Saving Harry Potter

Emily Ashford is a first year Slytherin, with a strange past, at Hogwarts she has the challenge of saving everyone she cares about plus she has been given orders by Dumbledore himself that If Harry Potter gets in trouble Save Him at all cost for he is the one that will save us all but here's the catch can she do it with out anyone knowing? Will she be able to succeed or will Lilly Potter have die for nothing?


10. Fire and Ice

A girl with red hair kept fidgeting with her emerald green dress. 

"Presenting Princess Ella and Prince Peter of Eravuars!" declared the man announcing everyones name as they entered.   

Ella and Peter walked down the marble steps and into the crowd.

"Now don't forget to smile, they'll be watching." Peter whispered to Ella.

"Good luck, remember where to meet?" Ella asked.

"Yes." Peter said irritably .

Ella and Peter parted ways at the bottom of the steps. Ella headed deep into the huge crowd of lords and ladies while Peter turned a corner and disappeared. 


"Your Highness, may I have this dance?" asked a charming boy with shaggy brown hair, who looked the same age as her. 

"Why of course my lord." Ella replied.

"Ha! I'm no lord, that honor goes to my brother. My name is Theodore Sims." 

"Why, it's nice to meet you Theodore." Ella said politely taking his hand, "May I call you Theo?"

"If you desire."

"Well... Theo, What's your father the lord of?" Ella inquired.

"Lord Edrick Sims of the high mountains." He said with a thick british accent.

A beautiful melody was struck up and everyone took their partners and twirled and lifted them high in the air as was appropriate to the dance. When the song ended, Ella slipped through the crowd and around the same wall Peter went. She came to a dead end and pushed the wall so a door appeared with a heavy lock. Ella quickly picked the lock on the door and quietly opened it, slipping through then shutting it quickly, but without a sound. Ella spun in a circle and her dress turned into black jacket, black leggings, and black boots. She also sheathed a small dagger in her boots. She quietly ran down the filthy tunnels until she came to a small room. Peter, and a few others were crowded around a map.

"Sorry I'm late, Cat." Ella said sneaking into the room.

"That's all right Ella, your brother can catch you up." replied the woman referred to as Cat.

Cat nodded to Peter and he filled Ella in, "Basically the Wedding and your Coronation are going to help us a lot, when we steal it, but the Guardians will come after the kingdom and we must be prepared." 


Ella woke with a start. Every time she fell asleep, that memory would replay. She looked around the room she shared with three other girls. They were supposed to have four but she decided to be homeschooled for some reason. Vanessa slept in the bed next to hers, then Jasmine, and then Rosa.    

She looked at her watch, 2:53:02, Ella carefully slipped out of bed and dressed in workout shorts and a sports bra. Taking her sneakers out from under her bed she sneaked out of the Slytherin dorms, down dark halls and out the front hall doors. Taking a runners stance, she bent down and shot herself forward into a steady paste. Ella was passing Hagrid's hut when she noticed that smoke was rising out of the chimney. It was well into the high seventies and no one in their right mind could be very cold. Ella crept up to the door and quietly opened it, making sure she didn't wake up Fang or Hagrid. She slowly tiptoed over to the fireplace and gasped. "A dragon egg!" Ella backed away slowly and walked quickly out. Once she was clear of the house Ella started her run, keeping the path, and making sure she didn't get lost. At about 4:31:17 when Ella turned back to the castle, and waited for breakfast. When her roommates woke up she was sitting in bed in her uniform. When Ella noticed they were awake she read for a little longer, so they didn't feel that she didn't like them, in truth they were actually nice, but just nice. Ella was headed out of the room but quickly turned back and took a black box out from under her bed, tucking it into her messenger style  backpack between her history and charms textbooks. 


Ella was sitting in History class with her head propped on her hand trying to maintain consciousness, but the warm air coming threw the open windows wasn't helping. Draco was next to her not even trying to stay awake. Professor Binns was droning on about some war, when an owl flew through the open window and landed on my desk, waking Draco up. It dropped an official looking envelope in front of me. Draco tried to get a closer look but I tucked it into my bag and raised my hand.

"Ms. Reed."

"It's Ashford, but anyways, may I be excused?" 

"Why?" He questioned.

"To je tukaj." Ella explained in Slovenian.

"Oh, yes, quickly though." He answered with a worried look on his face. 

Ella ran quickly from the classroom, receiving weird looks from Draco and the few others that were still conscious. Ella ran all the way to the owlery. Harry Potter was sitting on a windowsill petting Hedwig, it was most likely his free, but why he wasn't with Weasley or Hermione, Ella didn't know.

"What are you doing here?" Potter sneered.

"Mind your own business, Potter." Ella snapped at him.

"Only if you tell me why you're in such a rush."

"Why would I tell you that?" Ella growled, trying to find the most reliable owl to send. 

"Do you want to borrow Hedwig?" Potter offered, almost nicely.

"And why would you do that?" Ella asked warily.

He shrugged. "Did you know my father?" Potter blurted out suddenly.

"Excuse me, how old do you think I am?" Ella snapped angrily. Neville must have told.  

"It's just the way you act, I was just wondering." Potter said sheepishly.

"We all act." Ella muttered under her breath. 

"So, Emily, do you want to borrow her?" Potter asked again, as if he never asked about his father.

"Sure," Ella said and whistled for her to come. Ella took the box and letter from her bag and gave it to Hedwig. 

"You should tell her where to go." Potter said when Ella was letting Hedwig go.

"No, she knows." Ella said picking up her bag and leaving the tower.

By the time Ella got to class, it was almost over and Draco was asleep again. Professor Binns let them go early and Ella had to nudge Draco to wake him.

"Wah happen." Draco slurred sleepily .

"I don't know, I missed half of it. Wake up, we have Herbology and you get to make fun of Potter and Weasley." Ella said enthusiastically, "And I get to slap Neville."

Draco still didn't look like he was awake, but that didn't matter. Crabbe and Goyle were behind them talking about food or something.

When they got to class, a few kids were still missing, so they had to wait in the blistering sun for them to arrive. Neville was standing close to Dean and Seamus, so Ella couldn't attack just yet. Maybe when he was on his free or something. 

"Hey Emily, do you let Malfoy's goons do your fighting for you?" Dean asked out of the blue.

Ella was in attack mode before she knew it and was walking over to Dean with such hatred that she didn't feel the burn when she punched him so hard that she gave him a black eye. 

"Some advice; don't annoy girls or you'll be in much more pain." Ella strutted back over to her previous place, high-fiving a Slytherin girl passing her.

When Professor Sprout came, with the few stragglers, she didn't even ask about Dean's eye because she knew he probably deserved it. 


They entered garden house 2. A long table stretched from the door to the other side. There were big empty pots and smaller pots filled with dirt and some kind of plant. Every two pots, there was a bag labeled "Ruby's Fresh Dragon Dung". 

"Come now, grab a set of earmuffs and stand around the table. Not so close Peterson!"

Professor Sprout instructed everyone  about how to correctly handle the nasty little blighters. Only a few people got punched in the stomach which was good, but they had to go to the infirmary because they had a broken rib or two. 


Ella positioned herself next to Neville so that she could ask him if he had told anyone about her back story. It turned out that he had been true to his word and that Potter must have heard it from someone else. Or he had been under his invisibility cloak. Ella kept this thought to herself; she didn't know who Potter had told about his gift from his dad. Ella wanted to confront Potter, but he was at another table chatting on and on with his friends. She'd have to find him alone and question him then.

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