Saving Harry Potter

Emily Ashford is a first year Slytherin, with a strange past, at Hogwarts she has the challenge of saving everyone she cares about plus she has been given orders by Dumbledore himself that If Harry Potter gets in trouble Save Him at all cost for he is the one that will save us all but here's the catch can she do it with out anyone knowing? Will she be able to succeed or will Lilly Potter have die for nothing?


9. A Memory's Worth

Finally the Christmas break is over and I can go back to my own bed in the Slytherin dorms.I still have a few bruises from Rasittivat, but they were disappearing quickly. Professor McGonagall wanted to send me to Madam Pomfrey, but I declined. Fire bruises only got worse when you tried to heal them with magic. I sat in my favorite chair and finished my History of Magic essay with Draco. 

"Do you think I could end it with, 'In my opinion I think that the Trolls deserved the punishment that they got'?" asked Draco.

I laughed and said, "You need to support it with evidence." 

"Ugh, this is so boring, why do we have to do this, I should have just asked Crabbe or Goyle to do this for me." Draco complained.

"You do that if you want a bad grade, now I have to take care of something, so good luck." I said getting up and leaving.

I walked slowly down a deserted hallway and up the stairs into a dark unused classroom. With a graceful wave of my hand, a mirror appeared and medical tools. Picking up a pointy looking one, I turned to the mirror and began to open up one of the bruises. A wooden bucket formed underneath me. Boiling fire flowed out of the bruise and I stifled  a piercing scream. I did that to the rest of my bruises then sealed them back up before leaving. I was walking back to the dormitory when I bumped into Neville, knocking me to the floor. 

"Watch it!" I hissed at him.

With one look I could tell that he was petrified, so I held out my hand a helped him to his feet. His legs were bound together and I could tell Draco had something to do with this. 

"What happened to your face." He asked rather quickly.

I was slightly taken aback and asked, "Can you keep a secret?"

He nodded and I grabbed his shoulder. With a deep breath I let him inside a memory. 


"Ella wait up!" A boy with brown hair yelled.

"Come on we have to go quickly or they'll kill us." Ella screamed back.

A dark hooded figure appeared, "You should be inside the gates Princesses. Go quickly before they find out." He let them through the path and the girl and the boy disappeared into a invisible barrier.


The Memory flashed and changed. A older version of Ella was in a fancy baby blue dress and was being presented with a crown of blue sapphires. The metal gates were ripped open and the most hideous demons came marching through. They captured Princess Ella and everyone in the castle burring under a mountain.   


Memory over.

Neville looked over at me and asked, "Are you Princess Ella?"

I gave a small nod, "My younger brother and I were captured by the demons on the day of my coronation."

"Who were you saying was going to kill you?"

"That is a question for another time, I hope that you will keep this a secret and don't act weirdly around me or else." I said holding out fire in my hand. 

Neville nodded and bunny hopped so quickly away that he was a blurred figure.

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