing for what I must do. I said in my mind, "Wingardium Leviosa" and I repeated it over and over again. Some of the Griffindors noticed that I was walking alone and started to whisper. So I strutted over to Draco and said, "Everything is ready. Don't forget your part, but make sure Professor McGonagall doesn't see you, or it'll all be ruined."

"Ok, ok, I'll remember." Draco assured her, "But what are you going to do?"

"You'll see." I sniggered.

Madam Hooch arrived shortly after and said, "Well what are you all waiting for? Stand next to a broom and yell 'Up!'"

Everyone shuffled to get a broom, and then there was a loud commotion of "UP's" But I wasn't one of them. I pressed my lips solidly closed. I have a fear of flying and broom sticks. I could feel myself shaking very badly and Dean who was beside me noticed and said, "Hey, you're the girl from the train. Wow, you're shaking like a leaf. Is there something wrong? Do you need to go to the nurse?"

"N-n-n-no I am f-f-fine I just d-d-don't like flying or b-broom sticks or really anything that c-c-can fly." I stuttered.

"Um ok." Dean eyed me, "But I thought Slytherins were supposed to be fearless or something."

"No we're supposed to be cunning, you guys are supposed to be the brave ones, but I have a feeling that Longbottom over there isn't all that brave." I snapped.

"You don't know that, if the sorting hat put him in Griffindor, then he was meant to be there. And I have to say I am glad I am not in stinkin' Slytherin." Dean snapped back.

I ached to punch him in the nose, but I held myself back, counting out loud really fast from 1-20.

"What are you saying." growled Dean.

"Oh I am just practicing a curse I learned." I said sarcastically.

"Very funny, what were you really saying." pushed Dean.

"I said that if you don't stop talking to me, I'll make sure my brother makes your life a living hell." I snapped furiously.

"You have a brother?" Dean said, wrinkling his nose at me.,

"Oh my god, you aren't going to shut up, are you?" I moaned.

"Nope!" He replied cheerfully.

I unclipped the chain around my neck and unclasped the heart, showing him one of the pictures.

"Wait is that..." Dean didn't finish his sentence one because Madam Hooch was yelling at him to be quiet and pay attention and two because he looked to scared to finish it incase he was right. I quickly put my locket back on then hid it from view. I didn't even bother saying "up" I just flicked my hand and the broom leaped into it.

After everyone had gotten their broom to jump into their hand, Madam Hooch moved onto showing us how to grip the handle. I saw a look of delight spread across Potter and Weasley's faces when Madam Hooch told Draco that he had been doing it wrong his entire life. I thought to myself, "How can they have so much joy over one tiny thing?" When Madam Hooch came over to help me with my grip my hands began shaking so badly that Madam Hooch told me that I could just watch because she feared that I would injure myself if I didn't stop shaking. I was so relived, I put down my broom stick quickly and moved out of the way so, firstly, that nobody would one hit me when they flew into the air. And secondly, no one would see me when I started the first stage in the prank. When I walked away from the group, I saw a few people looking at me wondering why I wasn't doing it. I saw Draco mouth, "What are you doing?"

But I just put my hand out saying that I got it.

Everyone had gotten their grip checked and fixed by Madam Hooch, and were preparing to push off the ground, when Madam Hooch blew the whistle. But I had a better plan in mind. I took my wand out of my pocket and when Madam Hooch called "Two!", I quickly whispered, "Wingardium Leviosa." and pointed towards Neville Longbottom.

He rose about 20 feet in the air and then slid off the end of the broom, landing on the ground with a loud sickening crunch. I had to stifle laughter, but Madam Hooch noticed and then said, "Miss Ashford because you think this is so funny, why don't you help me bring Mr. Longbottom to the hospital wing."

I tried not to roll my eyes but agreed with a nod. I made a quick pointing jester to the ground about a foot from where Neville landed and made sure Draco understood. I walked over to Neville and put one of his arms around my shoulder while Madam Hooch threatened to have the first person to touch a broomstick expelled before they could say 'Qudditch'.

We left the lawn and I could hear a commotion and I knew Draco had started his part of the prank. We quickly walked to the hospital. Madam Hooch talked to Madam Pomfray quickly and then motioned me to follow her into the hall.

"I know that you tampered with Longbottom's broom. I should have you expelled for this. And I also know that you aren't what you say you are." Madam Hooch said to me sternly.

"Well then, you must also know that Dumbledore asked me to whatch over young Mr. Potter and to make sure that he doesn't die this year." I told her.

"Yes I do, but you have to be more careful. You can't let anyone know your true identity. Oh and Hagrid wanted to let you know that you can spend your break in the forest, but make sure that no one follows you."

"Ok, thanks." I replied.

"Don't even bother going back to the flying lesson, the class is almost over." Madam Hooch added.

I decided that would just roam the halls until brea,k which was next. I saw professor McGonagall coming my way with two people with her so I ducked into an empty classroom but then I realized that they were going to come in here to talk in private. So I quickly turned invisible and moved into a corner. I saw Peeves go through the wall then the door open and Professor McGonall yell for Peeves to get out. Before I could get to the open door it closed so I escaped back into the shadows. Basically all that happened was that instead of Potter getting expelled he got the seeker position on the Griffindor Qudditch team. Then I just went on about what would happen if Potter didn't work hard enough, and when Wood would teach Potter the rules of Quiddich.

(Time skip to Dinner)

I strolled into the dinning hall and spotted Draco. I walked over and say myself down and said, "Even though you didn't manage to get him expelled, you managed to get him a spot on the Griffindor Qudditch team so at lest we can nock him off his broom or something. So that's a plus."
"I got an even better one." Draco grinned.
"What?" I said.
"Wizarding duel tonight in the trophy room. I am going to tell Filch about it, and they are going to be caught." Draco told me.

"Ok but can I be your second?" I asked.

"You know that we aren't actually going to go right?" Draco explained.

"Of course I know that, but they don't."

"Well, sorry, but Crabbe is already my second."

"You know that you have to be able to preform a spell to win the duel right." I said, frustrated.

"He can just punch him." he insisted.

"Well, I am going over there and telling them that I am your second." I snapped determinedly.

"Ok geez." Draco said defeated.

I stood up and strutted over to the Griffindor table to where Potter and Weasley were sitting and said, "I just wanted to let you know that I am actually going to be Draco's second and that hopefully no one dies because I don't do well with blood or lifeless bodies."
"Um, ok, thanks? But why would you want to be Draco's second?" said a bewildered Ron.
"Well, because I am his friend and that is what friends do. Isn't that why you are Potter's second?"

"Well, yes, but-" started Weasley, but I cut him off saying,

"It was a yes or no question. I am sure that you know what that is?"

He replied with a "yeah..." and then I turned on my heel and went back to my dinner.

"Ok it's all set, you will go tell Filch what you overheard them saying, and then the next day at breakfast, they will lost tons of points for Griffindor and lot of detentions."

"But won't they get expelled?" said Draco.

"You should set aside some time and read the handbook that Hogwarts gives every student. I did during one of my breaks."

"Why would you read a handbook during your free time?" Goyle said, cutting into the conversation.

"Because, Crabbe, I like to read, but I have yet to find a book that is a list." I snapped sharply.

"I am Goyle!" He protested.


"Why would you want a book that is just listing things?" Draco stared at me.

"Because I like list. I have to say one of the most annoying thing is when the title of the book makes you think that they could list things, but it gives you long boring paragraphs." I replied in an annoyed voice.

"Um, ok?" said Draco carefully.

The rest of dinner was uneventful, and I left dinner early so I could finish my homework.

(Time skip)

I quickly finished my homework and went up stairs. I waited for everyone to go to bed then I put a spell on myself to become invisible. I crept out of the common room slowly, careful not to make a sound. I slipped past Snape as he went to his office, and up to the trophy room. I made sure to stay in the shadows, so when Filch came to catch Potter and Weasley, I wouldn't be bumped into.

I decided that I was going to change into a bat so that I would see more clearly, and so that I would blend into the shadows better. I only had to wait for a few minutes when I heard someone hushing someone else. Then I heard Filch say, "Sniff around, they might be lurking in a corner."

I flew over to where I knew Potter, Weasley, and whomever else they brought, were. I saw Potter wave his hand motioning his group to follow him. I turned back into a human then took my wand out. I cast a spell that made the amour topple over and it made this really loud clanging sound. I hurriedly turned back into a bat so no one could see me. I flew in front of Potter and led them to a classroom which I knew Peeves was in. I knew Peeves could see me as I really was, but all he said was, "Ickley Firstly, wandering around the corridors at night."

Then Potter pleaded, "Please don't tell."

I turned into my invisible ghostlike form and disappeared, I floated over to Peeves and whispered, "When Weasley tries to move you away, yell."

Peeves gave a slight nod that no one noticed, except for me.

Ron growled, "Go away Peeves, " and tried to swipe him away. I nodded to Peeves and he shouted about first years being in the charms corridor. I flew after Weasley, Potter, Hermione, and Longbottom. I changed their course with a flick of my left wrist, making them go to the forbidden corridor on the third floor. When they reached the door that I knew was locked and it leads to Fluffy, a three headed dog, I turn back into a regular girl again, but sadly Longbottom turns around to see if Filch is behind them and he sees me. So I swiftly turn around and start to run, staying in the shadows. I race as fast as I can down the corridors to Dumbledore's office. I quickly mutter, "Lemon drop" and the statue leaps to the side. I take a set of stairs to a door. I knock three times, before I could knock a fourth time, the door swings open and Snape is standing there.

"Ah, Miss Ashford. Albus is waiting."

I stepped in and said, "Potter has found out. Longbottom saw me."

"Well done, lets just hope Mr. Longbottom doesn't tell anyone what he saw." Dumbledore praised.

"What about tomorrow when I have classes with the Griffindors? What if he confronts me?" I asked worriedly.

"Don't worry about that. Mr. Longbottom was already terrified of you, and if not, he most likely is after seeing your ghost." assured Snape slyly.

"I take that as a compliment." I said a small, yet sly, smile coming over my face.

"Now, Miss Ashford, you should be heading off to bed." Dumbledore said, dismissing me.
I nodded and left, leaving them alone.









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